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Unjab' was ziekelijk jaloers en beestachtig tiranniek Veertien jaar lang huilde Tehmina in stilte terwijl zij naar buiten toe de schone schijn bleef ophouden en meewerkte aan zijn politieke campagnesNa haar moeizaam bevochten scheiding schreef Tehmina Durrani samen met William Hoffer co auteur van Betty Mahoody's be. Last time when I went out shopping for novels I told my bestie as always😉 that I have been wanting to read this book for uite some time now She told me she had it and could lend it to me Coming back home and getting done with the daily chores I put my hands on this book and got myself to my comfortable spot along with a cup of tea And then before starting it I cleared my mind of all the reviews I had heard about the peoplecharacter in this book I wanted to make my own opinion of it Living on the same patch of earth as the protagonist Tehmina Durrani I had huge expectations from her regarding boldness maturity and courage I was not a bit shocked by the political manoeuvres or the illegal relationships or discriminating your own children based on their looks or even the treatment of women as sex tools The only thing that shook me to the core were the choices our protagonist makes under pressure It seems like she has no sense of direction about her own life There's always a right and wrong way of doing a thing A weakness of your own character and lack of courage is something you can never blame on others or your circumstances Well I believe that there is always a loophole if you try to make one How do you justify emphasizing the short term delights endangering the long term goals A relationship based on wrongwhich according to me was lust in this case could never achieve a successful culmination I lost interest by the repetition of the same torture she allowed herself to go through How can you even expect someone else to stand for you when you are not doing it by yourself I am not saying anything written in this book is wrong because I very well belong to the same society I am just saying this book felt of an attempt to revenge And if it was a battle I am extremely sorry to say she lost it I tried to persuade myself that may be everyone is right in their own shoes but I couldn't do it The steps she took such a long time to take she could have taken before and changed her life This book utterly depressed me

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My Feudal LordStseller In een sluier gevangen dit boek over de verschrikkingen van haar huwelijk Tranen van vernedering doet westerse lezers beseffen hoe kwetsbaar de positie van vrouwen is in een gesloten islamitische samenleving en hoe moeilijk het kan zijn zich te onttrekken aan de macht van een heerszuchtige moslim echtgenoot. The book revolves around Tehmina Durrani who belongs to ultra mod westernized and well off family of Pakistan and Mustafa Khar – the most prominent politician in Bhutto’s regime who belongs to conservative traditional and typical feudal background These two people of opposite trait come close to each other but Tehmina’s dream soon turns into nightmare when Mustafa’s decency turns into brutality She divided this devastating account into three parts – Lion of Punjab Mustafa who roars and destroys the lives of simple and innocent women without any hesitation Law of Jungle and the LionessBefore marrying Mustafa Tehmina was also married but she leaves behind her husband ‘innocent and simple guy’ and marries Mustafa But soon she starts realizing hollowness and barrenness of this relationship She states in the novel that “I had no power no rights and no will of my own”Law of jungle starts with Tehmina and Mustafa’s immigration to London; there his affair with her youngest sister makes her mad and panic She endures all her husband’s physical assaults and sexual brutality as part of her destiny But then she decides to rebel the king – “I am not your sister or your mother I am your wife” This is how Tehmina challenges the patriarchal structure denying all the roles of women as futile and abstract But Mustafa can never allow her to leave him because he thinks that she is the only skylark that can amuse him while he is tiredAs lioness Tehmina campaigns for Mustafa and he wins the elections But a Lion is a lion at every cost His violence becomes intense Finally she decides to burst out all her pains in the form of book and an act of writing for woman is to break the silence that patriarchal society has culturally improved upon herDurrani has shown in an undaunted way that every woman has her identity and individuality Her so called roles are nothing but cultural constructs and a woman has the power to challenge the whole patriarchy even at the cost of her closest relatives The book gives good food for thought to its readers and how will they behave in similar circumstancesThroughout the novel Tehmina has highlighted herself as an opposed woman This is true and so she is but another aspect cannot be ignore why did she leave her first husband who was loving and caring And if she left him for khar then why after leaving Mustafa she has married another eminent politician Shahbaz Sharif

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My Feudal Lord Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » Toen Tehmina Durrani trouwde met Mustafa Khar sprak heel Pakistan van een sprookjeshuwelijk zij was mooi ontwikkeld en behoorde tot een van de meest invloedrijke families in Pakistan Hij was rijk knap en een zeer vooraanstaand politiToen Tehmina Durrani trouwde met Mustafa Khar sprak heel Pakistan van een sprookjeshuwelijk zij was mooi ontwikkeld en behoorde tot een van de meest invloedrijke families in Pakistan Hij was rijk knap en een zeer vooraanstaand politicus Maar privé bleek het veelgeroemde huwelijk een hel Mustafa Khar 'de Leeuw van P. A sensational bestseller in Europe and a much talked about book when it was published It reads like a trashy novel than a memoir There is no telling how much of it is fact and how much is fiction Its subject is Ghulam Mustafa Khara well known Pakistani politicianformer Governor of Punjaband Zulfiar Ali Bhutto's right hand manThe author left her first husband to marry himand the way she describes itfound herself in a living nightmareStillshe chose to stick with himas the family was forced into exile during the Zia ul Ha yearsKhar is depicted in the worst possible way as a womaniserextremely cruel and a political opportunistShe even accuses her husband and younger sisterof having an illicit relationship The authorherselfdoes not emerge smelling of rosesHer own actionsmotives and choices seem very uestionable as she spends a long time with this man despite all his alleged cruelty and exploitationIt is a trashy book but it uses real life characters and actual political events to tell the storyFinally she leaves himand decides to write this tell all memoir In a good part of the bookformer Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is criticizedas he was an opponent of her husband's People's PartyBut in the biggest irony of allafter leaving KharTehmina Durrani got married to Nawaz Sharif's brotherShahbaz Sharif Hetoowas Chief Minister of Punjablike Khar wasSeems she couldn't settle for lesser mortalsher husbands had to be political heavy weightsShe had few compunctions about leaving herfirst husbandto marry KharHepoor guywas not in the same leaguein terms of power and influenceStillshe plays the innocent victimThis is a very erratic bookbut a very interesting onenevertheless When Imran Khan's second wifeReham Khanwrote her own tell all memoirI was instantly reminded of My Feudal Lord