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EPUB ¿ MOBI The Red and the Blue î The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism Ø From MSNBC correspondent Steve Kornacki a lively and sweeping history of the birth of political tribalism in the 1990s—one that brings critical new understanding to our current political landscape from CCampaign; Hillary Clinton’s star turn during the 1998 midterms seeding the idea for her own candidacy; Ross Perot’s wild run in 1992 that inspired him to launch the Reform Party giving Donald Trump his first taste of electoral politics in 1999; and many others With novelistic prose and a clear sense of history Steve Kornacki masterfully weaves together the various elements of this rambunctious and hugely impactful era in American history whose effects set the stage for our current political landscape The Red and the Blueby Steve Kornacki“When the 1990s began Democrats seemed incapable of winning the presidency just as Republicans were seen as a permanent minority party in Congress The collision of Bill Clinton the first Democratic president in a dozen years and a Gingrichized Republican opposition unleashed a series of convulsive events that gave new definition to both parties and compelled Americans to pick sides once and for all” Page 422I admit I’m a political Junkie You can have your NBA and NFL politics is my favorite spectator sport For a long time I have enjoyed watching politicians beat up each other accomplish nothing and call it governing Many of the events described in this book are examples I am well aware that it’s “We the People” who get screwed but I have enjoyed a good life with a good job and felt safe and secureThat is not the case any longer The polarization and divisiveness have gotten mean and nasty recently I have wondered when and how that happened This book is an attempt to explain that divideThe main characters in this book are Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton The author introduces these two and described some of the events leading up to the main act There is a brief description of George Bush the First and then deals with the 1992 electionPrior to that we are given a description of the combative brand of politics practiced by Gingrich He realizes the power of scandal to bring down some powerful people including the then Majority Leader Jim Wright In describing some of these takedowns the author observes “what Newt Gingrich did this week would have been unthinkable” in a previous era Page 112 Also Gingrich “demonstrated not just that scandal could be a mighty political weapon but that it could be manufactured and intensified by a determined political party” Page 250”The author also describes the rise of the Republican identification of the Christian Coalition and the NRABill Clinton is not spared in this account Following the Republican national landslide in the 1994 mid term elections Peter Jennings and Jeff Greenfield of ABC are uoted “This shift of historical proportions is taking place in a year when there’s no historically explainable reason — no war no scandal no recession” Greenfield said “It’s happening for reasons we can only speculate If you don’t mind an early one they don’t like Bill Clinton”“No kidding” Jennings replied” Page 284A lengthy section of the book deals with the Monica Lewinsky affair and the subseuent impeachment This is a timely segment but I don’t think it sheds much light on the current impeachment It is described as something the public did not approve but it was old news regarding Bill ClintonHillary Clinton is also dealt with here but she is mainly is a non factor Her “Bravery” in the face of the Lewinsky affair is described as admirable Her election as a Senator from New York is described but again as some political force in her own rightThe author also describes the petulance of Ross Perot and teases us with an account of Donald Trump toying with a run as a Reform Party presidential candidate in the 2000 election He also includes a brief account of the 2000 election but it doesn’t really add much to this storyThis is an extraordinary book for anyone interested in the politics of this time period; Well researched and in depth descriptions of the important events marking this periodIn 2016 I remarked to a friend that I wish we had a Theodore H White to help me make sense of this election It’s been 50 years since I have read his books so it might not be an accurate comment at this time But I am excited about this author There is some sense at the end that he might look into future political events someday I hope soSo in summary did this book explain the polarization and divisiveness of our current time As the uote at the start of this review says it forced Americans to pick a side but that has happened before Granted we are divided now and were then but in the meantime we elected a Black man President and then reelected him 4 years later This happened in a country still racked with racismFor me I am going to go with the statement by Joseph J Ellis in his book American DialogueThe population of the United States according to the first census in 1790 was just shy of 4 million and the two leading candidates for president the previous year were George Washington and John Adams The population in 2016 was 315 million and the two candidates for president were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Page 224Enough Said

