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Friends Without Benefits characters ✓ 7 Ã Dex Putnam has been in love with her best friend Grace Standish since the fifth grade Grace is smart beautiful and most unfortunately straight Life would’ve been perfect if Grace had only loved her back but when Grace gets married Dex knows it’s time to move on Then Dex meets Emma Lawson and S it’s time to move on Then Dex meets Emma Lawson and her life takes a whole new direction Only trouble is she never expected to have to choose between her best friend and her new loveEmma Lawson is successful and happy except when it come. Friends With Benefits Fcuk BuddiesMe yesFirst by MsBlake and I was a lil impressed as there were several breaking norm elements featured in this story I started this with all guns blazing ready to shoot on sight but after halfway through my guns were unloaded feet up sang along to Norah Jones' 'I don't know why I didn't come' interesting and the rest of the songs from 'Come Away With Me' album That's a lot of come NJ what are you trying to sayWhat is the best meal to cook when you invite your potential love interest over to your place for the very first timeMe Tom YumWhy you should consider reading this Dex Putnam MsBlake created an interesting lead I didn't have a crush on her I just want her She possessed the heart of gold attentive generous kind sometimes an askhole a person who asked for advice but did the opposite and she reminded me a little of Maddie Stevenson from Jericho I couldn't blame her for being conflicted she had knownhad feelings for Grace since they were pre teens so for sure she was going to need some time to figure out her feelings for Emma and at the same time carrying an Olympic size torch for Grace Mistakes were inevitable but Dex's sincerity always pulled her throughWhen you're invited for a home cooked romantic dinner should you tell your date that you're okay with everything that she's going to cook except forMe yes but bring good desserts wine Mouth and tongue are not dessertsunless you're luckyEmma was not totally innocent she let her past clouded her present with Dex a few times and she should have been better prepared when going to war with Dolores Umbridge's twin As for Grace the song Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me suit her perfectly her craziness was on the unbelievable side so hating her was impossible but swatting her was very appealingThere was this scene where Emma needed to bake a cheesecake at 3am Dex was as helpful as ever but before they head over to the kitchen Dex did a one of a kind ingredients' checklist that was hotter than 350°FShould you shower or at least brush your teeth or clean up a lil after a night of sexercisingMe yes yes yesShould you read this 1O dollarsMe why notThank you Carrie and Lex for your reviews and recommendations

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S to love She’s been alone for a year and has no intention of giving love another chance until falling for Dex changes everything When Grace comes between them Emma refuses to be second best Can Emma show Dex what true love really looks li. I'm pretty sure this one isn't going to be preferred by readers who isn't into frustrating characters and dramaThe story is about three people Which is already a rare thing Dex who is in love with her best friend Grace who is straight and just married a guy And then there's Emma who fall for Dex Not exactly a love triangle but closeThere were times where I was like Seriously' but still I couldn't stop reading because I get to see the perspective of all the three characters to justify their actions even if it was frustrating at times The chemistry between Dex and Emma was extremely good They are so good together and that makes all the things Grace did just a tad bit angry and frustrating Their romance was the right pace the supporting characters were written wonderfully and there wasn't a single boring sceneI would have loved it if Emma and Dex have had screen time and a little less of it for Grace The romance between Dex and Emma is so sweet and wonderful that I wanted to read of them and not about Grace problems Seriously I've no problem reading Grace's POV about issues related to Dex and Emma but I don't want to read about her married life situations That's just another story getting in the way of a story I actually am enjoying Just like Grace getting in the way of Dex and EmmaOverall I really enjoyed reading it The drama may be frustrating at times but the romance made it worth it #Netgalley

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Friends Without BenefitsDex Putnam has been in love with her best friend Grace Standish since the fifth grade Grace is smart beautiful and most unfortunately straight Life would’ve been perfect if Grace had only loved her back but when Grace gets married Dex know. Dex has been in love with her straight best friend Grace since childhood and now standing at her wedding she knows it will always be unreuited Then Dex meets Emma who is gorgeous vivacious and unbelievable easy to get along with unless of course you’re GraceI like my romance novels where the main characters meet have fantastic chemistry dynamic dialogue get together resolve some minor issues like adults and live happily ever after I also know that after three books like that I’m utterly bored to tears so what I think I want and what I actually want aren’t necessarily the same thing Fortunately Friends Without Benefits is not like that and I was far from bored Grace makes the story interesting this is my second book in a week where the object unreuited affection is straight and named Grace and much as I didn’t like her I thought she was portrayed really realistically as a person who wants her toast buttered on both sidesDex and Emma would have fitted into my “ideal” romance They’re a lovely couple with great chemistry and they get each other Their dialogue is witty and interesting and they’re flanked by some good supporting characters Juni Dex’s sister is unashamedly direct as well as supportive Emma’s family were nice and normal and good back up for Emma Dex’s back story is portrayed well enough that you can see why she’s enmeshed with GraceThis was an unexpectedly good read even though there were moments I felt like I was shouting from side lines I guess it shows I was engaged Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review