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Download We Set the Dark on Fire Reader Ò 364 pages Ü Moneyexpresscard á In this daring and romantic fantasy debut perfect for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and Latinx authors Zoraida Córdova and Anna Marie McLe society wife in training Dani has a great awakening after being recruited by rebel spieSchool couldn’t prepare her for the difficult choices she must make after graduation especially when she is asked to spy for a resistance group desperately fighting to bring euality to MedioWill Dani cling to the privilege her parents fought to win for her or will she give up everything she’s strived for in pursuit of a free Medio and a chance at a forbidden lov Let's start by saying that I appreciate the representation and the timeliness of the topic but unfortunately that's all which is the reason for the low rating The MC Dani was nothing special She was the typical character who wants to please her parents even if it means sacrificing their own desires This character that we've all read a hundred times rebukes the rebels or ignores them until she's confronted with the realness and joins them IF YOU MUST WRITE THIS CHARACTER THAT APPEARS IN EVERY DYSTOPIAN YA NOVEL PLEASE MAKE THEM STAND OUT HAVE A NEW VOICE Making Dani Latina isn't enough; she has to have a different voice a personality The romance was insta love Carmen is a biotch and has hated Dani for FIVE YEARS TREATED HER LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT but then she has one civil conversation and it's booty time? What? Is there a lack of ff romance among minority characters? Yes but please do it well The supporting cast of characters were forgettable Mateo was a caricature of a villain Carmen's only asset was that she filled out a dress Sota was interesting on this first two appearances on the page but he fizzled I would have liked to see the older Primera and Segunda have a larger role but once again forgettable The writing I used to say that a book has bad writing but I'm going to stop saying that Instead I'll say that this type of writing wasn't for me Mejia tried to create tension and sometimes in landed but most of the time it was familiar Snooping in someone's office that you're forbidden to enter eavesdropping on convos making plans to meet with the rebels only to have someone unknowingly inviting themselves These are all straight out of movies and TV; you have to have some nuance but there wasn't much More about the writing and this time I will criticize There were at least three times where Dani received VITAL information by eavesdropping One time is okay but three? That's lazy writing There has to be other ways for characters to obtain information that will move along the plot When the author has to use the same tactic than once they've run out of ideas The idea was new because it was a metaphor for the border wall but the border wall concept was too on the nose In other words there was no depth and I wouldn't even go as far as to call it a metaphor It was a literal wall keeping poor people out When you write a have vs have nots or government vs rebel story you have to do something different with it The government hates the have nots because they were poor? I'm not even sure if that was the reason but that's not the point Okay they hate them and lie to the public to make them hate the have nots by turning them into criminals So Trump is doing this right now and it's timely but Mejia wasn't giving it a new perspective We are currently living this and she's just telling us what we already know and feel and see GIVE ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT I can turn on CNN and hear what she's saying in this book GIVE ME A NEW VOICE A NEW PERSPECTIVE A NUANCED POV OR STORY FROM A REBEL DON'T JUST REGURGITATE WHAT I HEAR ON THE NEWS EVERY DAY If you've seen any spy type movie you will totally predict everything I don't go into stories trying to predict everything but when it's kind of obvious I have no choice but to try That's all I'll say about that I rated this low because I didn't enjoy any of it Sometimes I will enjoy the first 50 pages or there will be one great character but there was none of that in this book I didn't enjoy the first 10 pages There was literally nothing new or special about the PLOT This is a straight forward way of writing and that's just not the type of writing for me I like beautiful metaphoric prose I want to be challenged an this book fulfilled neither of those for me This book is frustrating because it had potential especially because ALL the characters were Latina I apologize if I'm categorizing this wrong Is it Latinx? Please correct me and it was set in a dystopian world It basically comes down to I don't want to read a book that I've already read before If you liked Girls of Paper and Fire which I coincidently also didn't enjoy you'll like this book