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From MSNBC correspondent Steve Kornacki a lively and sweeping history of the birth of political tribalism in the 1990s one that brings critical new understanding to our current political landscape from Clinton to TrumpIn The Red and the Blue cable news star and acclaimed journalist Steve Kornacki follows the twin paths of Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich two larger than life politicians who exploited the weakened structure of their respective parties to attain the highest offices For Clinton that meant cont When it became clear that the special election in my congressional district OH 12 merited national attention I said to my wife “I’m excited You know why? Because soon we’re going to see our very own district all by itself up on the MSNBC Big Board and Steve Kornacki will be explaining what it all means”Yeah I know I’m way too much of an election nerd But you know who's ten times the election nerd I am? Steve Kornacki that’s who I mean just look at what he says in the acknowledgments section of this book “This book honors my terrific parents Anne and Steve Kornacki who must be relieved to know that the troubling amount of time their young son spent watching C Span ended up being of at least some measurable use An adolescent boy addicted to C Span? Now that’s election nerdinessKornacki’s right though C Span has been of “measurable use” to him For it has helped inform the text of The Red and the Blue The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism an absorbing narrative of the decade in our political history when D’s and R’s began to treat each other as enemies until—after the fateful election of 2000—Americans found our map along with our attitudes had regionalized and rigidified into a series of “red and blue states”The two people who contributed most to this movement in Kornacki’s opinion are Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich whose “collision unleashed two historic backlashes that shaped the decade” first the hardball politics of the “Republican Revolution” that installed Gingrich as Speaker and secondly “a backlash against Gingrichism itself an awakening of the white collar professional class that found itself alienated by this new Republican party” Of course their were other important players who helped shape the era—Ross Perot Jesse Jackson Pat Buchanan and Hillary Clinton—and Kornacki gives them ample treatment too And he also chronicles the fall of “HW” the rise of “W” and the first stirrings of the politcal TrumpWhich reminds me one of the things I was particularly struck by while reading The Red and the Blue was that the “spirit” of Donald Trump was a powerful force even in the ‘90’s only back then he was separated into two parts and called by two different names Pat Buchanan the angry build the wall nationalist part and Ross Perot the celebrity businessman “I can fix things” part Many Americans found both parts very attractive then and we—to our grief—found out what could happen when both the Trump parts got togetherNever fear though my fellow political nerds Although Kornacki concentrates on the major figures he has time for memorable obscure figures as well “Sister Soulja” the rapper Bill Clinton criticized to prove he wasn’t afraid of Jesse Jackson Margorie Margolies Mezvinksy the congresswoman who c cast the deciding vote for Bill Clinton’s 1993 budget thus ending her congressional careerand Dan Burton the congressman who fire a gun into a melon to prove Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster’s suicide was actually murder And—trust me—there are many where these came fromI liked this book a lot but I do have a couple of criticisms First I though he spent too many pages covering the political conventions themselves Lengthy coverage made sense for the ‘88 and ‘92 conventions particularly with the shadows of Jackson Buchanan and Perot lurking in the background but the conventions of ‘96 and 2000 lacked real drama and could have been summarized uickly Second—and important—the book says nothing about the ways in which Gingrich altered the culture of congress discouraging members from moving to Washington cultivating real friendships with Democrats etc and the very language of opposition his 1996 GOPAC list of negative words for Democrats for example And I suspect there are aspects of the way Clinton operated that altered the mental landscape as well—the Dick Morris method of “triangulation” perhaps?—but Kornacki only glances at such things He concentrates on the factsOn the other hand The Red and the Blue is free of all pretension of posturing of any sort It is a book that just gives you the facts expressed straightforwardly and organized with such skill that it is easy to see the overall pattern that emerges Come to think of it that also describes Kornacki the TV analyst grinning manipulating the MSNBC BigBoard filled with barely contained enthusiasm explaining it all to meSuch a techniue is essential to good journalism And essential to the writing of recent history indeed all history as well

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The Red and the Blue The 1990s and the Birth of Political TribalismOrting himself around the various factions of the Democratic party to win the presidency Gingrich employed a scorched earth strategy to upend the permanent Republican minority in the House making him Speaker The ClintonGingrich battles were bare knuckled brawls that brought about massive policy shifts and high stakes showdowns their collisions had far reaching political conseuences But the ’90s were not just about them  Kornacki writes about Mario Cuomo’s stubborn presence around Clinton’s 1992 The older I get the I enjoy reading about political history I have so few administrations in my recent memory so revisiting the climate of my youth is wildly interesting I found that learning about Clinton’s two terms especially challenged my previous ignorant stance on his scandal ridden elections and presidency It’s really embarrassing looking back This book included much about Reagan and HW Bush and went into the transition from Clinton to the next Bush president as well We talk to often about how divided our country is now politically ideologically but I hadn’t realized just how far back the tribalism goes This just came out last year I’m sure many others my age even older are interested in seeing how long the major parties have been conniving for each own’s best interests only the rest of the country be damned I’m hoping that the particular pain many are feeling now will be able to catalyze some lasting progressive change that can best benefit the individual not the corporation but also on a broader scale better the health of the planet I’m hoping hard for it