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Zinc Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris, #4) review Í 103 È The Zinc dragon has always known the toxic metals in his bloodstream could end him But now separated from his friends and barely clinging to the hope of rescue he's finally resigned to his fate At least he gets to spend his last days with a wonderfully kind curvy womThe Zinc dragon has always known the toxic metals in his bloodstream could end him But now separated from his friends and barely clinging to the hope of rescue he's finally resigned to his fate At least he gets to spend his last days with a wonderfully kind curvy woman that he would give anything to have met under different ci. Jumping the gun leads to shotgun wedded blissWhat if the only thing you could do to save a handsome dragon shifter was to mate with him What if you didn't know that dragons mate forever One dragon heart woman's incredible sacrifice earns her HEA with a dragon king Marvelous alien dragon shifter romance with all of the humor and empathy that marks Terry Bolryder's writing

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It means mating a dragonWith Zinc's strength returned and his unexpected mate by his side he'll do whatever it takes to protect Leanne Even if it means returning to his home of Drakkaris But with danger on all sides Zinc may have to choose between his role as prince and future king and being the man that can make his mate hap. Finally Zinc gets his bookThe uiet self sacrificing prince has been under a sentence of death for a long time and has relied upon his friends to help hold back the poison that is killing him We have watched him put his friends and kingdom before himself and have watched him suffer for the last 4 books Auamarine Lead Cadmium and Arsenic and fate delivered him into the hands of the she witch of a dragon who has plans for himWith Zinc and Leanne are buried beneath so many misunderstandings that sometimes you just want to sit them both down in a locked room until they work out their problems I think that Leanne's isolation from any kind of support group just added to the turmoil that was going on inside her head and honestly there were times that I felt she wasn't worthy of Zinc I loved the transformation Zinc went through once his health was restored The banter between the dragons still brings a smile to my face Eagerly awaiting Cobalt and ChromiumDownload a copy and enjoy You can't go wrong with any of Terry's dragon books but I do recommend reading them in order just to follow the threads that lead from one book to anotherI borrowed this book with Kindle Unlimited and want to thank the author for allowing her books in the program

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Zinc Dragon Dragon Guard of Drakkaris #4RcumstancesLeanne doesn't know what to do A human prisoner caught up in matters much bigger than herself she's doing her best to help her fellow prisoner Zinc survive in spite of her own incredible attraction to him So when a chance opportunity might give them the key to escape Leanne is willing to do whatever it takes Even if. Zinc Dragon is the fourth book in Terry Bolryder’s Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Series Zinc is the future King of Drakkaris and he and his Dragon Guard have come to Earth for two reasons First to help rescue dragon hearts human females who have been captured by an evil female dragon mastermind for unknown reasons The second is the hope of finding a mate which will help counteract the toxin metal poisons in their blood Zinc’s bloodline is very pure and as a result the toxins in his blood are extremely high “Even with help from Cadmium and recently his old friend Mercury Zinc had been getting weaker and weaker As future king of Drakkaris it was his duty to protect his countrymen to watch out for their well being and safety not to stand back and just be an observer as everything unfolded But he couldn’t fight” The book begins with Zinc’s capture by Hora the evil female dragon He is thrown into a prison with Leanne a human dragon heart that is being held prisoner as well Her survival depends on his so when a “chance opportunity” gives them the key to escape Leanne will do whatever it takes including mating a dragon Together Zinc and Leanne escape to Drakkaris where he will do everything to protect his mate and win hurt love Will they live happily ever after Or will the unknown future and their differences keep them apart Read to find out Another great book from Terry Bolryder I love Zinc and Leanne together Their chemistry is off the charts I also loved learning about Drakkaris through Leanne’s human eyes I hope we will learn in future books as well Which story will be next Chromium Cobalt I can’t wait All the books in Terry Bolryder’s series contain a happily ever after and can be read as a standalone however reading it in order will give you a better appreciation for the characters and the series itself This is a voluntary review of an advanced readers copyThere are a few minor pronoun errors throughout the book For example in Chapter 4 paragraph 12 first word should be He not She There was another at about 85% of the book when Zinc and Leanna Re at the park and she is finger HER lips but it should say HIS