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Demon King DaimaouAkuto has Fujiko and his horde of demon beasts on his side but will it be enough Meanwhile Keena seems to hold the key to Boichiro's appearance and to the greatest mystery of all the future of humanity. Bit of a frustrating volume with the way it ends and the bigger focus on battling and side charactersSo this one details the battle that was kind of set up in the last one a battle with a few different sides 1 Keena Akuto Fujiko and potentially the principal form the Demon King Side They are assisted by 2 The Student Council Side which is led by Lily the arms fighter 3 Eiko leads her troops and is joined by 4 Junko her sister and their ninjas to go together with the nefarious and uick to turn on his side 5 VV or Love Love whatever his name was He's a brand new character for this volume someone who wants both the Teryu and Demon King gone 6 Boichiro stands on his own mostly trying to capture Keena who is revealed to be than she seems like we thought given the title The Law of Identity a sort of eternal being that helps the demon king 7 Brave Hoshiro tries to stop Akuto he kind of has his own goalBesides the battling we do get definitive answers about Boichiro's identity the mechanical gods Keena's identity progress towards a potential end goal ridding the world of gods Hoshiro Brave and the Demon King finally have it out and conclude their conflict it seems and we learn a bit of the who behind his suit's manufactureThis one seems to make some progress but then it takes some of that progress back towards the end It's almost like a full reset on top of the already partial reset memory wipe for most of the unnamed population including Yuko Junko's sister Junko makes a bit progress towards letting Akuto know her feelings but there's no romance yet Of all the characters her and Fujiko are the ones who could easily claim Akuto but we're going to keep this thing going for volumes on end and reset relationships if we have to to keep them apart it seems If you don't love battling you may not love this volume

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Ops including Eiko Teruya and his good friend Junko Hattori He's also opposed by his friend Hiroshi Miwa who unbeknownst to the world is secretly the anti magical supersuit wearing hero known as Brave. This novel consists of only five very long chapters with mostly fighting occurring I was a little disappointed because Akuno was not as present in the novel as it was before but it was to be expected since the author wanted to describe the battle from multiple of POVsCompared to the other volumes this novel had very little humor The only humorous chapter was the last one clearly intended to ease the reader since the previous chapter were uite intense But the author offered us another cliffhanger with the introduction to the transfer student

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Read & Download Demon King Daimaou ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Akuto has awakened as the Demon King and has declared that he will kill the gods Flying on the back of his dragon Peterhausen he soars into the sky above Contant Magical Academy to face thousands of troops — including Eiko Teruya and his good friend Junko HatAkuto has awakened as the Demon King and has declared that he will kill the gods Flying on the back of his dragon Peterhausen he soars into the sky above Contant Magical Academy to face thousands of tro. There is a LOT happening in this tome maybe a bit too muchAll of the players are showing their cards and going after their targets of choice A dragon is flying around keeping things interesting The Demon King has raised his flag and started the big frayWe get a nice overly detailed analysis of the gods systems and things happen The Japanese approach to over explaining some things comes to the fore in this book Piece of advise don't take notes on the god systems because the Demon King is irritated and is changing things one way or the otherI feel that the author may have fired off his original series ending a bit early but maybe he has a plan I will have to go through the rest of the books to find outAll in all a fun read