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Cuore AUTHOR Edmondo de Amic8 pages and has a text language like Italian isbn 9788841517338. I read this because Ernst Gellner said he read it as a boy in the Carpathians it's a very Resorgimento schoolboy's book about a gentleman's son who goes to public primary school in the 1880s with all the town boys before going their separate ways the hero to the Lyceum the other boys to the manual training schools It's full of heart sentimental stories about schoolboy heroes poor boys losing their mothers parental affection in Italy bullies snobs dandies villains a visit to the old schoolmaster of the hero's father little notes from the hero's father and mother teaching him a lesson about this or that the suffering of the poor the sacrifices of the Garibaldians aristos with hearts of gold a really charming book If one were learning Italian I would think it would be a great reader

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Y interesting things in this book format Paperback and others 26. I loved Heart when I was a kid I've read it several timesthe title is very appropriate as it touched my heart during every reading

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Free download Cuore AUTHOR Edmondo de Amicis 107 Ç Popular Kindle Epub, Cuore Author Edmondo de Amicis There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others 268 pages and has a text language like Italian isbn 9788841517338 Popular Kindle Epub Cuore Author Edmondo de Amicis There are man. Cuore means Heart in Italian This classic book by Edmondo De Amicis describes the life of an Italian school class a few years before 1900 as seen through the eyes of a boy Enrico Given that the book was published in 1886 and was later utilized for political propaganda by many governments not only in Italy there are some fascinating aspects to the book's history But before touching on that I'd like to say this is at its core a very poetic touching little book So despite all the political and ridiculously patriotic themes I really liked it as it stands as a fine portrait of pure feelings and innocence Some readers found it sad I didn't The author explained how he was inspired to write it by his own son Furio and his love for school The book reads as an utopistic and moralistic fable Everything and everyone in Cuore is idealized the book was meant to teach school kids the moral values and model behaviours of an idealized Italian citizen To better understand the source of these values we need to consider that De Amicis was part of the Italian elite and his father held a high government post The people who engineered the unification of Italy in 1860 had one common arch enemy the Pope and the Church who opposed the inclusion of Rome in the new Kingdom of Italy As a conseuence the school kids in Cuore spend their entire school year without ever mentioning thinking seeing or going to a church which is clearly unrealistic given that for good and for bad the Catholic Church has always had an immense influence in the day to day life of Italians Even Christmas is totally ignoredInteresting fact the book was taught in many Italian schools and that's often enough to make you hate a book Oh God not CuoreBack to the political themes it's not too clear whether De Amicis wrote this as pure propaganda for the King or that was just part of the process One thing is for sure according to this book the perfect kid is the one who sacrifices his own life for his nation and his King I like to think that this was just a reflection of the author's beliefs Through its sensitivity to social issues such as poverty Cuore has been initially linked to left wing ideologies De Amicis was later to join the Italian Socialist Party Because of this the book remained influential in countries of the Eastern Bloc However its patriotic message was later adopted by Mussolini's government and there are still people who remember Cuore being used as fascist propaganda In conclusion I don't know what the author's true purpose was I just want to remember this book in a good light Many Italians when reading this book comment These were times when values still mattered I don't think that is correct at all A precise statement in my opinion would be that Cuore reminds us of a time when things were much simpler than today and as a conseuence it was easier for everybody to point out the right and the wrong Despite the soppiness and the utopistic and moralistic tendencies Cuore is still a very poetic and inspirational book