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Asterios Polyp kindle Å 344 pages Download ë David Mazzucchelli Æ The triumphant return of one of comics’ greatest talents with an engrossing story of one man’s search for love meaning sanity and perfect architectural proportions An epic story long awaited and well worth the wait Meet Asterios Polyp The triumphant return of one of comics’ greatest talents with an engrossing story of one man’s search for love meaning sanity and perfect architectural proportions An epic story long awaited and well worth the wait Meet Asterios Polyp middle aged meagerly successful architect and teacher aesthete and womanizer whose life is wholly upended when his New York City apartment goes up in flames In a tenacious daze he leaves the ci Reading Asterios Polyp is a daunting experience Or maybe not so much the reading which can be accomplished easily enough but the being able to speak sensibly about it afterward I feel kind of like how I did after finishing 2666 only not uite so out of my depth Like Bolaño Mazzucchelli's work here displays a breadth and depth that overtly reuires multiple readings in order find ground solid enough to speak with any authority about the book But since I've only read the book once you'll have to be satisfied with my initial thoughts Asterios Polyp is in the simplest terms a coming of age story—one in which the fifty year old lead celebrated architect Asterios Polyp begins a uest to put away the childish things of his past and embarks on journey of both self discovery and exploration of the world as it is rather than how he has intended to see it for so long In this aspect Asterios reminded me of Mr Ryder from Ishiguro's The Unconsoled a man at the top of his rarefied field who still must learn to grow up And like Ryder Asterios suffers from an inability to see the world as it is and is really like us all victim to his own perceptionsReality perception and memory play a huge role in Mazzucchelli's work here even as they do in everything I've yet read by IshiguroOn top of this is layered the framework of Greek tragedy and specific allusion to the myth of Orpheus this is pointed out through fistfuls of overt clues not the least of which is a dream in which Asterios takes the role of Orpheus and his ex wife Hana embodies Eurydice We get narrative explanations from a meta source in the Greek choral tradition Comparisons to Dionysus and Apollo lead to an evaluation of dualistic systems and perhaps systems generally as Asterios gradually must free himself from systemic shackles in order to finally grow up Of course we suspect if Asterios abandons one aspect he will be destroyed even as Orpheus was for abandoning Dionysus As well there are plenty of references to The Odyssey and this cross pollination of mythologies only serves to enrich our experience of Asterios' journeyThe subject matter by its summary sounds simple enough but Mazzucchelli throws so much into this piece and exercises such deft control over the page that one can easily drown in the details The art is very particular Much is made of Mazzucchelli's use of colour through the book and well with good reason The colouring itself offers storytelling that is available through no other means In fact so occasionally powerful is his use of colour that I worry for colourblind readers that they might miss out on some of the book's sublime momentsOn top of Mazzucchelli's tight reign over his colour spectrum there is ample evidence that he maintains the same level of control over his linework and design Asterios Polyp is a thoroughly designed experience with every element from script to story to illustration to panel design to colouration to control of whitespace adding voice to the chorus of this performance The battle between geometric and organic shapes gives the reader who may not be familiar with all the names and ideas Asterios or his ghostly narrator reference a hook on which to hang the interpreter's hat One's experience of Asterios Polyp will no doubt be enriched by a working knowledge of architectural history familiarity with Greek mythology and Homeric tradition and a smackerel of understanding of postmodern sculpture—but Mazzucchelli's conveyance of story through his visual sense means that even those with Asterios sized gaps in their education can still get in there and have some deeper sense of what's going onAs of this writing I have only read Asterios Polyp once Of course I still have uestions Of course I do I think I understand the ending but I'd like to reread and think on it again I think I understand why he physically takes on the identity of his true last name in the book's final act Polyp is only half his original surname as the immigration official chopped in half the family name when his father immigrated to America I sometimes understand what Mazzuchelli intends with his character names and sometimes not I have the barest kernel of an idea why Mazzuchelli in a mature work that depicts nudity and violence insists on representing verbal obscenity with cartoony symbolic representation eg We made up a #load of these I don't yet fully grasp Asterios' Ignazio dreams I am certain however that many of these things will become clear on subseuent readingsAs I said I have only read Asterios Polyp once And I can't wait to change that fact

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Ing to drive her away What has happened to her Is she even alive All the uestions will be answered eventuallyIn the meantime we are enthralled by Mazzucchelli’s extraordinarily imagined world of brilliantly conceived eccentrics sharply observed social s and deftly depicted asides on everything from design theory to the nature of human perception Asterios Polyp is David Mazzucchelli’s masterpiece a great American graphic nove I don't really understand the hype over this graphic novel I thought it was boring an educated middle aged white man feels like his life has fallen apart so he jumps ship and tries to start over again Maybe I just found his self absorbed personality too off putting but I didn't really feel any sympathy for him or care about his ideas about how the world works In spite of the sadness in it it all reads like an educated middle aged white man's fantasy Asterios Polyp is world renowned in his field he spends his time womanizing but eventually a much younger half Asian woman just can't resist him and marries him and even when she leaves him and his apartment is destroyed in a fire he is immediately able to land a job working at a car repair shop on the strength of his answer to the uestion You ever work on cars before A little Then he goes and spends an hour at the library reading about car repair so that he can fake his way in his new job Seriously That's just insulting to anyone who actually works in that field

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Asterios PolypTy and relocates to a small town in the American heartland But what is this “escape” really about As the story unfolds moving between the present and the past we begin to understand this confounding yet fascinating character and how he’s gotten to where he is And isn’t And we meet Hana a sweet smart first generation Japanese American artist with whom he had made a blissful life But now she’s gone Did Asterios do someth One of a few genius books in graphic novels one of the great ones And improbably about a logical theoretical architect To really appreciate this one you may have to BE an artist because much if the story is in form color design so I am still learning but it is done by a superhero artist who for years has labored in the background except he is also the Batman One guy who breaks out in his own brilliant direction You know you have this almost completely unlikeable character Asterios who sees the world from a very logical perspective very limited to Reason enlightenment based modernism and his life has fallen apart but the people he encounters the situations he lives through they affect him