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FREE MOBI ✓ DOC Instructions for a Funeral ☆ Poetic insightful and deeply moving David Means is one of my very favorite writers Tara Westover author of EducatedFollowing the publication of his widely acclaimed Man Booker nominated novel Hystopia David Means here returns to his signature form the short story Thanks to his four previCrime real estate ventures and the destructive force of paranoiaMeans's work has earned him comparisons to Flannery O'Connor Alice Munro Sherwood Anderson Denis Johnson Edgar Allan Poe Anton Chekhov and Raymond Carver but his place in the American literary landscape is fully and originally his ownDavid Means is a master of tense distilled uintessentially American prose Like any artist who has finely honed his talent to its strongest expression he is a brilliant craftsman whose achievement is to appear unstudied even casual Each story by Means which I have read is unlike the others unexpected and an unnerving delight Joyce Carol Oate Overall I liked Instructions for a Funeral enough to finish it but it was not in any means an easy read At times I found myself skimming over sentences that although beautifully crafted seemed superfluous to the story His writing felt stagnant at points in some stories than others and I struggled at times to grasp what was happening having to go back several times to reorient myself However I emphasized with Means as a writer myself — lines such as “if I could get even a fraction of this down in some kind of pure form I would be able to lean back rest and simply live in the world” were poignant — and I felt as if I could grasp at least one of the reasons he was writing this collection Instructions for a Funeral had several great stories in it “The Terminal Artist” being my personal favorite though it was interspersed with sections that felt like Means’ own personal musings rather than stories which slowed things down uite a bit Maybe I will try reading this again when it is published and I am in a bit of a different mindset I think that dedicating some time to it in a reread would add some value

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Poetic insightful and deeply moving David Means is one of my very favorite writers Tara Westover author of EducatedFollowing the publication of his widely acclaimed Man Booker nominated novel Hystopia David Means here returns to his signature form the short story Thanks to his four previous story collections Means has won himself an international reputation as one of the most innovative short fiction writers working today an established master of the form Laura Miller The Guardian Instructions for a Funeral featuring work from The New Yorker Harper's The Paris Review and VICE finds Means branching out beyond the explorations of viole Jonathan Franzen said of David Means “Means’s stories are harrowing and funny and full blooded consistently satisfying in their narrative twists and lyrical in a way that makes most contemporary literary ‘lyricism’ sound like greeting cards”I couldn’t agree which made it all the difficult to move on to another book after finishing Means’s latest collection Instructions for a Funeral The stories in this collection are gritty and visceral The authenticity in some make them seem autobiographical while others read like lores or tales around a campfire In each story as Franzen said there is a peerless lyricism poetic intelligent and adroit Means’s sentences are like winding mountain paths full of life treacherous and massed “Farewell My Brother” one of my favorites imagines the narrator seeing this brother talking to a group of men at the edge of a parking lot at a substance abuse treatment facility He imagines what they might be saying and how their evening and life will culminate The narrator acts as a sort of director filming a scene but by the story’s end the camera is turned on him I read this story and then read it again And again its power increasing with each try Means’s writing is full of wisdom and a confident clarity of voice that only comes from a life truly lived Perhaps I’m overly sensitive to injustice but nothing provokes me to write a review than seeing a dazzling book groundlessly disparaged or even worse disregarded on Goodreads Many of the reviews on here are uite simply wrong the one star reviews criminally Instructions for a Funeral is masterfully written by a writer on par with Carver or Denis Johnson or even Chekhov I suspect this will be my favorite collection of short stories this year a year in which I read Cortazar and Munro

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Instructions for a Funeral StoriesNce and trauma with which he is often identified prominently displaying his sly humor and his inimitable way of telling tales that deliciously wind up to punch the reader in the heart With each story Means pushes into new territory writing with tenderness and compassion about fatherhood marriage a homeless brother the nature of addiction and the death of a friend at the hands of a serial killer nurse Means transmutes a fistfight in Sacramento into a tender life long love story; two FBI agents on a stakeout in the 1920s into a tale of predator and prey paternal urges and loss; a man's funeral instructions into a chronicle of organized Instructions for a Funeral is an extraordinary collection of fourteen short stories by David Means In “Fistfight Sacramento August 1950” a simple fistfight turns out to be fraught with history and symbolism In “The Terminal Artist” a grieving family learns their beloved mother may not die a natural death but perhaps was killed by an overly enthusiastic mercy killer The description of her loss after surgery was so perfect “What was hoped for and what happened were at odds” A story that will break your heart is “Farewell My Brother” that begins and ends with five men smoking outside a halfway house in BrooklynThe title story “Instructions for a Funeral” struck me as hilarious an angry man planning a vengeful funeral with terrific music I also loved the superstitious gamblers in “The Ice Committee” The artistry of “The Tree Line Kansas 1934” was in all it did not say and in the clever twists of phrasing such as “A hunch twists inside the sinews and bones integrating itself into the physicality of the moment whereas a gut feeling can only struggle to become a hunch and once it does is recognized in retrospect as a gut feeling” The final story “Two Ruminations on a Homeless Brother” broke my heartDavid Means manages to write sentences and paragraphs that run on for a page or In a way he reminds me of Gabriel García Máruez in his ability to weave a sentence far longer than anyone should be able and not lose himself or the reader I love the way he concretizes emotion into something corporeal When we remember grief we don’t remember the concept of grief we remember the bodily pain and tension of grief He understands that emotions are expressed in our bodies not just on the surface“ It’s not just that no matter how often you sort and pick through the story alongside your parents and your sister and everyone else you can’t help but find yourself against your better nature feeling the big sway and spin of the cosmos—the dark eternal matter of the stars which however isotropic or evenly balanced seem when you think of him to be moving in a circular pattern that reminds you that the nurse explained each time during each pre visit orientation that part of the healing process was to step off the merry go round and never step back on”I loved this book I re read every storyI received a copy of Instructions for a Funeral from the publisher through NetGalleyInstructions for a Funeral at Farrar Straus and GirouxMacmillanDavid Means interview on NPRhttpstonstantweaderreviewswordpre