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review Archenemies 103 Î The Renegades Trilogy continues in this fiercely awaited second installment after the New York Times bestselling Renegades by Marissa Meyer author of the Lunar ChroniclesTime is running outTogether they can save the worldBut they each other's worst nightmareIn Renegades Nova and Adrian aka Insomnia and Sketch fought the battle of their lives aRet weapon one that Nova believes will protect her The Renegades also have a strategy for overpowering the Anarchists but both Nova and Adrian understand that it could mean the end of Gatlon City and the world as they know i. I LOVED this but I’m also so ANGRYYYYY HOW COULD IT END THAT WAY I DIDNT GET ANYTHING I WANTED WHERE IS BOOK THREE AHHHH

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The Renegades Trilogy continues in this fiercely awaited second installment after the New York Times bestselling Renegades by Marissa Meyer author of the Lunar ChroniclesTime is running outTogether they can save the worldBut. happy book birthday to Archenemies my gift is that i posted this mildly negative full review on my blog find it here ’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Life is teeming with disappointmentsThe fact that that is closer than anything else to becoming my catchphrase is in a word concerning I was hoping that when I inevitably developed a catchphrase it’d be something cool like “cleanup on aisle 7” for when I commit murders or “all in a day’s work” for when I do something very cool that should not be a casual or daily occurrenceBut this works tooRenegades was a meh read for me but when I finished I was like “Potential” There were plotlines and relationships that were set up that I thought if they played out a certain way could be really fun I had hopes for ArchenemiesWhat I did not remember which is crazy because I do pride myself on my pessimism is that if things can go one way and go well they can also go another way and go very badly That is what happened hereLet’s go one by oneTHE CHARACTERSIn my Renegades review I basically listed off a bunch of characters and declared that I didn’t like any of them per se but also didn’t dislike any of them and if a very specific set of events occurred in Archenemies I could perhaps come away with an appreciation for one or twoGuess what didn’t happenThe opposite happenedThe characters in this book were B A D That’s right No abstractions They were straight up unpleasant andor non present Here was my ranking of ability to potentially like any given character from “one cool fight scene and some banter” away to “this character would have to spend 500 pages being unadulteratedly amusing for me to even give half a sht but theoretically anything’s possible” Nova Oscar Ruby Honey AdrianThis is some high potential for me I almost never like characters I’m picky I have high standards But I was willing to believeFor you to fully understand the sheer extent to which my ability to hope was made a mockery I need to tell you three simultaneous things that happened in this book1 All characters except Nova who I was closest to liking and Adrian least close were basically dropped We rarely heard from anyone except those two2 Nova became insufferable3 Adrian grew worse than I ever could have imaginedGUYS IT WAS AWFUL Honey and Ruby and Oscar the only characters who were ever really even anywhere close to approaching funny GONEZO Sayonara So now we are in the suffocating embrace of literally only Nova and Adrian which is terrible for an additional reason that we will get to Which would maybe be okay if they were better than in Renegades or even if they were exactly the same I’m not asking for muchBUT APPARENTLY NOT MUCH IS TOO MUCH TO ASK FORNova spends this entire book being overwhelmingly unrelentingly selfish She put the lives of children and innocents on the line she manipulated perfectly nice people she lied and stole and deceived all to achieve her ends And she was really annoying about it too which was the worst bit of allAdrian was just Boring McBoringson All he cared about was his dumb alter ego and his boring parents and guess what I do not care about either of those thingsIt’s such a long character development arc from all evilall good to complex and the second book really gets the short end of the stick for that Basically both Adrian and Nova spent the whole time in one 1 repetitive thought process which wasn’t even interesting in the first placeExcept for one other thought processTHE ROMANCEPicture me dramatically collapsing to my knees shaking my fists beseechingly at the sky screaming “NOOOOO”For my friends I have been made a fool ofI never like romances I especially never like them in YA fantasy They always feel extraneous and dull and unremarkable But for RenegadesI put it all on the lineThe romance between Nova and Adrian in Renegade was veryyy slow and awkward and cute It was a side plot and it didn’t overtake any of the interesting stuff I thought it was exactly what a romance in YA fantasy should look like if there has to be one at allBut as mentioned Marissa Meyer took my risking of it all and PUT IT THROUGH A PAPER SHREDDER AND THEN PICKED UP THE PIECES AND LAUGHED AND THEN EVERYONE ELSE LAUGHED That’s where the being made a fool of comes inThe romance in this book was suffocating and overwhelming and insta love y and sentimental and cheesy and everywhere and INESCAPABLEI hated it so much And the fact that I had already come to hate both the characters involved just made me hate it even Forming a hatred so powerful it probably ualifies as one of the C minus level superpowers in this bookTHE PLOTThe last book set up a very cool and complex moral exploration essentially what Wildcard wishes and prays it could do but it got old fast in this book It was way too hit you over the head If it remained a background theme that would have been great but instead every conversation and internal monologue had to brush up against itAnd by brush up against it I mean “hit it with the force of one of those really jump scare y don’t drive distracted commercials where a bunch of friends are in a car texting and then the car gets hit by like the biggest 18 wheeler you have seen in your life”Very subtle Blink and you’ll miss it type of stuffOverall the plotline of this was better than the last one which had the weirdest full book one half of another book structure of all time but it still mostly came into play in the endingThe ending however was fantastic And I think it also sets up what could be a really interesting plotline for the next book It has potentialBut we’ve all learned how that goesBottom line I think I’ll stick with this series but that also might just be because of how dearly I love to suffer tbr reviewout here getting BLESSED with ARCs of highly anticipated seuels when i haven't even started the series yet oh boy this is longalso renegades is longi have a lot of reading to do

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ArchenemiesThey each other's worst nightmareIn Renegades Nova and Adrian aka Insomnia and Sketch fought the battle of their lives against the Anarchist known as the Detonator It was a short lived victoryThe Anarchists still have a sec. UPDATE 299 Kindle US 9519I didn't like it as much as the first book but it was still up there Cover is good Narrators were good I think when the next one comes out I need to read them back to back and see how it goes 🤔😉Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