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D society Depending on her specialization a graduate will one day run a husband’s household or raise his children Both paths promise a life of comfort and luxury far from the freuent political uprisings of the lower classDaniela Vargas is the school’s top student but her pedigree is a lie She must keep the truth hidden or be sent back to the fringes of societyAnd Who is attacking and who is dying? 4 12 stars We Set the Dark on Fire follows Dani a girl being trained in the art of being a wife In the inside of the wall men each have two wives Primeras run the house while Segundas are the childbearers On the outside people live in poverty Dani is an interloper and when a resistance fighter threatens her with this information she’s forced to use her primera status to spy All the while though she is falling for her home’s segunda her school enemy Carmen The novel serves as a fascinating exploration of immigration politics despite the desperation of those outside the walls to break through those on the inside see them as beggars beneath them in some cosmic framework It’s hard not to draw parallels with America in this era The novel doesn’t want you not to The dynamics of classism racism sexism and homophobia are all carefully examined then carefully subverted The scene where Mateo harasses Dani is specifically resonant Men in power can always abuse that power No matter the intent behind this society no matter the goals those in power may always abuse it The arc between Dani and Carmen is the heart of this book and it is WONDERFUL For the first 30% of the book or so the tension between Dani and Carmen almost reads as subtext; there are moments where Dani’s relationship with La Vos member Sota feels as if in any other ya novel it would be the main pairing Meanwhile Dani is experiencing gay jealousy towards Carmen But this relationship build floored me The trope of falling for an ex friend you had a falling out with is an excellent way to build character development and here is no exception The tension between them is so vivid and excellent Dani has to learn to not be alone to trust Carmen; Carmen has to learn to do the same Through the ensuing story they serve as excellent narrative foils to each other I’ve seen some really excellent discussion of the pervasiveness of the trope of forced marriage or forced heteronormativity within a society in ff romances On a personal level I think this book does a good job of expressing and unpacking homophobia while also focusing on Dani and Carmen as a couple This is however notable Dani’s character growth also really worked for me Dani is at times somewhat of a passive heroine but she never feels like one seeing her grow from her passivity in fact is at the heart of the story Also THE ENDING When I say I was on the verge of wailing in real life am I ashamed? Yes Am I being honest? Also yes How did you all wait a year? I checked out the seuel and started it twenty minutes after finishing this I think this is the most upset I’ve been by a book ending all year The only complaint I had about this novel was an occasional reliance on telling not showing and some overly flowery writing I am really really sad to say that in the seuel which I started twenty minutes after finishing this this seems to have worsened significantly if only because there was less about the book that I actually liked I was really disappointed by book two personally I have no idea if that’s a popular opinion But I still do adore this book and would read it again Oh well Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | About |

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We Set the Dark on FireIn this daring and romantic fantasy debut perfect for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and Latinx authors Zoraida Córdova and Anna Marie McLe society wife in training Dani has a great awakening after being recruited by rebel spies and falling for her biggest rival At the Medio School for Girls distinguished young women are trained for one of two roles in their polarize 35 stars rounded upAt The Medio School for Girls young women are prepared for one of two roles within their future husband's household Primera or Segunda Before you get too excited let me just say these are not highly challenging positions but rather socially assigned 'womanly roles' Beauty or brains those are the choices because apparently you can't be both or neither for that matter A Primera essentially handles the business reuired for a functioning household while the Segunda takes care of the emotional sides of day to day life This makes school a harsh competition as your performance affects your future placement At graduation a selection process ensues where upper class families choose the girl who shall marry their sons Their whole future is determined at that point Made to serve the manDaniela Vargas has sacrificed a lot to be a student at Medio Her parents faked documents in order for her to even attend She comes from one of the poorest neighborhoods and her lineage definitely would not make her a desired match for any up and coming malesWhen Dani graduates top of her class and is chosen as Primera for a young man who is slated to soon be running Medio she knows she has made it As a member of the Garcia family the whole world will now be open to her but Dani uickly discovers this assignment isn't all it's cracked up to beThe Segunda of the Garcia household Carmen is a young lady who was very unkind to Dani at school but with no one else around the two girls start to develop a relationship Even after the strike up a friendship however Dani isn't sure if she can trust her In her new life Dani really isn't sure if there is anyone she can trustSet in a wonderfully imagined LatinX Dystopian world providing timely commentary on societal roles structure and function this book was everything I wanted it to be In fact this book is everything I wanted other books to be Ahem I'm looking at you The Belles I meshed really well with Mejia's writing and upon reaching the end figured out hey this isn't a standalone I'm very excited for the next in the seriesWith secrets and lies rebellions and undercover agents a female female relationship and so much I would definitely recommend this book to other YA Readers