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book ☆ Stone of Tears È Terry Goodkind First rate epic fantasy from the man who deserves to become the Tolkien of his day The young hero is just beginning to understand the magic he has at his command and only under the tutelage of the Sisters of Light can h Stone of Tears Sword of Truth #2 Terry GoodkindStone Of Tears is the second book in Terry Goodkind's epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth With Darken Rahl defeated Richard and Kahlan head back to the Mud People to be married As they wait for their wedding day to approach they discover three Sisters of Light are pursuing Richard intending to take him back to the Old World to be trained as a Wizard Additionally unbeknownst to Richard and Kahlan the veil has been torn and the Stone of Tears has entered the world According to prophecy the only person who has a chance at closing the veil is the one bonded to the blade the one born true After the death of Darken Rahl and planning his wedding to Kahlan Richard is afflicted by a series of painful headaches He also learns from Shota that he is the bastard son of Darken Rahl and the grandson on his mother's side of Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander Richard gets a visit from three Sisters of the Light Sisters Grace Elizabeth and Verna who inform him that his headaches are caused by the awakening of the gift within him and are fatal and unstoppable unless he receives magical training The Sisters tell him that he must go with them and wear a Rada'Han a magical collar in order to control his headaches and the gift They also explain that they will offer him their help three times and if he refuses each time they will not be able to help him ever again Richard refuses twice and each time a Sister commits suicide تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هفتم ماه ژانویه سال 2014 میلادیعنوان شمشیر واقعیت کتاب دوم سنگ اشک ها؛ نویسنده تری گودکایند؛سری «شمشیر حقیقت» یک سری بیست و یک جلدی ست، که یازده جلد آن اثر «تری گودکایند» است ماجرای داستان در یک سرزمین تخیلی رخ میدهد، که به سه قسمت «وستلند»، «سرزمین میانه»، و «دی هارا» تقسیم شده است نقش اصلی داستان با «ریچارد سایفر» پسری از وستلند است، که طی رویدادی با دختری از «سرزمین میانه» به نام «کیلان آمنل» دیدار میکند، و سرنوشت، آن دو را، در کنار هم قرار میدهد، تا علیه ظلم و سیاهی مبارزه کنند جلد اول قانون اول جادوگری؛ جلد دوم سنگ اشکها؛چکیده کتاب دوم سری پس از مرگ «دارکن رال»، «ریچارد» و «کیلن» به نزد قوم «گل» برمیگردند، تا مراسم ازدواجشان را در روستا برگزار کنند، اما «ریچارد» دچار سردردهای عجیبی میشود، که پس از دیدار مرموز با خواهران روشنایی متوجه میشود که اگر کمک خوهران روشنایی را قبول نکند و گردنبند مخصوص خواهران را به گردن نیاویزد، به خاطر سردردهای ناشی از موهبت جادو میمیرد، خواهران سه بار درخواستشان را طرح میکنند، با هر بار رد درخواست کمک از طرف «ریچارد»، یکی از خواهران خودش رو میکشد اما؛ ا شربیانی

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Stone of Tears kindle ↠ Mass Market Paperback Í terry goodkind Í First rate epic fantasy from the man who deserves to become the Tolkien of his day The young hero is just beginning to understand the magic he has at his command and only under the tutelage of the Sisters of Light can he control the Gift to E control the Gift to combat the dark powers still arrayed against him Author Biography Terry Goodkinds first novel Wizards First Rule immediately established him as one of the worlds bestselling authors Each subseuent This book was bad I found parts of it way better than the first book Wizard's First Rule and parts of it abysmal The only saving grace was the fact that I'm a sucker for crowning moments of awesome and this book has uite a fewRichard seems to be turning into a Mary Sue or Marty Stu if you have it that way Don't get me wrong I love to torture a character rip away his world and do bad things to him in general But you need to make them stick When you send someone through this pain and they emerge completely whole and happy what's the point? So far Richard seems to be a rather static character Yes he's learning magic but he's still a headstrong idiotMassive trigger warning although I don’t know how you could learn about these books without being warned about this before now for rape in this book Like every second chapter Kahlan gets raped That is wowWeighing in at 979 pages this book is a doorstopper that could have been edited down to a respectable 500 600 Parts of it were unnecessary adversely affecting the pacing of the entire story By the end I just well I wanted it to endThe story has merit The characters are likable not loveable With some effort I find the books enjoyable But they could be better

