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His Dirty Secret Roscoe Romance #1A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance ANTHONY I never thought I was the guy who loses his head when someone tall dark and dangerous looks my way Who’d risk everything for a taste of something that’s never as good as it seems It only takes one night with my best friend’s brother to change that The secrecy is what drew me in not the way my skin tingled from the moment I lay eyes on him No it was intrigue that led me to seek out the eldest Roscoe prince the mysterious black sheep of the family Where had he been until now Why did scandalized whispers follow him into every room What sins in his past had even my best friend wanting nothing to do with him I don’t know if he’s as dangerous as. Ok this book had potential but dear lord did it fall flat It was super speedy rushed the two MCs basically had one night together two conversations and then were in love Ryan’s family were awful His brothers were arrogant know it all jerks his dad a farcical example of head in the sand parent Tommy was a completely underdeveloped character and Ryan’s mother a spiteful cow I can’t believe no one defended him from her tirade they just allowed her behaviour because ‘you know how she is’ No Just no You don’t invite your brother to brunch and then let your mum wish him dead The way the family drama was resolved at the end was downright pedestrian the book spend the first 70% building up this whole backstory of what happened to Ryan to soap opera proportions and then dumped the whole story on two pages as a flashback And I don’t have a clue what the point of Paul wasAll in all it started off with promise but I’m kinda gutted I invested the time to read it feel dissatisfied and a bit let down Couldn’t even bring myself to read the epilogue

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Free read ☆ His Dirty Secret Roscoe Romance #1 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance ANTHONY I never thought I was the guy who loses his head when someone tall dark and dangerous looks my way Who’d risk everything for a taste of something that’s never as good as it seems It oUt let him in I don’t know why he believes I’m worth it what he sees that nobody else does I just know that I need it Crave it Crave him And when a one night stand leads to unexpected conseuences when he finally starts to listen to them and pull awayall I know is I’ll do anything to stop it I don’t know how he convinced me I could be the man he deserves but he did I can And I’ll do anything to prove it This book is 55000 words of American royalty and their dirty family secrets mpreg and a brooding ex con’s love child not to mention blackmail bar brawls and secrets that refuse to stay buried Come for the sex and scandal stay for the sweetnessbut only if you’re over eighteen. Road to redemptionAnthony King and Jamie Roscoe have been friends for ten years even though Jamie comes from the very affluent and judgemental Roscoe family he never sees Anthony as less than Ryan Roscoe the black sheep of the family tall dark and deliciously tattooed turns up at Jamie's birthday celebrations after going to jail ten years ago to save his cousin Tommy who's still a drunk after all this time making Ryan's sacrifice of his life and future for nothing Sparks fly between Anthony and Ryan and they end up in a hotel room having hot sweaty hair pulling sex Ryan decides to stay in town getting a little apartment above a garage and starts his own business They keep in touch but Anthony knows nothing of Ryan's past and the Roscoe brothers aren't very forthcoming about it or Ryan and the rest of the family are disgusting and the mother is an absolute poisonous b##ch they all just threw Ryan away and erased him not knowing of Ryan's sacrifices Ryan opens himself up to Anthony because he's the only one who truly sees him and loves him Ryan has been to hell and back this last few years and just wants to peace Someone from Ryan's past turns up and drops a bombshell to Anthony and now everything is blowing up in their faces leaving Anthony heartbroken and hurt with a bombshell of his own Everything is turning into a mess for everyone and poor Ryan just can't catch a break but pushed to the limit by Tommy he lets out the whole heartbreaking horrific truth in front of everyone to show what a s##t show of a family he has Everyone has a lot to atone for some too young to understand at the time but they desperately want to prove to Ryan just how sorry and wrong they were and so the journey to try and build a future begins Not a long story but very full Well written in a way I could feel everyone's emotions right through this book especially Ryan who made my heart hurt and I was genuinely angry on his behalf and I loved Anthony's kind open loving heart I received a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Everyone claims I don’t know why I’m the only one who thinks there might be to him than this darkness everyone else sees All I know is I can’t stop looking for proof I’m rightbecause I’m already in way too deep RYAN I thought prison had prepared me for this The stares the cold shoulders the contemptbut it doesn’t matter I can’t take back what I’ve done I’m not sure I would even if I could There’s only one shining light in the darkness a brightness I can’t look away from no matter how many people warn me I should Anthony my little brother’s best friend They say I’ll only hurt him too and they’re not wrong Yet every time he shows up at my door I can’t help b. CuteVery cute and entertaining story Anthony was a real gem It was pretty gruesome how Ryan's family treated him especially his mother He showed strength and fortitude to survive all that was thrown his way It would have improved the story if we learned about what happened to Tommy