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Summary ô Benighted Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò A torrential downpour forces Philip and Margaret Waverton and their friend Roger Penderel to seek shelter in an ancient crumbling mansion inhabited by the strange and sinister Femm family Determined to make the best of the circumstances the beniTory of psychological terror was the second novel by one of the most prolific and beloved British authors of the 20th century JB Priestley 1894 1984 This edition includes an introduction by Orrin Grey who discusses the connections between the novel and its film adaptation James Whale’s The Old Dark House 1932. This 1927 masterpiece of horror and suspense was perhaps the most influential of the old dark house subgenre and in fact the US publication was titled The Old Dark House spawning the classic Universal horror film of the same name featuring Boris Karloff fresh off of his success with Frankenstein The influence of this novel on the horror genre in general from haunted house stories to slashers cannot be understated It is fortuitous that I reviewed an 80s paperback original earlier this month called Evil by Richard O'Brien my surprise discovery of the year Now I understand just how fully that novel was not only influenced by Benighted but was in a sense a modern remake Check out my review on Goodreads for details But now on to the topic at handBenighted is not so much a story about a spooky house as it is a novel about the first World War Just like film and literature in the 70s examined how our culture changed post Vietnam so were similar sentiments explored in the 1920s Benighted is perhaps one of the best psychological studies of post war trauma loss and redemption I have ever read You just have to read it to see what I meanIt is all thinly veiled in a redemption story of a young and bitter war veteran named Penderel who is the third wheel on a road trip across the Welsh countryside with his pal Phillip and Phillip's wife Margaret Penderel is as cynical as a taxi driver scarred by the loss of his brother at the battle of Passchendaele and his own experiences in the so called Great War and frustrated by his own attempts to pick up the pieces of his life in a seemingly meaningless and loveless existence taking to drink in order to feel something anything other than the hopeless mundane With us the whole thing has got to be so careful so ordered has become so conscious asks for so much planning and safeguarding that we never arrive at any real enjoyment or ease to say nothing of sheer rapture We’re like people walking on a tightrope and the only real pleasure we get is when we say to ourselves 'Well that bit’s safely passed'When a vicious thunderstorm blocks both their advancement and retreat along the washed out road they seek shelter in a 17th Century country estate inhabited by the Femmes and their mute hulking servant We at first only meet an old lonely couple a brother and sister two living ghosts of a bygone era They are like animals being startled in their dark den blinking and befuddled by the sudden light brought in by these strange young people who suddenly appear at their door It is uite endearing to read about them bustling and scurrying to provide some meager shelter for their sodden guests But there are evidently secrets in this house as we discover there are other members of the household but they remain upstairs and unseen behind great wooden doors Penderel manically bounds into this scene eager for the chance at a little adventure for something different like an addict seeking novelty And such begins his story Playwright Priestley treats his arc like a stage production even going so far as to say What a pity people didn’t really think of life as a play taking care to come on properly to say and do no than was necessary and then to make a good clean exitLittle explanation is given for what follows but we do not need it It is only the ensuing drama that matters and we know that it will not be pleasant thanks to Priestley's darkly delicious sense of dread with which he paints his literary canvas a techniue which will inform the later work of LovecraftThings start picking up when later on they are joined by another stranded couple Gladys and Sir William There is little to do but to sit around the fire and wait out the storm forcing our protagonists to spend time with each other They share drinks and stories about their pasts their ambitions and their regrets Though some readers may feel that the narrative was too often broken by these moments of dialogue and waxing philosophic the real meat of the marrow is in these bones Because it is within the human connection that evolves in the face of horror where the themes of the novel really shine it seemed strange that people whose hearts were empty could meet on such a night and talk through this darkness without lovingAnd we do grow to appreciate and love all these characters by the end as real and complex human beings People don't often know what they have until threatened with loss This is one of the therapeutic ualities of reading horror literature to appreciate where you may find yourself and to never take anything for granted Outside a raging thunderstorm tears down trees and levees washes away roads and with thunder and pounding meant to evoke the sounds of war five benighted people find refuge in an old dark house and for a moment isolated from the distractions of daily life around them they are able to spend time making real connections to each other meaningful connections that could last a lifetime would it not be for the cruel hand of chaosAnd for this reason the horror becomes all the palpable One of the most poignant scenes involves Gladys and Margaret locked in a dark room while awful things are happening in the house They can't help They can't intervene They can't even see They can only hear The small room where they are confined is reminiscent of the strictures of time and space for women of the era whose loved ones were off fighting in the trenches future hopes and plans suspended in a type of purgatory their fates completely tentative on who should coming knocking on that door once the battles are overSo many thanks to Valancourt Books once again for bringing a masterpiece back into print for a new generation of horror fans and lovers of good literature alike Benighted receives my highest recommendation

