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SUMMARY Deceived Honoured - The Barons Vexing Wife (Loves Second Chance Series: Lords and Ladies, #5)

READ & DOWNLOAD â Deceived Honoured - The Barons Vexing Wife (Loves Second Chance Series: Lords and Ladies, #5) ´ A simple man A vexing lady And an unforgettable nightLADY MADELEINE has vowed not to marry below the rank of an earl Using her clever wit and fierce determinLove's Second Chance Series#1 Forgotten Remembered The Duke's Late Wife Rosabel Graham#2 Cursed Cherished The Duke's Wilful Wife Anna Edmond#3 Despised Desired The Maruess' Passionate Wife Ellie Frederick#4 Abandoned Protected The Maruis' Tenacious Wife Henrietta Connor#5 Ruined Redeemed The Earl's Fallen Wife Charlotte Sebastian#6 Betrayed Blessed The Viscount's Shrewd Wife Beth Tristan#7 Deceived Honoured The Baron’s Vexing Wife Madeline DerekMore to follow#8 Sacrificed Reclaimed The Soldier's Daring Widow Meagan Edward Bonus NovellaA Forbidden Love Novella Series#1 The Wrong Brother#2 A Brilliant Rose#3 The Forgotten Wife#4 An Unwelcome Proposal#5 Rules to Be Broken#6 Hearts to Be MendedTo Follow#7 Winning her Hand#8 Conuering her Heart. Well written this book touched me in a way that I didn’t expect Most Regency romance novels either take the stance of a relationship between a couple of eual status or that the heroine moves from rags to riches It’s unusual to find the heroine having to take a step down into poverty from riches When Madeline finds herself being compromised by the wrong man she is furious She never gave Derek a chance to explain why he came after her at the ball and he had too much pride to force the issue We first met Derek protector to his best friend in a previous novel in this series and he remains as honourable and steadfast throughout this book After their marriage Derek gives Madeline a choice Initially she thinks she has won first prize but it uickly becomes evident that in choosing to satisfy her own desires she has made a grave error of judgment Arriving at Derek’s run down home Madeline finds herself ill euipped to meet the challenges facing her With time she begins to realise that there is goodness in people of all walks of life and as she experiences a growing acceptance both by Derek’s family and his tenants she discovers the joy of a meaningful life and making a difference in the lives of the people she interacts with At first Madeline appears to be a selfish aristocrat with no thought for anyone else apart from her own selfish desires Life with Derek and his family teaches her the reality of a pride in the work of one's hands and making the best of a situation Derek has his own issues to work through resulting in him coming to the conclusion that he has had his own set of prejudices I enjoyed reading about the characters that appeared in previous books in this series however this novel is a stand alone with a happy ending The story is also clean making it suitable for most age groups I received a copy of this book as a gift and this is my honest and voluntary review

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A simple man A vexing lady And an unforgettable nightLADY MADELEINE has vowed not to marry below the rank of an earl Using her clever wit and fierce determination she has passed up several marriage offers as well as successfully sidestepped the occasional scandal Ultimately her choice falls on the Earl of Townsend who is handsome rich AND an earl and thus everything she’s ever desired in a husbandUntil one night when her plans go horribly wrong and she is compromised by the wrong manDEREK MCKNIGHT BARON AINSWORTH is a self made man As a farmer’s son he gained glory in the war and was given a run down barony for his service to the crown Now he only wishes to keep a safe distance from the peers he despises and rebuild his estate to see his. I thought ladies of the peerage were taught to deal with tenants visit them etc This one is completely useless And as she is doubting her place and looking for something of value to add I kept on wondering why she wasn't thinking about using her dowryThe author created unecessary secrets How long would it have taken to say I saw you and I liked you but I knew I couldn't have you but I needed to tell you this about the Earl Or for her to say Nothing happened with the earl and clear the airAnd the whole situation with Widow Dunning is completely ridiculous She would have been introduced to everybody doesn't look like a huge town And she would know any special link there was between the widow and the husbandI also think that Madeline changed way too easily Not enough character development thereThe whole think just felt like the author's contract asked her to write a certain number of chapters and she had to At half the length it would have been ideal Frustrating illogical

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Deceived Honoured The Barons Vexing Wife Loves Second Chance Series Lords and Ladies #5Family and tenants well settledUntil one night when he sees a raven haired lady on the arm of a man from his pastDetermined to protect her he takes a wrong step dooming them bothWill Madeline ever be able to see past his title Can Derek come to love a woman of high standing This reversed Cinderella story by a USA TODAY bestselling author proves that the best things in life find you no matter what your plan isIf you like marriage of convenience stories with a touch of mystery a dash of humour as well as heartfelt emotion then you’ll love this instalment of Bree Wolf’s emotionally charged Love’s Second Chance Series Buy DECEIVED AND HONOURED grab a cup of tea settle into your favorite reading spot and start this swoon worthy romance now. Short review Not my favorite by the author but still enjoyable I liked Derek thought he was a very patient and good man Madeline on the other hand took uite sometime for me to warm up do to her snobby behavior There lack of connection was definitely frustrating at times that I just wanted to lock them both in a room for a week until they talked everything through