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read epub ´ The Pirate ¶ ¹ In 1860 a sloop drifted into New York Harbor Not a soul on board—just blood from cabin to deck Looted coins led to Bowery thug Albert Hicks the ax slayer who turned his shipmates into chumHis crimes were absolutely fiendish His execution was pure ballyhoo It drew nearly ten thousand bloodthirsty sightseers to the ciD bloodthirsty sightseers to the city including the enterprising showman P T Barnum Refreshments were served as the most notorious and unrepentant mass murderer of the era made history as one of America’s first celebrity killersThe Pirate is part of Bloodlands a chilling collecti The Pirate is a history book with great information about this subject but especially on one particular act of piracy and murder It tracks the rumors known facts and the gruesome story to the end Very interesting

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On of short page turning historical narratives from bestselling true crime master Harold Schechter Spanning a century in our nation’s murderous past Schechter resurrects nearly forgotten tales of madmen and thrill killers that dominated the most sensational headlines of their day Grisly gory murders on the sea If the confession that Hicks gave to the reporter is even half true this man was probably one of the worst serial killers in history I don't know if any of the things he said he did were ever investigated It's probably a good thing he was caught and executed for the murders of the three sailors on the oyster boat I found it interesting that they felt they didn't have enough evidence to convict him of murder so they decided to try him for piracy which also carried the death penaltyCreepy little story and a reminder that there have always been monsters

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The PirateIn 1860 a sloop drifted into New York Harbor Not a soul on board just blood from cabin to deck Looted coins led to Bowery thug Albert Hicks the ax slayer who turned his shipmates into chumHis crimes were absolutely fiendish His execution was pure ballyhoo It drew nearly ten thousan Grisly murders at sea A crew hacked to death and thrown into the ocean A sloop drifting unmanned into New York harbor with blood all over the decks One man rowing to shore and walking awayIn 1860 the killings by Albert Hicks drew a lot of attention His execution was attended by thousands including PT Barnum Hicks had led a life of violence killing and robbing all over the world as he worked on various ships He was caught when he signed on as a mate on the EA Johnson to harvest oysters on the Chesapeake and killed the other 3 members of the crew for the money on board Author Harold Schechter uses newspaper accounts and court records to piece together the story of Albert Hicks aka William Johnson a pirate who was executed in 1860 on Bledloe's Island now Liberty IslandI'm a big fan of history and historic true crime talesI listen to many many podcasts on the topic So I knew I would enjoy listening to The Pirate the first of six bloody tales in the Bloodlands Collection from Audible Originals I listened to the audiobook version of this story narrated by Steven Weber The audio is just under 15 hours so it's an easy listening length Weber reads at a nice steady pace and his voice is easily understandable even with my hearing loss I enjoyed this story The author presents the facts about the crime the life of the murderer and the aftermath of his arrest and conviction in an interesting manner It is a lot like listening to a documentaryso if true crime or history isn't really your bag you might want to pass this collection by Listening to stories about crimes committed far in the past helps me put our present world in perspective Today's society hasn't suddenly become a world of danger after peaceful times in the pastthe good old days'' were just as violent and scary as what we face today There just wasn't insta news in those daysstories took awhile to get around Investigations were completely low tech back then no DNA analysis very little forensic knowledge above the very basicand killers very often got away with their grisly crimes for uite some time before they were caught Hicks led a life of horrific violenceuntil he made a mistake and got caught literally red handed His execution was a public event with the atmosphere of a circus performance That's almost as grisly as his crimes The Bloodlands Collection gathers six true crime stories from the past Ranging from the 1860's up to 1949 the crimes are varied but all grisly Not for the faint of heart Interesting tales for those who enjoy true crime stories The kindle book versions use Kindle In Motion animationsome of the illustrations photos and text moves or has slight animations Kinda cool I chose the audible version and listened to the story I'm enjoying these collections of Original content There are several different story collectionshorror short stories global warming tales true crime missing persons etc I haven't liked all of the selections but I've had fun trying them I like having a shorter story to listen tosomething I can finish uickly rather than investing 10 15 hours in an entire novel length audio book All in all so far Bloodlands is my favorite collection I love the combo of history and true crime narrative