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Stolen TimeIn a chilling version of the world she left behind and for the first time in her life realizes she’s in way over her headNew Seattle 2077If there was ever a girl who was trouble it was one who snuck on board Ash’s time machine wearing a wedding gown and the last thing he needs is trouble if he wants to prevent his terrifying visions of the future from coming true A gun was still a gun no matter how casually it was held The men who treated their weapons like toys were the ones who really needed to be watchedDanielle Rollins is one of those authors that never disappoints And this book is one of the many reasons why she’s one of my favorite authors When you think something is over she throws you a curveball that blows your mind The end of this book is something you won’t ever seem coming and I’m still freaking out about it A con artist from 1917 finds herself in a time machine that's headed towards the future where an entire city she thought she knew now resides underwater Dorothy pulls cons on people with her Mother It's always been herself and her Mom until the day her Mom made her get engaged to a prestigious Doctor On her wedding day Dorothy escapes and meets Ash She finds Ash broken down in a wooded area and strikes up a conversation with him But her luck falls out when Ash turns down her reuests for companionship But people like Dorothy aren't lucky they make their own luck She sneaks onto his plane and travels in secret But what she doesn't know is that he's going back to the Future A Future that is 2077 Ash keeps seeing his demise He blacks out and witnesses him falling for a woman with white hair and then she does the unthinkable She stabs him ending his life He’s cut off women from his life for good well that is until he meets Dorothy She’s in the back of his thoughts but he can’t travel down that road Ash and his friends are on a mission to travel back in time to find his friend the Professor He disappeared one evening and they’ve been picking up clues ever since They all decide to go back in time with Dorothy to find him and bring him back to 2077 But going back could spell trouble for New Seattle and Ash’s life With the Black Cirkus on the same mission but with a darker purpose will Ash and his friends find the Professor? Or will the Black Cirkus find him and cause destruction to the new world? Reading this again was just as amazing as reading it the first time I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the twists to overtake my life Stolen Time was epic as fk Everything about this was uniue and extremely twisted It was also super entertaining Dorothy will instantly win you over and you won’t be able to wait to see what kind of trouble she gets into next

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Nuanced characters captivated me and the twisting storyline ensnared my thoughts in an infinite spiral that refused to release me until the final word” Romina Russell New York Times bestselling author of the Zodiac seriesSeattle 1913Dorothy spent her life learning the art of the con But after meeting a stranger and stowing away on his peculiar aircraft she wakes up Real rating 35 stars Opening scene A big high tech design lobby A huge LED screen on the wall Music blares from the commercial sounding throughout the lobby Welcome to New Seattle the year 2077 After the tsunami destroyed half of our city leaving all lower level buildings under water we were left almost homeless Now is the time to come together in the wake of that tragedy and help to create a better world Join our Time Travellers' Troops of the Western Territories TTTWT former USA learn how to drive a time machine and be a part of our mission 'Past is Our Future' Be a hero help us save humanityMusic stops The screen goes blankDay December 17 Interviewer NASA specialist Agent Smith Agent Smith clears his throat Name yourself pleaseNastassja Nastassja TTWT second in commandAgent Smith What do you think about that commercial?Nastassja Well it sure does not express all of the fun the time travel isAgent Smith What do you mean?Nastassja I mean when they were recruiting us nobody told us that we might see our death inside of the anilAgent Smith Anil?Nastassja Yeah pudget sound anil a kind of wormhole that enables us to travel through time It's a hell of a ride to put it mildlyAgent Smith Why would you say that?Nastassja Because you can explode when you are inside the tunnel or you can get a pre memory which is not fun at allAgent Smith What is pre memory?Nastassja It's hard to explain When you are inside the anil all time exists at once past future and present So if you are really unlucky you can get a memory of your death which has not happened yet but as I said time doesn't care about your sensitivities You pass out and have these vivid images of your death in all glorified horror and every time you will get it and detailed until it finally happensAgent Smith But what about changing the future? Or past?Nastassja Well good luck with that You think we haven't tried it? We went to the past many times tried to save people but no matter how well prepared we are reality bends in a way that prevents us from changing anythingAgent Smith ClarifyNastassja For example there's a building and you know there's a person inside who is going to die soon You want to get to that person warn them and save them But when you try to enter that building something always happens somebody walks out and knocks you unconscious with the door Or a brick falls on your head and knocks you out Or sometimes you can't even get to the building because you are stuck in the traffic jam Shrugs figureAgent Smith You can't save somebody but what about killing someone?Nastassja Same Have you heard of the Grandfather paradox? It's a theory if you kill someone's grandpa that person will not be born thus it makes time travel uite a dangerous trip right? Turns out not so much No matter how hard you try reality will bend in a way to prevent you from killing anyoneAgent Smith So you are sayingNastassja Yes you cannot change the pastAgent Smith But then what is the purpose of time travel?Nastassja Well we cannot change time yet Agent Smith ClarifyNastassja You know that theory when you go to the past to do stuff and then you come back and find out that the other you have actually made you do that stuff in the past It's classic You are the reason and the conseuence A snake eating its own taleAgent Smith That sounds confusingNastassja It is uite confusing let alone dangerous It might actually lead to the destruction of all time and matterAgent Smith Are you serious?Nastassja How the heck would I know? Nobody knows because nobody had done that before Right?Agent Smith Um right?Nastassja smiles into the camera lens Welcome to the underwater cities disappearing old ladies and cannibal girls Agent Smith Huh?We are not entirely sure what happened next was real Nastassja ran to the window broke the glass and jumped out In a few seconds she reappeared on top of a flying ship with an inscription on its side Second Star Before climbing inside the ship she again looked into the camera lens and said Join our Stolen Time team and we'll have fun you've never known before Think fast it's a limited offer that will expire on February 5th Then she disappeared inside the door and the ship took off into the sky End of tape

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Download Stolen Time Epub ☆ 416 pages ☆ Moneyexpresscard Ü “Endearing exciting and very clever Danielle Rollins' Stolen Time is the kind of time travel story I'm always on the lookout for I know I can't really speak for him but I feel like Doc Brown would be onboard with this one”—Kendare Blake #1 New Y“Endearing exciting and very clever Danielle Rollins' Stolen Time is the kind of time travel story I'm always on the lookout for I know I can't really speak for him but I feel like Doc Brown would be onboard with this one” Kendare Blake #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Three Dark Crowns series“The hauntingly evocative prose seduced me the compellingly I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to time traveling movies or books It took me a few time of watching Donnie Darko to actually like it and the only time traveling series I loved was Ruby Red However this was actually a pretty good startRight off the bat I loved Ash and he was very developed I wanted to shake him a few times for not speaking up about certain things but I can let that slide Dorothy on the other hand I just could not connect with this girl one bit I get she had a tough upbringing but come on girl Then we had to constantly hear about how beautiful she was But I thought the story was great and finished it in one day Also the writing was really good and it was a fun start that had me on my toes to see how it would end Because I didn't guess what was going on until the last few chapters it gets extra cool points for that Plus that ending makes me need the next book because I have to know what happens