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Down and Out in Paris and LondonEs The Parisian episode is fascinating for its expose of the kitchens of posh French restaurants where the narrator works at the bottom of the culinary echelon as dishwasher or plongeur In Londo this book isn't going to cause anyone to have the huge revelation that poverty is hard or anything because duh but it also doesn't piss me off the way morgan spurlock pisses me off because orwell makes his story come alive and there is so much local color so many individual life stories in here that this book despite being horribly depressing is also full of the resourcefulness of man and the resilience of people that have been left by the wayside it is triumphant not manipulativei liked the part when he was down and out in paris better than the part he was down and out in england even though he had a handy exit strategy in england in the form of someone who was willing to lend him money when he was truly and completely broke and even though he only had to live the tramp's life for a month in england before his job started the english parts were just so much dismal so horrifyingly bleak in paris poverty is almost a lark the accommodations are better the homeless are allowed to congregate beneath bridges and these is almost a romantic tinge to being pennilessengland is just grim flat out grim big ups to orwell for his details the smells and the disease and the horror of unwashed men being forced into cramped uarters are unfortunately very well rendered and can be uite sickening at times and the conditions of fine parisian restaurants at the time shudder don't read this while you are eatingbut this book will make you want to eat truly the days without food the dizziness the suffering i ate like a hog on sunday and felt very guilty for doing so while reading this but it left such a hollow in me i had to fill it somehow and yes this book was somewhat fabricated and is like thoreau in the wilderness but that doesn't make orwell's observations any less legitimate or powerful thank you for writing such a fine book george orwellcome to my blog

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This unusual fictional memoir in good part autobiographical narrates without self pity and often with humor the adventures of a penniless British writer among the down and outs of two great citi Do not read this book if you are unemployedDo not read this book if you are homelessDo not read this book if you are worried about the tanking economyDo not read this book if you have no retirement savingsDo not read this book if you don't like eating stale bread and margarineDo not read this book if you like eating in restaurantsDo not read this book if you are sensitive to foul odorsDo not read this book if you are one of those people who carries a hand sanitizer at all timesDo not read this book if you are an artist writer musician or other creative occupation which certainly guarantees brushes with povertyIf you do read this book which I highly recommend make sure you have some bubble bath on hand as you will need a nice long well perfumed soak afterwards

BOOK Down and Out in Paris and London

DOC Ñ READER Down and Out in Paris and London FREE ã MONEYEXPRESSCARD µ This unusual fictional memoir in good part autobiographical narrates without self pity and often with humor the adventures of a penniless British writer among the down and outs of two great cities The Parisian episode is fascinatinN while waiting for a job he experiences the world of tramps street people and free lodging houses In the tales of both cities we learn some sobering Orwellian truths about poverty and of societ Orwell’s take on destitution was every bit as good as I expected it to be beautifully phrased meticulous honest funny but also moving and along with his own vivid experiences of living a hand to mouth existence he blends the testimonies of other refugees and homeless people in Paris and London This book might not have even come about had it not been for a thief who pinched the last of an ailing Orwell’s savings from his Paris boarding room in 1929 thus leading him to search for dishwashing work in the kitchens of the French capital Yes Paris was indeed a tough place to find shelter between the wars and even though Orwell eventually found a job at the anonymous Hotel X a place where dirty roast chickens were served and chefs spat in soup he remained without pay for ten days and so was forced to sleep on a bench until he had enough to cover rent Throughout the book when he did manage to find somewhere to stay some of the beds even had blocks of wood for pillows “The Paris slums are a gathering place for eccentric people – people who have fallen into solitary half mad grooves of life and given up trying to be normal or decent Poverty frees them from ordinary standards of behaviour just as money frees people from work” he wrote then although his sympathies were firmly with his fellow “beggars”The book both illuminates the huge change between 1933 and now and exposes horrifying similarities As Orwell reveals the cruelty of a lack of workers’ rights where livelihoods are lost overnight or jobs not secure from one day to the next day a modern audience cannot help but hear the words ‘zero hours contracts’ Job insecurity is still a major driver of homelessness nearly 90 years later When in London Orwell describes the police arresting rough sleepers or ‘moving them on’ he foreshadows recent events such as the cleansing of the streets of Windsor before the royal wedding and fines presented to beggars in Coventry As he describes “the stories in the Sunday papers about beggarswith two thousand pounds sewn into their trousers” we can hear the headlines from this very year in a national newspaper proclaiming “fake homeless are earning £150 a day” Orwell’s books however are than just treatises aiming to right the political wrongs Aside from his political intentions much of Orwell’s appeal has always rested in his brilliance as a writer his ability to distil vast ideas or injustices into the most perfect phrases his descriptive passages artfully conjuring the slum backstreets of 1930s Paris and his sense of the preciousness of humanity bringing clarity and colour to people's lives through all all the filth dirt and smelly bodies Orwell writes here and there with small moments of beauty that at first don't feel immediately apparent And when he writes of the people he meets in Down and Out are “just ordinary human beings” he is stating a simple and obvious fact – but one that even today is still too often forgottenOf the two cities I found the London half of the book the interesting as I don't know a great deal about the English capital whereas Paris through my own knowledge and that provided by countless other writers nothing surprised me Although it had it's funny moments the seriousness of poverty really makes you sit up and take notice This is just of an important read now as it was back then