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The DNA of You and Me“Sharpsets a bittersweet love story within the cut throat world of academic research a great pairing Rothman explores with heart and smarts” – Publishers Weekly starred reviewEmily Apell arrives in Justin McKinnon’s renowned research lab with the single minded goal of making a breakthrough discovery But a colleague in the lab Aeden Dohe The DNA of You and Me by Andrea Rothman is a 2019 William Morrow publication Usually I have some time to ruminate before writing a review but due to a last minute invite to participate in a blog promo I didn’t have that luxury with this book unfortunately because I have some mixed feelings about this one I’d like to work out first As such I’ve done nothing but work on this review for a day and half I have struggled mightily with this oneThe setup is interesting and original Emily was raised by her father a man much like herself who was very single minded However he often encouraged her to get out and make friends and be sociable However an allergy related to the smell of cut grass kept her indoors during the summer months putting a damper on her ability to hang out with other people Still Emily preferred to keep to herself and her few attempts to fit in with her peers were an epic fail Yet it was her own personal experience that encouraged her drive to study olfactory receptors located in the nasal cavity otherwise known as the sense of smell Her research she hopes will lead to treatment for or a cure for AnosmiaFresh out of school Justin the lab manager gives Emily the opportunity to work in his lab However he fails to mention that the lab already has two scientists working on a project very similar to Emily’s One of those academics is Aeden a man who does not mince words He immediately informs Emily she will have to find another project Emily refuses of course so Game on Let the competition begin Eventually Aeden and Emily wind up working in tandem which takes their relationship to another level From here life gets a little messy for the socially awkward Emily who much to her surprise faces a common conundrum when she falls hard for Aeden Which of her great passions will dominate her life? Her career or a life with Aeden? Can someone as driven as Emily fully commit herself to marriage and children? Could she balance that life with her demanding and single minded devotion to her career? Are some people better off alone or should love take precedence over success? The one thing I worried about before starting this book the heavy use of scientific jargon turned out to be the very least of my concerns While I didn’t fully understand all of it I was able to grasp the general idea and it never once took me out of the story In fact the book is an easy read so easy in fact I nearly read it in one sitting However there are two issues weighing on me While love is the emotion this novel is centered around this is not a romance novel nor is it a love story per se unless you are including warped ones like Wuthering Heights although it has been categorized as such I would advise against approaching this novel in such a way to be honest Perhaps contemporary fiction would be the most appropriate category with the possibility of adding ‘women’s fiction’ as a runner up The second thing I feel compelled to mention is a disturbing scene in which Emily and Aeden steal away for a sexual rendezvous only Aeden wants to do something Emily is uncomfortable with He’s not tender he’s rough She says ‘No’ he doesn’t stop She zones out during the encounter in order to cope then feels humiliated and hurt avoiding Aeden until he eventually apologizes Then suddenly all is forgiven I am very uncomfortable with that passage It is not the type of sexual activity they are engaging in that bothers me They are two adults after all However the uestion is are they two CONSENTING adults There was a uestion mark there in my opinion and I still feel weird about it As for the story as a whole in my humble opinion this story is a character study an examination of what happens to our normal rational clear headed thinking process when we fall in love The complicated and cutthroat world of academia where ambition and competition rule the day makes these changes even striking and for Emily they are confusing Women are often the ones than men who must make the tough decisions about their career when marriage and children present themselves Men it seems seldom feel pressured in this same way Yet for Emily the problem is even compounded by her social awkwardness and the hint that she presents on the autism spectrum She uestions if she is better suited to living alone could she make her partner happy could she do or be what is expected or reuired of her from an intimate long term relationship? Aeden a character for whom I could not summon up one ounce of compassion appears to have his priorities in order as far as that goes He unlike Emily dislikes the lab and Justin and is fine with leaving to pursue other things He wants Emily to choose love over success However his methods are manipulative immature and not something one does if they really love someone One could argue he made choices he thought were in Emily’s best interest but I’m afraid I disagree You can’t force someone to be something they aren’t or you will both wind up being miserable Ultimately I found the story to be interesting fascinating and utterly absorbing It gave me a lot of food for thought Even though I am a hard wired romantic I was proud of Emily in the end She did the right thing even in her eventual forgiveness which gives her permission to finally move ahead emotionally And because of my die hard romanticism I’m convinced that lightning will strike twice for our Emily and that maybe she is not destined to be alone after all 35 stars

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Rty has been working on a similar topic and his findings threaten to compete with her researchTo Emily’s surprise her rational mind is unsettled by Aeden and when they end up working together their animosity turns to physical passion followed by love Emily eventually allows herself to envision a future with Aeden but when he decides to leave Somber intense and deeply thought provoking Andrea Rothman’s The DNA of You and Me is the sort of book that left me with a uiet pensive feeling about women love ambition and sacrificeI finished The DNA of You and Me than a day ago and the emotions I felt reading it and through the end have stayed with me Sometimes a book is so well written that it brings a stark moment of clarity to my own life that is both uncomfortable and important I think this is what the JD Salinger may have described as the sound of one hand clappingThis is not a romance though it is a story about love And this is an important distinction to make I think A romance implies a certain amount of fun infatuation and wooing A story about love is different from a love story To me The DNA of You and Me is truly a story about love but it is the type of love that feels authentic and without the dramatic flair a novel normally bringsWhen Emily meets Aeden in the lab they don’t immediately click Aeden is worried about Emily starting rival research within their own lab and Emily has never really learned how to connect with others Watching their love develop slowly as they pushed through genetic research to understand the genes that relate to our olfactory sense I found the humanization of the dry research lab to be one of the shining points to this bookEmily herself is compelling tragic and root able She wears her loneliness like a suit of armor She I confused over whether she should choose ambition or love Or specifically whether she should choose her legacy or her happiness “The gene will be here 100 years from now But you and I won’t” As I’ve spent the past 24 hours reflecting on the story I think that the story isn’t even really about choosing career or love More nuanced the story to me was about how hard it is to truly understand what we want when we are living it But also that perhaps it is truly never too lateThank you to TLC Book Tours for my copy Opinions are my own

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Download Doc ☆ The DNA of You and Me ´ 256 pages Ñ Andrea rothman Ñ “Sharpsets a bittersweet love story within the cut throat world of academic research a great pairing Rothman explores with heart and smarts” – Publishers Weekly starred reviewEmily Apell arrives in Justin McKinnon’s rThe lab it becomes clear to her that she must make a choice It is only years later when she is about to receive a prestigious award for the work they did together that Emily is able to unravel everything that happened between them “RefreshingAsks urgent uestions about female ambition Fans of Lab Girl have found a worthy successor” Real Simp Rothman's debut novel is a fierce and elouent exploration of what it is to be a woman working in #STEM a scientist in the cut throat world of cutting edge research and academia It invites us into the heart and mind of Emily a character we grow to respect and admire who is faced with the messy business of a budding romance with a colleague in the laboratory where she works Should she allow herself to put all she holds dear at risk or should she smell a lab rat? This one's a powerful literary page turner