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FREE READ ☆ Healing Springs ´ Falling out of love is one thing but purposefully forgetting it is another Selene McAlister is a successful author who had it all Best selling novels a beautiful beach house a fast car and perfect healthuntil one rainy night that changed her life forever Selene had to be cut from the wreckage of her sports car and despiteFalling out of love is one thing but purposefully forgetting it is another Selene McAlister is a successful author who had it all Best selling novels a beautiful beach house a fast car and perfect healthuntil one rainy night that changed her life forever Selene had to be cut from the wreckage of her sports car and despite horrific injuries she survived Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing she couldn’t decidenot when she had to deal with the aftermath of her injuries every day after that Broken and battered scarred and in pain she was a ghost of her former self but that wasn’t the worst of it The accident had taken something important. 35 starsThis one is high on the angst meter Selene post accident suffers from a great deal of pain memory loss and spends a lot of the book sleeping or rather losing times in dreams She returns to Healing Springs where her mother runs a BB catering to those wishing to enjoy the natural springs and their mysterious restorative cures I had assumed she too would recover spending time in her own private spring waters working in her grandmothers pottery studio and having her mother close and caring Turns out there are unseen forces at work here and to say would be to give the mystical side of the story away The pace is slow and easy and the authors do get carried away from time to time with their flowery prose but I did enjoy spending time with these entertaining women If you don’t mind a main who is a major Debbie Downer for the majority of the tale then this is the book for you


From her than physical healthit had robbed her of the ability to writeand taken huge chunks of memory along with it Now at forty years old she’s being forced to move back to Healing Springs and return to the small family Inn her mother owns Returning to her childhood home was never a part of her plans On top of everything else that happened it only served to convince her that her life was a total failure and that she had nothing left to look forward to other than a lifetime of pain and isolation Amy Fontaine is a successful businesswoman and photographer She is also Selene’s best friend and has been since before High School She’s not the. Healing Springs is like a long walk through a dark forest It's no picnicSelene McAlister survived a horrific car accident Her old life died and her new life consists of debilitating pain No longer able to support herself as a writer her finances and disability force her to move back to her childhood home in Healing Springs Her mother Marion provides a source of unwelcome caregiving Selene at forty feels little if anything but her pain and disfigurement Her bungalow sits at the edge of the McAlister family Inn by the Healing Springs The waters of the Spring offer hope to the hopeless and health to the failing Selene wants nothing but a hideout as she sinks into seclusion With her mother's meddling her renewed connection to her best friend Amy Fontaine from high school and her gargoyle like dog Amok she rebuilds her broken life Big chunks of memory elude her and emotional pain haunts her She starts spending time in her grandmother's pottery workshop and she walking out via her private access to Healing SpringsSelene and the other ghost like characters of Healing Springs aren't easy to grasp Pain and desolation force her to keep everyone at arm's length She finds joy with her adopted dog purpose at her grandmother's potting wheel and divine inspiration at the Healing Springs Amy and Marion remind her of the rich happy and successful life that's gone Amy's back home for her own complicated reasons and she suffers her own loss of Selene Marion never left home like Selene and Amy but she spends nearly every waking minute running the busy Inn At its core this novel is a second chance lesbian romance but it's peripheral to most of the story It is both fundamental and tangential I had a hard time connecting to the characters and story but I really liked the writing in this novel Ghost stories are difficult to pull off and in Healing Springs the ghostly Selene isn't even dead She is described as a sleepwalker or as a sleeping beauty I'd rate the book somewhere between 3 and 4 stars

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Healing SpringsType to let Selene retreat from life and succumb to self pity not if she has anything to say in that matter Maybe that’s why Amy was the last person Selene wanted to see when she returned to Healing Springs Fortunately for Selene her friends and family were having none of it They would find a way to reach Selene and show her that she still had worthand in Amy’s casethat she was still worthy of love This novel is dedicated to all the strong women out there that wake up every day and struggle with disabilities both visible and invisible Your fight is what inspired this novel You ladies rock Loosely based on the short story The Potter’s Wheel. Curiouser and CuriouserOh how I loved this book I adore stories with a touch of the supernatural and this book teased so well I found the tale captivating mesmerizing compelling and than a bit mystifying Even though I wanted to race to see where the story would take me I also had a need to go slowly so I could savour each and every wordI could totally relate to Selene My pain while not as drastic as hers still at times makes me bitter angry and in too much agony to deal with day to day activities I can understand her frustration I also find myself angry with the forces that brought me to this new reality Its nice to read about a lead character who is so much like me less than whole physically This book is beautiful and haunting sweet and harsh and full of things that will make you think It is a wonder and I feel richer in spirit for reading it