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For fans of Stephen King’s Misery and Jo Nesbø’s The Snowman comes an engrossing thriller about a monster who becomes a victim and a victim who becomes a monster From Patrick Senécal the uebec author who has sold over a million books worldwideOne sunny fall day Dr Bruno Hamel’s life changes foreverHis beloved seven year old. Seven Days has been translated to English and was originally written in French It was called Les Sept jours du talion – “seven days of retaliation” Seven Days is a story that explores the ethical uestions of revenge Dr Bruno Hamel is a grieving and distraught father who is out for revenge towards the monster who killed his daughter He kidnaps and tortures him and as the story progressed we started to see how people react to knowing he is out for revenge Seven Days is a disturbing thriller that crosses over to horror Patrick Senécal has been referred to as uebec’s Stephen King He doesn’t hold back here with the graphic details of torture Pushing it almost to the point I started to struggle reading it I started to uestion if there was than one monster in this story Just when I thought I had enough the story takes a turn and really started to get very interesting We start to see what shapes Hamel as revenge turns into a monster itself and we see how this all affects him Patrick Senécal does a good job here creating our two main characters here with Dr Bruno Hamel and Detective Mercure who tries to stop him from killing the monster Mercure becomes the moral center of the story I was a bit worried about how this story was going to come together and I am glad I stuck with it I thought it was cleverly written but maybe pushed it a bit too far with the graphic details that I felt stalled the story instead of driving it forward In the end I liked how it wrapped up and was very satisfied with the ending I recommend with caution It’s certainly not for everyoneThank you to NetGalley Simon Schuster Canada and Patrick Senécal for my copy to read and review

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Les sept jours du talion #59Ective with a troubled past who becomes certain he can track down Hamel by studying clues in his past and in the increasingly unsettling phone calls Hamel makes to his partner SylvieBoth riveting and provocative this daring thriller is an enthralling meditation on what it means to be human and to battle the monster within and witho. I’d heard uite a bit of praise for Patrick Senécal even before I knew that the English version of Les Sept Jours de Talion was going to be released To be honest I’m surprised that it took this long for one of his books to come to the English audience With the comparisons to King and Nesbo my expectations rose even higherWithout getting into the plot Seven Days is a thought provoking book What is a monster Just because you feel justified in your actions does it make them the right thing to do How do you deal with pain and loss Do you have to forgive to forgetSenécal wove his scenario together to address all of these themes He created any parent’s nightmare the abduction and murder of a young child I found myself thinking about cases that I remember from the past; what would I do in Dr Hamel’s place Seven Days goes to some brutally dark places; could Iwould I go there if that happened to my family Was it brutal and dark enough compared to the actions of the villain These are some hard uestions to answerI love a dark and twisted police procedural Some of my favorite fictional characters are detectives with an albatross around their necks This is the point that I felt Seven Days was most lacking While Hervé Mercure did have a troubled past it just didn’t feel as overwhelming as I have seen in the past and expected from Senécal Seven Days is a great introduction to Senécal’s work It is a stand alone that is entertaining thought provoking and cringe worthyI received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley

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Free download Les sept jours du talion #59 105 × For fans of Stephen King’s Misery and Jo Nesbø’s The Snowman comes an engrossing thriller about a monster who becomes a victim and a victim who becomes a monster From Patrick Senécal the uebec author who has sold over a million books worldwideOne sunny fall day Dr Bruno Hamel’s life changDaughter Jasmine is the victim of a tragic crime Grief stricken Hamel sets in play a meticulous plan He will kidnap the man responsible for his daughter’s death and make him pay horribly for what he has done He manages to ambush a police transport and disappear with his targetBut Hamel hasn’t accounted for Hervé Mercure a det. Here's some context for this bookI first heard about Patrick Senecal when my aunt came to visit me in Western Canada I lived in an English part of Canada and could understand french fluently but I could not read or speak it But my aunt came to visit and was talking about this horrific book she was reading Not horrific in the writing in the plot; she loved it That book was called Hellcom by Patrick Senecal He's kind of known as the Stephen King of the french world Since then I've wanted to read his books Hearing her talk about how messed up it was pumped me up I would periodically check online if his books were being translated to english but no such luck I was 1617 when this happened I am now 25 Imagine my surprise one day when I go on the Indigo website and see that they're recommending 'Seven Days' by Patrick Senecal to me I was in absolute JOY I screamed I was so happy I left 3 hours early for work to go buy it I started it in line to pay I had waited 7 8 years for this book and I finally had it Now this is not a translation of Hellcom sadly infact the next translation is also not a translation of hellcom but it didn’t matter to me As long as I got to read his work Seven Days follows a doctor whos 7 year old daughter is raped and murdered and he decided to kidnap the man responsible and torture him for 7 days It's a story of the psychology of humans What happens when the monster becomes the victim and the victim becomes the monster What happens in society when we see someone who we consider a monster in a terrible situation Are we morally obligated to save them To protect them To care if they are going through terrible things This book touches upon all of that and so well It causes the reader to also have conflicting emotions and you are put through the same dilemmas as many of the other charactersI think the writing is well done I think the translation is good and I think the story is amazing I do think there's a little work that could be done in his writing but from what I understand this is one of his older books so I assume he's improved uite a bit since then