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Stone of TearsBook in the Sword of Truth series sold better than the one before and some twenty million copies of books in the series have now been sold He lives in the USA Stone Of Tears Sword Of Truth #2 By Terry Goodkind Paperback Okay I'm going to have to give you all a little bit of background information before I can give my review of this book so bare with meThis last spring my husband and I decided to get another cat a kitten to be exact We already have two and knowing that this will probably label us the crazy cat people of the neighborhood we decide to go ahead and do it anyway Our oldest cat is well a bitch and hates the sweet fat cat with a vengeance Tas aka The Fat Man seemed a bit sad and we wanted to get him a kitten to play with and nap with and generally buddy around with I insist on a rescue kitten no pet store kittens Larry agrees So we find the most ADORABLE little part I'm sure main coon and bring her home She's an extremely loving kitty that likes to sleep right under my chin That's where the first spot appeared I hardly noticed it other than the itching I figured I'd been bitten by a bugthen I got one on my arm I freak out and make an emergency vet appointment which Larry thinks is a huge over reaction Sure enoughthe rescue kitten has ringworm Apparently cats when they have ringworm produce spores and shoot them all over your house bed carpet couch blankets pillows hardwoodsanywhere they can manage to get to These spores according to the vet are highly contagious and can live up to a year in you carpet etc A YEAR June July and most of August is spent with our house uarantined For weeks I am lathering up cats with lotions and shampoo Have you ever tried to shampoo your cat? Well if you have imagine that you have to let the anti fungal shampoo sit on them for 10 minutes before you wash it off Yeah right If you didn't already know ringworm is actually a fungus like athletes footon YOUR FACE Or arms legs whatever At one point I was going to work with at least 20 of those little round band aids stuck all over my arms and legs It was ridiculous I was getting new spots every single day I was obsessed with washing mopping vacuuminglike when your kid brings home lice from elementary school You know there was nothing you could have done to prevent it you know you are a clean person but everything feelsdirty For weeks after the spots were gone and we'd shampooed the carpets I was still slathering Lotrimin on anything that remotely felt like it might be an itch justincaseI said all that to say this I would gladly go through that all again start to finish rather than ever have to read this book again It only gets two stars because I am the biggest sucker that ever lived for a happy ending In that Mr Goodkind Oh the irony of that name did not disappoint It was as happy and icky sweet as you could possibly ever want and I'm pretty sure Mr Goodkind has to be a closet sexual sadist Nearly every woman in the book was either raped or nearly raped someone attempted to rape her or promised to rape her but simply didn't live long enough It started in the first book with the rape and torture but this book took it to a whole other level Torture is also a pretty constant theme hence the sexual sadist rather than wanna be rapist It got to the point that it was actually wearing on me starting to annoy me and then even piss me off His picture at the back of the book didn't help it was the most smarmy self important arrogant picture I've ever seen of an author that I can recall Unfortunately I accidentally saw it rather early on in the book all 900 or so bloody pages and I have to admit that it did taint my reading experience in a VERY bad wayPhoto of which I speak course he was horribly repetitive and overly descriptive even so than in the first book I think that part of the reason I liked book one so much better was that I hadn't yet seen the above photo and I had watched the entire first season of The Legend of the Seeker a poor Sci Fi Channel adaptation of the book and the book was so much better that it seemed not too bad Unfortunately for the second book I wasn't able to stomach the second season of the show and therefore had nothing worse to compare it toYou know how annoying it is when someone learns a new vocabulary word and insists on using it at every given opportunity until you begin to hate that person and by association that word? As if the word has some how done something to you personally offended you so grievously that you now loath that word and cringe when you hear it? Well Mr Goodkind at some point around 200 pages in had this epiphany that if the word invincible meant immune to harm then vincible was just as good of a word for vulnerable He used it so often that it once appeared twice in the same paragraph and three times on one page I now completely hate the word vincible and eventually had trouble restraining myself from scratching it off the pageWhat also occurred to me while reading this was that it read like a romance novel with some wizards 'n junk than it did a fantasy novel with some romance thrown in The whole deal with the collar and she doesn't love me any boo hoo crap Gah I had to skip huge swaths at the end where he rambled on for a page of description for him getting from one end of the palace to the other Who does he think he is Herman Melville?Let me put it into context for you Davey If David Eddings a contemporary fantasy writer of Goodkind is The Cure then Terry Goodkind is Julian Lennon They're both English and were recording at the same time One is fabulous and the other makes you want to claw at your own ears or eyes in the case of Mr GoodkindI read a review of his first book by this girl who's boyfriend wanted her to read it Out of love for him she tried but said that she would rather smell her dogs breath and then lick his teeth than read that book I anorted I now know exactly how she feels