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ebook ↠ Alas Babylon å Pat Frank Alas Babylon Those fateful words heralded the end When a nuclear holocaust ravages the United States a thousand years of civ 45 to 50 stars I think the above pictures and uotes express a lot better than my words ever could what I would like to say in this review about the power and elouence of Pat Frank's 1959 story about the folly and danger of Nuclear war I can not imagine a better novel about the immediate after effects of a global nuclear war than what is presented hereTrue the fact that anyone is left alive after the war does tend to make the novel anachronistic But since a “war begins and everyone is dead” novel would last about 10 pages I am willing to forgive Frank’s optimism given that this novel was written at a time when most people believed a nuclear war could be survived However I do want to go on record and sayIT CAN’T The book tells the story of the lead up to and then aftermath of a preemptive nuclear strike by the USSR against the United States of America The focus of the book is then on how various groups of people deal with the attack and the loss of basic services that results I thought that the author did a brilliant job of pacing by giving the reader about 50 to 60 pages of pre attack set up of both the characters and the world situation I think this allowed the attack’s aftermath to be felt much deeply when it finally came After the attack the small town of Fort Repose Florida appears to be one of the few places in Florida left standing after the attack and is completely cut off from the rest of the Country It becomes a microcosm of the breakdown of society and shows both the inner strength and the hidden depravity of humanity side by side fighting it out for survival In trying to describe what the aftermath environment is like I would stress that it is NOT in the MAD MAX category If I had to create a description I would say it is much in the vein of “Hoosiers plus nuclear bombs” or “Steel Magnolias plus World War III” We are talking small town people and values suddenly thrust into unimaginable circumstances I was pulled into the narrative from the very beginning and came to care about the characters deeply I thought the book showed the devastation and folly of nuclear war while still maintaining a positive hopeful message about humanity in general A very tough thing to do I might add I am very interested in talking to people who have read this book because the last page BLEW ME AWAY and I think it was an incredibly powerful commentary on mankind in general and I am wondering whether others feel the same Sorry for that tease for those who haven’t read it but I don’t want to give away a major spoilerplus it is a nice incentive to read the book which I HIGHLY RECOMMENDOverall a terrific read an important read a special book a powerful message and a thought provoking ending Yeahit's pretty damn good and as the uotes above illuminate Pat's vision is shared by many of good conscience

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epub ¸ Alas Babylon Paperback read ì pat frank ☆ Alas Babylon Those fateful words heralded the end When a nuclear holocaust ravages the United States a thousand years of civilization are stripped away overnight and tens of millions of people are killed instantly But for one small town in Florida miraculously spared the Miraculously spared the struggle is just beginning as men and women of all backgrounds join together to confront the darknes Review of Kindle editionPublication date June 4 2013Publisher Harper PerennialLanguage EnglishASIN B00CD360Zcom Sales Rank 283371 pagesAs I write this there are 1436 reviews on About 70% five star and 20% four star Most of the one star reviews are complaints about lack of proof reading and typographical errors in the Kindle edition Most of those errors seem to have been corrected There are also a few complaints about condition of used hard copies purchased from third party sellers However there are very few criticisms of the novel itselfFor those who do not already know the title is based on Revelation 1810 “Alas alas that great city Babylon that mighty city For in one hour is thy judgment come” In the novel the first inkling of serious trouble comes in the form of a telegram from Colonel Mark Bragg ending with the words Alas Babylon His brother Randy immediately recognizes the code for danger dating from their childhood Eventually the danger becomes clear nuclear strikes against the USThe novel contains considerable social and political commentary on such issues as race relations but if all there was to it was the exploration of such issues I doubt that the book would have remained in print these last 50 years The essential attraction is the entertaining story of adventure and survival in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear strike Pat Frank wrote a novel which continues to appeal on a variety of levels despite its age

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Alas BabylonIlization are stripped away overnight and tens of millions of people are killed instantly But for one small town in Florida another great survival book this one was surprising because it didn't feel dated at all even though it was written in 1959 i wish there were maybe 200 pages particularly about rita who is how i would want to be in the aftermath shotgun high heels stockpiles i love the image but the reality is that i would likely be holed up in the library probably rereading this book for tips meta to sum it up in a few words armadillos glasses honey kaboom and two things i learned to continue my lists do not pick up jewelry after the blast and buy extra glasses helpful review?? nope they never arecome to my blog