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A Berry Baffling Businessman Kylie Berry Mysteries #6He small country town yet again The dead body of packaging magnate Oliver “Ollie” Drysdale is discovered beneath a dumpster during the conference and the police suspect murder most foul Who stood to benefit from the death of a powerful businessman with piles of cash and still clout to wield in the business world Was it his stunning young fiancée Lara Tiggs who Kylie remembers from her years living in Chicago Or Lara’s younger brother Larry who’s short on sense but loves his big sis to the point of doing anything she asks Could it have been rival Robert Cornish who stood toe to toe with Oliver in the packaging industry Or was it his jet setting youngest son Sebastian who stood first in line to inherit his father’s massively successful business Complicating matters further Kylie’s best friend Zoey rushes to defend Se. Another Baffling MysteryKylie Berry once again gets pulled into a mystery when she finds a guy stuck under her dumpster This book has a different tone than previous books of the series with the reader being able to predict the ending way before it gets anywhere close to it It however remains hard to put down and humorous as the rest of the series has been

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Welcome to The Berry Home where the food is to die for Life is looking sweeter than ever for Kylie Berry owner operator of The Berry Home café She’s even booked a gig hosting a weekend long conference for some major players in the East Coast shipping industry with one minor snag she has no idea how to cater such a big event all by herself Winters will have you giggling into your book When an old friend visits Kentucky the stars align Chef John Radde head chef at the swanky Chicago based Smoulder graciously offers to cater the entire event using Kylie’s café kitchen The up and coming culinary whiz Chef John can’t resist the free publicity and Chef Plus Amateur Sleuth Kylie can’t resist the chance to learn a thing or two While Kylie runs the storefront and John manages the catering team in the kitchen disaster strikes t. This is the sixth book of the 'Kylie Berry Mysteries' Cousin Sarah had presented the penniless Kylie with an agreement to purchase the restaurant Sarah's Eatery along with ownership of the entire block In this installment Kylie Berry has learned to make some edible meals Through the combined efforts of Kylie and her employees there are fewer items available on the 'Ooops Board'This storyline is able to captivate the reader with the plot and character interaction However it is uestionable how a restaurant with inedible food continues to survive with repeat customers Another aggravation is the grammatical errors creeping in There were grammar issues in this installment than remember noticing in the previous ones they are a bit distracting momentarily However the uirky characters the twist and turns in the plot the interactions between the members of the community and the camaraderie within the restaurant enticed me to get better acuainted this zany cast fully In this book Kylie comes face to face with an old acuaintance Chef John Radde head chef at the swanky Chicago based Smoulder Chef Radde rushed to Kylie's aide volunteering with a special event Unfortunately a body from the event was found murdered in the back of Kylie's restaurant With all her duties at the restaurant it makes you wonder where Kylie finds the time to join Zoey in uestioning people for means motives andor opportunities in regard to the recent murder True to cozy mystery formula the heroine and her trusty side kick Zoey are investigating the case Together Kylie and Zoey bumble through their personal style of detecting hoping to find the real killer Will they succeedAll in all this is a CLEAN mystery that is able to stand on its own entertains and concludes satisfactorily However it will make sense if the series is read in order

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Read & Download A Berry Baffling Businessman (Kylie Berry Mysteries #6) ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Welcome to The Berry Home where the food is to die for Life is looking sweeter than ever for Kylie Berry owner operator of The Berry Home café She’s even booked a gig hostingBastian who she met and schmoozed with a year ago at the same conference Kylie has to juggle her business yet another murder investigation and brace for a firefight with her best friend when all fingers point straight to Zoey’s crush Praise for AR Winters The perfect balance of being lighthearted but still a serious page turning mystery Jaycie D com A fun cozy mystery with engaging and entertaining characters l com For fans of Janet Evanovich Rhys Bowen and Jana DeLeon this is a funny clean mystery Clara B com A Berry Home Catastrophe is the sixth book in the Kylie Berry Mystery Series Though it can be read as a standalone it's best read in series order This is a humorous cozy mystery featuring a strong female protagonist some unusual friends and family and a mystery that needs solving It has no graphic gore bad language or s. Great readI love Kylie and Zoey they make me laugh I can't wait till the next book if you love a great cozy then this series by A R Winters is a must read