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Download Ô Taste Of Love: A Secret Pregnancy Romance Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É A Secret Pregnancy Romance FLYNN Harry Wallace is like no man I’ve ever knownand no man I’ve ever wanted He’s an alpha I’m an omega He’s a cop I’m a baker Yin and yangS abstract With him it’s basic Physiological Knowing he’s safe is as essential to me as breathingAnd every time he pushes me away it’s like being unable to breathe all over againIf he doesn’t want me in his life in his bed I’ll just have to learn to make my peace with that But first I have to know he’ll be alright without meAnd that means finding out who’s after him and whySo I can make sure they regret itThis book is 52000 words of passionate polar attraction as an alpha and omega try to balance the wants of both their bodies and their hearts Sex lies and mpreg lurk within these pages please read at your own discretion For readers age eighteen years and u. This is a romance between a baker and a cop Do you believe in love at first sight Maybe you shouldFlynn was opening his bakery when he noticed the door was open and broken He went in to look around and found someone looking around at him He got pushed down Waited a few minutes and then called 911Harry and his partner arrived on the scene and started taking his statement They both kept looking at each other and checking each other out Harry gave Flynn his personal number and told him to call anytimeAfter work Harry took a photo book down for Flynn to look through Flynn didn't recognize anyone Since they were talking they made some new plansFlynn was taken to his first restaurant sold Indian food They talked of many things and had a great timeThen they went for a walk in the park that had ice cream Flynn saw someone starring at him and Harry took off He did not catch him but came back and caught a very sincere kiss from FlynnFlynn promised there would be a date number two so they said good night This story has mob connections murderers theives and witness protection Say what Yes Witness protectionI voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book and was not reuired to leave a review

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Ke how he’s convinced the break in that brought him into my life was than a simple robbery I just see the danger in letting myself love someone who leaps into the line of fire every day So he can’t ever know How easy it’d be to let myself fall for him if he just said the right words How hard it is to stay away to fight these feelings And about the child I carry from the one night I didn’t HARRY I don’t know what’s frustrating the uncontrollable desire I have to protect Flynn at all costs or the fact that he won’t let meI’ve spent my whole life finding strength and purpose in my own power Dedicating myself to protecting others But before Flynn all that wa. Who doesn't love a man in uniform Arriving for work at his bakery one morning Flynn realises he's been broken into and the offender knocks him down fleeing the scene then handsome police officer Harry arrives on scene and sparks immediately fly between the pair which leads them to start dating spending time together and building a close bond Flynn has a few unexplained events happen to him then Harry gets shot on duty devastating his mother as she lost her husband whilst he was on duty emotions run high with worry Flynn decides he can't handle it and takes off not going back to see Harry any which confuses and hurts Harry On being released from hospital he goes to Flynns apartment only to be confronted by an intruder who injures him again and Flynn discovers he's got a big problem too Flynn decides to call time on their relationship devastating them both and breaking their hearts but Harry is desperate to have Flynn back In the meantime the intruder is becoming dangerous in his uest to find something terrorizing Flynn and sending Harry into Alpha protection mode and rightly so when they get a lead on who it is they're up against Many circumstances work together to bring them to each other and give them their HEA Short but enjoyable and well written also heartwarming even though Flynn was a pain sometimes I received a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Taste Of Love A Secret Pregnancy RomanceA Secret Pregnancy Romance FLYNN Harry Wallace is like no man I’ve ever knownand no man I’ve ever wanted He’s an alpha I’m an omega He’s a cop I’m a baker Yin and yang Polar opposites I don’t deny he ignited something in me the moment we met That my instincts push me towards him That the strength and security he offers pulls me closer Except I’m not ruled by my biology but by my heart And I won’t risk it on something I know I’ll regret My father and stepfather’s marriage taught me everything I needed to know about the downsides of alpha aggression And even without that Harry and I are just too different He sees danger lurking around every corner Li. Omega Flynn is a baker who own a bakery in town One day he comes into his bakery and discovers an intruder has broken in The intruder leaves but not before mowing Flynn down as he makes his hasty retreat The police arrive shortly after the intruder leaves thanks to Flynn's alarm system When they arrive they find Flynn still on the floor somewhat in shockHarry is an Alpha cop who is called to a burglary When he arrives he finds an omega on the floor of what appears to be his bakery and automatically goes to his aid Upon meeting this handsome omega he automatically feels a deep need to protect him As a cop he usually has that instinct but for some reason Harry feels a deeper desire to protect what he feels is his He wants to hold this omega and protect him from anything that could possibly hurt himAfter Harry leaves the bakery and heads back to the police station he can't get Flynn off his mind As soon as his shift is over he heads back to the bakery with the pretense of having Flynn look at mug shots for the possible burglar He is looking for any excuse to see Flynn again When Harry arrives at the bakery Flynn is happy to see him again and they spend a good amount of time together that evening Harry can't leave it at that so he asks Flynn out on a date and he accepts Flynn is a reluctant omega With his father and stepfather as his models for relationships he is all to familiar with alpha aggression and isn't in a rush to get involved with anyoneHarry realizes that Flynn will be a tough nut to crack but he refuses to give up on him knowing that they have something special Harry's cop and Alpha instincts are screaming that the burglary at Flynn's bakery and subseuent break in at his apartment are connected but Flynn refuses to see what is right in front of him Harry is desperately trying to keep Flynn safe but Flynn keeps getting in the wayFlynn and Harry were a great match and I loved their story The struggles that Flynn faced due to his past were truly heartbreaking He needed someone like Harry to make him see that there are still good genuine Alphas out there I was sad to see their story end What a great pairI voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book and was not reuired to leave a review