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read epub ✓ Epileptic Paperback ☆ Hailed by The Comics Journal as one of Europe’s most important and innovative comics artists David B has created a masterpiece in Epileptic his stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about growing up with an epileptic brother Epileptic gathers together and makes available in English for the first tEs changed abruptly when Jean Christophe was struck with epilepsy at age eleven In search of a cure their parents dragged the family to acupuncturists and magnetic therapists to mediums and macrobiotic communes But every new cure ended in disappointment as Jean Christophe after brief periods of remission would only get worseAngry at his brother for abandoning him and at all the uacks who offered them false hope Pierre François learned to cope by drawing fantastically elaborate battle scenes creating images that provide a fascinating window into his interior life An honest and horrifying portrait of the disease and of the Visually stunning

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Pain and fear it sowed in the family Epileptic is also a moving depiction of one family’s intricate history Through flashbacks we are introduced to the stories of Pierre François’s grandparents and we relive his grandfathers’ experiences in both World Wars We follow Pierre François through his childhood adolescence and adulthood all the while charting his complicated relationship with his brother and Jean Christophe”s losing battle with epilepsy Illustrated with beautiful and striking black and white images Epileptic is as astonishing intimate and heartbreaking as the best literary memoir From the Hardcover editi Honestly reading this made me feel so uncomfortable I understand that this work is approximately 15 years old so the dialogue surrounding disability is VERY different than it is today but David B's recounting of his life with an older brother with severe epilepsy read to me like a very harmful ableist narrativeBefore I continue I want to mention that there was SOME of what David said that resonated with me I have a husband who's been chronically ill for the past two years and undiagnosed I know all too well the frustrations of living with someone who's ill I struggle daily with feelings of compassion and resentment for my husband It sucks having to watch someone you love suffer but I at times feel resentment at the changes this has had on our lives and the losses we've suffered because of it This is an issue that's difficult to be honest about and it's not fun for anyone involvedDavid explores these tensions but I found it unsatisfactory So much time is dedicated to how his older brother's epilepsy has ruined HIS life and his brother is never given a voice even the forward was written by his sister He depicts his brother as a one dimensional caricature someone who's unmotivated and lazy; uses his illness as an excuse for bad behaviour yiiiiikes; and is irredeemably violent I understand that David is recounting his life as he remembers it but it left a bad taste in my mouth that he didn't afford his brother any nuance or identity outside of his illnessOne of the only good things I can say is that I loved the art The bold and intricate black and white art is striking I'm very disappointed because this work has been on my reader for 7 years and in that time I had only heard amazing things I can see why this may have assured a spot in the comics canon when it was published but for me it has not aged well at all

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EpilepticHailed by The Comics Journal as one of Europe’s most important and innovative comics artists David B has created a masterpiece in Epileptic his stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about growing up with an epileptic brother Epileptic gathers together and makes available in English for the first time all six volumes of the internationally acclaimed graphic workDavid B was born Pierre François Beauchard in a small town near Orléans France He spent an idyllic early childhood playing with the neighborhood kids and along with his older brother Jean Christophe ganging up on his little sister Florence But their liv Throughout history epileptics have been maligned Even today they are mistreated in hospitals and misunderstood by community members A lifelong epileptic having focal seizures a type that are not generally known by laypeople like ER admissions staff I have developed a defensive anger that hops up and shouts or would if the seizures didn't make thinking and moving like wading through pea soupThis book is an amazing work of art The story of the artist's youth with an epileptic brother is not in and of itself compelling but if you give the first few dozen pages a chance you could not fail to get completely absorbed in the rich levels of meaning of each panel in corresponding the symbolism to the tale There were panels that I thought would make perfect tattoos I LOVED the art All this wondrous ink must have appeased my inner angry epileptic taken her off guard By the end of the book I was sobbing for the hardship I had imposed on my friends and family by choosing to be weak in the face of adversity by giving in to a disorder that lets me check out of life Do not take that as an indication that this is what I have done; this is the author's viewpoint on the cause of epilepsy at least in his brother After reading the book yesterday I was flooded with the illusion of control It was a good feeling for someone whose limbs randomly move against her will I was absorbed in the story to the point where I took on ideas that contradict my most overwhelming personal experiencesToday I am angry again I had a not unusual experience several hours ago a loved one sitting next to me looking patient holding my hand which was jerking against that affection saying You're paralyzed from a seizure right You can't answer me That's okay I'll stay here Was there a stressor No Was there any part of my life that day I did not want choose love No That #% artist used his considerable talent to convey the same old lie we choose to let this monster take over our brains; we can't deal with life and so we use our illness to hide from it That he convinced a seizure haver to see our illness through the eyes of the skeptical seizure watchers is rock solid proof of his talentI recommend this graphic novel to anyone dealing with epilepsy or other often invisible disorders The art gives form to all of the uniue and impossible to describe feelings that both seizure watchers and seizure havers deal with The almost Mayan snake David B uses to represent the illness looks just like the snake that writhes up my spine when I seize When the author fantasizes about switching his brain with his brother's because the author could fight the seizures and not let them take over he gives validation to a nagging thought many an epileptic and friend of epileptic has had I want these thoughts to come out in the open to be talked about so they can be either beaten to a pulp or washed with dayglo never again to sneak in to relations between seizure watchers and seizure havers Seeing the monster that is the impact of epilepsy on relationships so clearly defined embodied in this book has helped me to exorcise itBut if you do not deal with epilepsy I am not sure you will understand the art and I am even afraid that you be prejudiced and never able to understand epilepsy