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Awful Girl review Ê 109 · Set in the 1960s Barbara Bottner's I Am Here Now is a beautiful novel in verse about one artist’s coming of age It’s a heartbreaking powerful and inspiring depiction of what it's like to shatter your life―and piece it all back together You can’t trust Life to give you decent parents or beautiful eyes a fine French accent orSet in the 1960s Barbara Bottner's I Am Here Now is a beautiful novel in verse about one artist’s coming of age It’s a heartbreaking powerful and inspiring depiction of what it's like to shatter your life―and piece it all back together You can’t trust Life to give you decent parents or beautiful eyes a fine Fre. You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight15This book was supposed to come out in May but is now scheduled to publish in August Since I wasn’t a fan and this is not exactly a glowing recommendation I figured it didn’t much matter if I posted early I considered not bothering but then kind of felt like if I slogged through I might as wellThis is a very character driven story and I didn’t like the main character from the start I had hoped she’d grow a lot during the course of the book hence the character drivenness Unfortunately that didn’t really happen She became a bit self aware but only after making people loathe her so much they screamed her faults at her And here’s the thing Her life is fairly awful Her parents are complete trash her mom is absolutely abusive and she’s wildly unpopular and so you do feel sorry for her But then at some point we’re all responsible for our own actions right Being from a bad home doesn’t really give you license to treat others terriblyThe story is set in the 1960s but aside from some historical mentions feels like it could be anywhen Perhaps that’s the point but I would have enjoyed of a 60s feel personally The main plot is Maisie meeting Rachel at school and becoming enad with both Rachel and her artist mom and finding that she herself is uite interested in art Only they’re all awful Like yes Maisie is a mess and she treats Rachel uite poorly but let me assure you Rachel isn’t exactly Miss Congeniality either And Rachel’s mom acts like a child than the children in the story so she’s a mess So to recap every single person Maisie has contact with is awful Maisie included I do like Maisie’s brother though that kid doesn’t stand a chance being cooped up with these messes Ditto Maisie’s friend Richie He was actually sympathetic and liked Maisie for whatever reasons I cannot fathom But his father was also abusive and again he seemed to be trapped in a terrible situationThe art plot also takes a huge backseat to the messiness of Rachel and her mom Where you see that there is a glimmer of hope that Maisie may find a mentor a passion well let’s just say she finds tragically awful people Also full disclaimer I don’t really care too much about art so that is probably on me not the book A lot of other messy character stuff happens but it would be spoilery to tell you and I think you all get the gistBottom Line I know people can be messy but not everyone is awful right But this book says they are and left me with a very unhealthy feeling of pessimism about the decency of humanity in general Oh and also nothing really happened

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Meets the spirited Rachel and her mother a painter she catches a glimpse of a very different world―one full of life creativity and love―and latches onBut as she discovers her strengths through Rachel’s family Maisie increasingly desperate finds herself risking new friendships and the very future she's searching f. Disclaimer I received a DRC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review I Am Here Now is a novel in verse taking place in 1960 1961 The main character Maisie lives with her parents but her mom is terribly abusive She finds friendship with the boy across the way whose father is terribly abusive As Maisie enters high school she becomes friend with a girl named Rachel whose mother is an artist Maisie uickly finds refuge in spending time with Rachel and Rachel’s mother Kiki However that refuge always ends as soon as Maisie goes back homeThis book is brutal The abuse that Maisie experiences is horrific and her father and her grandmother often ignore how bad it gets at time Throughout the book Maisie attempts to find hope through art and through relationships trying to find something that will love her back when no one else doesAfter reading the author’s note I found out that this is a semi biographical work of fiction and because of that I find it especially hard to critiue this as a novel to separate the author’s own experiences from the work of fictionThat said I had two main issues with this book from the fiction standpoint The book is set in 1960 1961 However unlike some historical fiction works there is not a great deal of historical world building Had the book not explicitly told me the time period it was set in I wouldn’t have known After reading the author’s note it makes sense why it was set in this time period that was the time that the author was a teen However as a work of fiction it was hard to remain in the 1960s throughout this Lack of hope Although Maisie finds refuge within art for most of the book hope is sorely lacking As a memoir lack of hope makes sense; after all depending on how much of this is autobiographical there likely realistically was not much hope However the book summary said the world Maisie catches a glimpse of is full of life creativity and love However Maisie freuently has issues with Rachel and Kiki as well as the two male relationships in this book None of the love that she experiences in the book is actual love From a memoir perspective again this makes sense However for being a YA fiction work the lack of hope until the final 50 pages concerned me a great dealHowever if you like novels in verse and can handle tough subject matter I would still recommend checking this out While brutal it is a uicker read and it will leave you thinking If you come into it with the lens of “this is semi autobiographical” you will have a better experience as a readerI Am Here Now releases Tuesday August 4

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Awful GirlNch accent or an outstanding flair for fashion No Life does what it wants It’s sneaky as a thiefMaisie's first day of High school should be exciting but all she wants is to escapeHer world is lonely and chaotic with an abusive mother and a father who’s rarely there to helpSo when Maisie who finds refuge in her art. ARC Kindly provided by MacmillanImprint in exchange for an honest reviewI Am Here Now is the first free verse book I’ve read after such a long time it’s been years I forgot how it feels so easy and uick to finish a book in this formatSet in the 60’s this book tells us the story of Maisie An upcoming high school student who’s starting to discover her passion for arts while also threading the hardships of adulthood and familial conflicts She should be excited to start high school – it was a new start A new stage of her life – but she’s far from excited Her father is leaving them her mother is succumbing to that lost and her younger brother is not entirely opening to her Really nothing to be excited about those things But when she met the vibrant and lively Rachel she was welcomed in a new world full of art and possibilitiesMaisie is your typical teenager with an insightful mind yet sarcastic and angry voice The story has given me enough idea as to how she’s come this way There’s no stability in her family She doesn’t have a great support system She’s lonely I feel bad for her for the first half of the book but I also felt disappointed with her ways and actions on the latter part But I wouldn’t hold that to her because for me she’s a young adult and is just slowly learning the ropes of life I enjoy reading about Maisie’s passion for art There are also a lot of references to artists and museums and NYC and made me wonder how the place looks like in the 60’sThe premise of the story was interesting The emotions are there but I just really didn’t connect with the characters and the story itself I feel like I’m just an outsider lurking The story was moderately phased and if not for the verse format I think it would’ve taken me awhile to finish I was also glad that the story had a somewhat happy ending I wouldn’t wish for anything else for Maise and her brother