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Summary ¸ Racing Hearts Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ For Samantha Kelleher careening around a NASCAR track is treacherous enough especially after the near death experience that left her burned broken and guilty When the top team’s drivers start to die from engine sabotage the cop who isAddiction Except a one night stand with the prime suspect isn’t exactly protocol for an undercover operationDrew isn’t going to let another cop or civilian for that matter die on her watch Can they catch the real killer before their chance at a future goes up in flames. When I read about this book I really expected a high octane racing story It was really disappointing because there was very little racing to be enjoyedAll the action seemed to take place off the trackIt is a mystery but kind of simple to solve That also disappointed me There were so many threads that could have been elaborated on that would have made to book so much betteroverall it was a nice read but it just disappointed me EnjoyARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

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For Samantha Kelleher careening around a NASCAR track is treacherous enough especially after the near death experience that left her burned broken and guilty When the top team’s drivers start to die from engine sabotage the cop who is assigned to investigate turns out to. Edit I originally rated this 275 stars but with thought I have to go with 250250 Stars I have read all of Blake’s books Her debut novel was in 2017 and I thought she was improving with each new release I’m sorry to say I think she took a step backwards with this book While I found myself wanting to read to the end I started to care less and less about the outcome Besides being a romance this is also a mystery Someone is messing with NASCAR racecars causing them to have accidents at an alarming rate Undercover police officer Drew is sent in to investigate the prime suspect mechanic Samantha But what happens when Drew starts falling for the women who could be a black widow in disguise I’m not a NASCAR fan but I’m not ignorant when it comes to the sport of racecar driving I don’t think me not being a NASCAR fan had any impact on enjoying the book The reason I say this is the setting didn’t feel like NASCAR to me The whole scene felt like maybe local state racers not big time NASCAR I remember in Blake’s debut book that I had trouble always realizing who was speaking I was disappointed to find that was happening again Even the second main scene which was in a hospital was really hard to understand I had to keep re reading This issue went up and down for the rest of the book I really hope dialogue tags are added before this book is released If you have read a Blake book you know she adds in a ton of drama and angst I know that’s how she writes so I was prepared for it It wasn’t so much that I felt this book had too much angst it was that I found the angst to be annoying The whole boyfriendfiancé storyline I hated He felt like a caricature and it just continued for way too long I just wanted it to be over withWhen it came to the main characters I had trouble connecting to them I would like both mains half the time and the other half I could not stand them The secondary characters where all really unlikable which didn’t really help Because of not connecting with the mains I struggled with the romance There was some good chemistry at times but the angst and the character’s choices kept interrupting the romance for meI know Blake has not written a mystery before so I give her props for trying The problem I had was “the bad guygirl” was so obvious it made me feel like the characters were stupid for not figuring it out sooner The other problem I had was there were some unanswered uestions just left hanging I can’t really see this being a series but maybe that’s why I just didn’t get why somethings were brought into the plot like Jade’s father if it was not going to be resolved I’m sorry to say this wasn’t for me so I can’t really recommend it However for fans of almost soap opera like angst I can see some people liking this I enjoyed Blake’s book before this so I will keep reading her and hope her next is my speed An ARC was given to me by BSB for a honest review

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Racing HeartsBe the sexy stranger Sam slept with to get revenge on a cheating ex At least that’s what she told herselfAll cop Detective Drew Thompson is bullheaded and arrogant just the right ualifications to infiltrate the racing circuit as a cocky driver with a serious adrenaline. In my house we take car racing very seriously This book was taken in the same lightDrew is undercover at the nascar competition as a driver She’s there to investigate the mysterious death of a few drivers all of whom have been in relationships with one woman the opposing team technician Sam Sam is the prime suspect but the only problem is Drew and Sam spark in a big way romantically and feelings are starting to run deep Now Drew is out to prove that the murderer can’t be the person she’s falling in love withI know this book has had mixed reviews but I really liked it It could be because car racing is a big deal in our house my wife son are obsessed I probably liked best the angle Dena Blake went with that it was a mixture of Mystery and Romance with the back drop of an exciting sportI particularly liked Drew with her sexy rough exterior and soft heart She was definitely my favourite character and the fact she was a cop well enough said really PhewSex scenes are definitely getting hotter and I think this might be the hottest by Dena Blake to date or was that A Country Girls heart it’s damn closeI thought the story was tight and the storyline ran along very nicely My only issue was I felt Sam could be a bit repetitive in her actions towards Drew when it came to their relationship and it began to grate on me The pulling back and forth with their feelings just frustrated me because I knew they were destined to be togetherI reckon we’ve got great things ahead with Dena Blake Watch this space Readers 4 books down and going strong4 stars