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Ges outside But as the night progresses and tensions rise dangerous and unexpected secrets emerge On the house’s top floor are two locked doors behind one of them is the mysterious unseen Sir Roderick Femm while the other conceals something terrifying and deadly Benighted 1927 a classic ‘old dark house’ s. just realized that I'd never posted about this here Oops I picked up Benighted by JB Priestley I had absolutely no idea what I was about to read As it turns out it is one of the most claustrophobic novels I've ever read In a good way of course The back cover blurb says it's a classic 'old dark house' novel of psychological terror And indeed director James Whale in 1932 would adapt Priestley's story and create a movie called The Old Dark House which I watched directly after reading this novel Whale is good at creepiness and atmosphere but he also plays parts of his adaptation for laughs so the movie becomes a very mixed bag sadly without the whole existential feel created by Priestley Truth be told the book is SO much better than the film Indeed the first several pages into this novel I was ecstatic to find all of the trappings of the 'old dark house' story a horrific storm complete with blinding torrential rain flooded roads mudslides and a completely impassable road that brings three people to the literal old dark house This one happens to be in the Welsh countryside a perfect setting a house with some rather strange inhabitants This wave of ahhhh just settled right over me There are some moments of mild terror and creepiness that come into this novel but if you're expecting Whale's The Old Dark House forget about it Much of Benighted had a sort of semi Gothic rather than horror ish feel to it and it seems to me that if you take the story as a whole it works very nicely on an allegorical level The house with its locked doors its secrets its creepiness and its strange inhabitants provides a great setting for understanding how some people work up the resolve to confront their fears while others choose to stay locked away from the rest of the world Recommended for sure

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BenightedA torrential downpour forces Philip and Margaret Waverton and their friend Roger Penderel to seek shelter in an ancient crumbling mansion inhabited by the strange and sinister Femm family Determined to make the best of the circumstances the benighted travellers drink and talk to pass the time while the storm ra. BENIGHTED by JB Priestly is a novel that was originally published in 1927 re issued by Valancourt Books in 2013 and reprinted in 2018 This version includes an introduction by Orrin Grey There is a film based on this novel entitled The Old Dark House that was released by Universal Pictures in 1932 at the height of the dark house phase in literature and film It's our flesh the jellied stuff that rots so easily which uivers and creeps goes goose with fright; but our bones stand up and don't give a damn The story begins in the classic fashion with a group of people caught out in a sudden storm The severity is such that sudden landslides begin to cover and wash away parts of the road they are traveling Here we have Philip and his wife Margaret Waverton and friend Roger Penderel Mrs Waverton one of those pale and clear and terrifically educated women who knew everything and knew nothing never actually breaking through into the real world They spot some lights coming from an ancient looking large edifice and it is determined that they will need to ask for shelter there despite the unsettling feeling they all have it was in the nature of things to go wrong Priestly sets this atmosphere with the utmost precision Between the raging elements outdoors and the unknown yet somehow sinister facade of the building in front of them that is uickly arrived at The looming structure conjures up all kinds of horrific images in the travelers even before they get near it Suppose the people inside were dead all stretched out with the lights uietly burning above them While the atmosphere is absolutely essential to this novel so too are the personalities of the characters You have your everyday people the travelers and the mysterious residents the Femm family in the gothic mansion Their uirks lack of social graces that most adhere to and general oddness immediately have our visitors wondering if perhaps they might have been better off chancing the water washed roads instead Perhaps this is the fire and we're merely taking the bags out of the frying pan Eventually the reluctantly admitted trio finds themselves confronted by yet another couple seeking shelter from the storm and it is at this junction that the real mysteries of the house begin to be revealed Through cryptic comments the jumpy inhospitable hosts and noises that do not come from the raging storm the characters realize that there are things to be frightened of in their supposed sanctuary ordinary life's bad enough but it's a prince to the stuff we spin out of our rotten unconsciousnesses every night When you consider the year this book was first released you can appreciate just how well it has stood the test of time In between bought of misgiving and and uncertain terror we have conversations and introspection on the society and behaviors of people in general Even the comic relief throughout the novel are about things we can still relate to People wonder what's the matter with the world these days They forget that all the best fellows the men who'd be in their prime now are dead Overall this is an excellent example of a Gothic Dark House story The atmosphere in my opinion is flawlessly set as is the tension that escalates throughout the entirety of the novel The banter between the characters has moments of humor interspersed between the apprehension and terror of their forced upon situation as it unfolds Another great novel brought back to the attention of readers through it's new publication by Valancourt Books Highly recommended