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Lost Boy ePub ☆ 224 pages Download ´ Shelley Hrdlitschka ç Raised in a polygamous community Jon starts to uestion the rules of his faith After he is caught kissing a girl he is forced to flee his town and the only life he knows He finds a community of other Lost Boys or polygs but is utterly unprepared for liNity of other Lost Boys or polygs but is utterly unprepared for life outside his community of Unity He spirals into a life of numbing booze drugs and homelessness When he hits rock bott I rate this book a 4 The book Lost Boy had a great plot line and it was very interesting how many twist and turns there were Although it was very eventful it became very confusing Many things added ontop of eachother and then I could not tell who is who But I did like how it was very realistic and taught many things to the reader

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Om someone from his past enters his new life and helps him find his wayJon and several of the novel's other characters were introduced in Shelley Hrdlitschka's earlier novel Sister Wife Oh this book was gut wrenching and so lovely I wasn't prepared to be as immersed in the story as I instantly became The book starts with a bang Jon without an H is running Running from the abusive polygamous community where he has lived his entire life Jon didn't necessarily want to run BUT he was caught with a girl so he HAS to run Jon runs to a safe house where he has heard he may be able to find work and help But finding help is all dependent on if Jon can escape the mental grip of the religion that has run his entire life I loved how well written this story is You don't doubt Jon's love for his family even though he has started to uestion the crooked perverted teaching that has dominated his entire life He has never seen a tv a girl in shorts heard of biology or Adolf Hitler or read much of anything outside the Bible Jon struggles in the new world of freedom and responsibility You can imagine how hard the adjustment is on him Especially as he deeply cares about the girl he left behind and wants to do all he can to rescue her from the polygamous communityThe writing is well paced though some of the time lapses are a tad jarring I don't know if the author decided to leave certain sections out to save time or keep the story telling condensed I read this book in little over an hour and it didn't feel THAT long It's a great read eye opening and touching The ending was an amazing conclusion to the story not only was everything 'tied' together but it felt real and worthwhile ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review

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Lost BoyRaised in a polygamous community Jon starts to uestion the rules of his faith After he is caught kissing a girl he is forced to flee his town and the only life he knows He finds a commu Note I received a copy of Lost Boy by Shelley Hrdlitschka via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Lost Boy tells the story of our main protagonist Jon who runs away from the polygamist community that he was raised in The reasoning behind his escape is due to the fact that he was caught kissing a girl which in the community of Unity is very much against the rules As readers we get to follow Jon as he attempts to adjust to an entirely new life filled with hair dye girls in cut off shorts a proper education and the ability to watch televisionUnfortunately Jon is completely unprepared for this new lifestyle after struggling to get through school he falls into a life of alcohol drugs and homelessnessWhat originally drew me in was the cover — listen I am a sucker for a beautiful book cover Yes I am a person who tends to buy books because the cover draws me in I also really loved the Lost Boy title because it reminded me of Peter Pan we all know that I’m a Disney fanBut when I read the synopsis prior to reuesting the ARC I knew it was for me Not only was I interested in learning about another community’s lifestyle but when I first started reading YA I always picked up the books that focused on a character’s downfall If there were drugs depression or any other terrible experience involved I was in Not because I’m crazy I promise but because there’s something beautiful about someone facing their struggles rising on top of itBut of course this is spoiler free I will not be telling you Jon’s resolution It’s up to you to see if he picks himself back upI will admit my opinions did change throughout the novel One second I’m in it the next second I’m uestioning if I’m even enjoying what I’m reading I think one of my complaints is the transition between the first part the second I felt as if the transition wasn’t as smooth as it should be It’s as if Jon is doing perfectly fine but the next he’s an absolute mess without any real reason besides the fact that school was tough for himI also couldn’t find myself getting attached to any of the characters I of course wanted everyone to succeed and be happy But I also found myself not caring if they even did I felt there should have been a deeper relationship between character and reader and that’s Lost Boy‘s weakest pointIn general it is a uick read It wasn’t terrible at all it just could have been stronger in terms of characters It does have an interesting plot and the writing is well done If you’re just looking for a book to read and don’t care as much about forming a connection with the text then yes I would recommend Lost BoyI also learned that Jon the novel’s other characters were introduced in Shelley Hrdlistschka’s novel Sister Wife and I will definitely be giving that read some point soonLost Boy is due out October 2nd 2018