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Game Day (Paula Wiseman Books) Free read ✓ 107 ✓ Ronde and Tiki are a team They are twins they are each other's best friends and biggest fans and they play on the same football team the Cave Spring Vikings Ronde is #21 and Tiki is #22 always side by side Tiki has had seven long touch down runs this season and Ronde is proud of hDe is proud of his brother but he can't help feeling a little down when Tiki gets all the glory If Ronde hadn't been leading the way with his blocks Tiki wouldn't have been clear to score Ronde thinks nobody notices the guy who blocks; they only notice the guy who. DRA20 24The book is the story of twin brothers and NFL stars Tiki and Ronde playing for the pee wee league in their childhood in the Roanoke area Both brothers were very talented and already drew attention from reporters due to their success helping their team Vikings win Despite of playing well together the brothers sometimes struggled with the fact that the different positions they held on the team would cause one of them to be the one to score and get recognition than the other Their mother always used a lot of wisdom to teach them how important and uniue they were regardless of the position they played for the team Great book for teaching individuality

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Scores Will the day ever come when Ronde will get his chance Written by two NFL superstars this story of perseverance and teamwork will inspire Barry Root's glowing illustrations bring to life all the excitement and energy of a great game and a team working togethe. I love that this book was written by Tiki and Ronde Barber about their experiences playing football together as kids I also know that both are big advocates of children's literacy programs The book has a good lesson about teamwork both on and off the field However while the story can be a universal one the football plays are detailed and so it will appeal most to football fans

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Game Day Paula Wiseman BooksRonde and Tiki are a team They are twins they are each other's best friends and biggest fans and they play on the same football team the Cave Spring Vikings Ronde is #21 and Tiki is #22 always side by side Tiki has had seven long touch down runs this season and Ron. Title Game Day Author Tiki Barber Ronde BarberIllustrator Barry RootGenre Online BookTumblebooksThemes Football Brothers Biography Team Hard work FamilyOpening linesentence “It was the play Coach Mike liked to call ‘Old Bread and Butter ’”Brief Book Summary This book follows Pro Bowl NFL players and brothers Tiki and Ronde Barber when they were little ones playing on the same Pop Warner team Tiki is the running back while Ronde is the fullback Tiki gets all the credit because he scores all the touchdowns However he wouldn’t be having the success he is if it weren’t for his twin brother leading the way Ronde begins to become frustrated that he is not being noticed by his coaches or the fans During the final game Ronde is given his chance to run with the ball and he comes through scoring a touchdown and winning the game for his team Professional RecommendationReview Horn Book Guide4 K 3 Illustrated by Barry Root Twins Tiki and Ronde play and excel at Pee Wee football but Tiki garners the most attention getting touchdown runs Ronde a blocker who feels under appreciated finally understands he's also important to the team's success This story of teamwork has strong appeal for boys despite some stilted writing and a pedantic message The illustrations ably convey a sense of the game Professional RecommendationReview #2 Elisabeth Greenberg Children’s Literature“Clear and evocative text about twin brothers working as a team—and working through issues of whose contribution is noticed as they win football games—makes these two NFL superstars come to life for young readers Ronde the blocker watches as Tiki makes a touchdown after touchdown and wins the kudos of the crowds and the respect and interest of sports reporters Mother coach and friends all contribute to the life lessons do your best with what you have got it is a good thing to work together and to win a game takes a whole team Action packed illustrations by Barry Root clarify game plays for those not fans of football and also capture the feelings—from excitement to wistfulness—of the twins”Response to Two Professional Reviews I think that I tend to lean towards Elisabeth Greenberg’s review I think that the text is very easy to read and it displays a great message of teamwork and brotherhood It is important for young readers to understand that when things get tough it is important to never give up and instead work through the issues I think that this is a great book for boys and girls because it has a great message about the importance of teamwork and working togetherEvaluation of Literary Elements I think that this book would be good for all elementary students to read however I think the text is well suited for second graders Some students may struggle at first with the text because it features a few tough words but I think it would be good towards the end of the year when the students have made nice progressions in their reading The pictures are drawn very precisely and show great detail that adds to the text For example in many situations it shows the players and their emotions so it helps guide the text along when some students may not understand what the players are feeling One great example of this is when Ronde is becoming frustrated and you can see it in his face in the illustrationConsideration of Instructional Application I think one thing I would use this book for in my room would be to read it aloud in the beginning of the year before we start doing group work I think the book has a great message of teamwork and would be a great example for children to see how a good group or team should look I think later in the year this book would serve as a good book for individual reading once the students progress in their reading levels because it may be a little tough for second graders