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Read & download · Barbarous (The Outcasts, #2) Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ He could be her ruin Hugh Redvers is supposed to be dead So the appearance of the sun bronzed giant with the piratical black eye patch is deeply disturbing to Lady Daphne Davenport And her inEnough to resist But the prim almost severe way she looks at him suggests this might be the one woman who can make him forget all the others His only challenge Unearthing the enemy who threatens her life and uncovering the secrets in her cool blue eyes. The second book in Minerva Spencer's The Outcasts series is as fabulous as the first We get to revisit one of the secondary characters of the first book and dig deeper into who he is and why These books are not your typical historicals and anyone looking for light and fluffy should not venture here These books have deep dark secrets but the storytelling is fresh and the characters are intriguing and uniue and such a refreshing change I love how Spencer can weave these suspenseful and dangerous subplots right alongside the whimsical England scenery This book is certainly a page turner and at times kept me on the edge of my seat Give yourself time to read this because you won't want to put it down

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Y inappropriate for a proper widow but potentially disastrous Because he is also the man Daphne has secretly cheated of title lands and fortune She could be his salvation Daphne Redvers' distant untouchable beauty and eminently touchable body are hard. Hugh Redvers has returned home He wants nothing to do with the title that is rightfully his Hugh is only there to protect his late uncle's widow Lady Daphne It seems someone has been making threats and if Hugh knows one thing it is how to get vengeance Daphne feels guilty that her sons will inherit what is rightfully Hugh's She knows she must tell the truth but she needs to wait til the right time Meanwhile being around Hugh proves to be a distraction in itself The time they spend together the Daphne begins to fall for him What will she do when Hugh learns her secret Minerva Spencer is an absolutely amazing author Her OUTCASTS series gripped me with the first novel DANGEROUS and still hasn't let me go The second addition BARBAROUS is pure genius as well I love her old style book covers The passionate embrace says it all but the blurb also helps LOL Her larger than life alpha males and intelligent witty heroines are just another wonderful surprise And it sure as hell doesn't hurt that the characters are battle scarred and so full of angst BARBAROUS is a true gem as is Ms Spencer's OUTCAST series They are must reads of 2018 to be sure

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Barbarous The Outcasts #2He could be her ruin Hugh Redvers is supposed to be dead So the appearance of the sun bronzed giant with the piratical black eye patch is deeply disturbing to Lady Daphne Davenport And her instant attraction to the notorious privateer is not only wildl. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestDisclaimer I am friends with the authorWhen I was offered an ARC of this book it was a no brainer I loved the first book in the series DANGEROUS and couldn't wait to read of these characters Mia was such a strong character and I loved how the author flouted some of the harem romance tropes even as she worked to modernize it for the tastes of a contemporary audience who might not be too chill with polygamy and rapeBARBAROUS also follows in DANGEROUS'S footsteps in that it is at heart a pirate romance see cover that also is a bit of a throwback to 80s bodice ripper culture again see cover I was so excited to read this book but sadly the most appealing thing about this book for me was the coverHere's the thing this book takes place before the events of DANGEROUS so when Mia initially makes a cameo I was really confused because she had just returned to England and was acting really strangely totally OOC So what this means in the canon of this world is that nothing that happened in book one has happened yet which technically makes this book of a standalone preuel Which okay that's weird but whatever floats your boatSecond whereas the first book's romance was one of the most compelling aspects of the book for me Hugh and Daphne have zero chemistry I didn't ship them at all didn't really see what they saw in each other beyond the generic here's a good looking person I can do the hanky panky with sense Also the sex scenes in here were um bad Wet glove Um what is this Bertrice SmallThird even though I liked that the heroine was previously married and had two children it's worth noting that her children twin boys are a product of rape and she was married to a much older man to cover up the scandal And the main conflict in this book comes from her rapist continuing to taunt and blackmail her That's much less fun and exciting than the conflict in the first book which involved a lost son and a political coup with a royal family I felt like Daphne's rape was touched upon in a very superficial way and thought it was odd how little she appeared to be affected by itFourth it was boring Unfortunately I skimmed a lot I'm still excited for the third book SCANDALOUS which features another pirate a flamboyant Frenchman named Bouchard Seriously amped for the cover reveal on that one However my expectations have been tempered somewhat because this was a real nosedive from the first book Thanks to Netgalleythe publisher for the review copy 2 stars