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Travel Author Yuichi Yokoyama Epub Ò 202 pages Ä Yuichi yokoyama Ä The Japanese manga artist Yuichi Yokoyama's latest work Travel is a wordless journey into the contemporary Japanese psyche It takes the not unfamiliar plot backdrop of a train ride and turns it into a psychological meditation on the vehiclE or landscape Bookforum has characterized Yokoyama's style thus Concerned with phenomena rather than character and narrative his comics resemble the output of a drafting machine seuences that present multiple views of an object in action and look like exploded product diagrams Yokoyama seems to enjoy the resulting images as much for the strange shapes tha Picturebox than any other publisher is committed to publishing and discovering avant garde comics and this is another outstanding contribution This is the second book Picturebox has released by Yuichi Yokoyama and unlike his last book New Engineering this is one long story Calling Travel a story is stretching the definition of what a story is which is one of the great things about this book This book follows three strangely drawn men who board a train and travel to a destination That's it The three travelers walk past other passengers stare at objects phenomena and people that pass by and one even smokes a cigarette which in this book much like in Warhol's films is a massive shift in the 'action'This book is hard to describe but a joy to read It's completely silent and when I say that I mean that it is without any sound cues which his last book was full of All we get is the imagery And what imagery Yokoyama's art is unlike anyone's art I'm familiar with European Japanese or US His line is obsessive clean and bisue while his layout is frantic cluttered and fast All of which adds to a mysterious otherness; as if we were asked to spot tiny and fleeting glimpses of beauty from the windows of a speeding train all while on a parallel world oddly familiar yet deeply foreign

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The Japanese manga artist Yuichi Yokoyama's latest work Travel is a wordless journey into the contemporary Japanese psyche It takes the not unfamiliar plot backdrop of a train ride and turns it into a psychological meditation on the vehicle's architecture and passengers rather than focusing on the usual narrative driven concerns such as destination distanc This is fantastic A simple train travel story completely abstracted through obsessively meticulous representation and an unwillingness to use any sort of accepted visual comic shorthand for anything The level of obsession borders on the autistic for instance the train contains an unending series of differing seat types each isolated in schematic precision in their own frames within the action and every conceivable variation of exterior landscape or weather is given microscopic attention throughout Really such details become the action itself ie Travel as its own ends not a process reuiring a defining destination a concept I endorse in many forms This attention to detail does not actually mean that the drawings are perfect in a traditional sense rather they are extremely idiosyncratic particularly the renderings of people and highly exacting in their strange imperfection Most exciting to me Yokoyama's means of representing various tricky effects of motion or lighting are entirely his own here the view from the window is freuently inundated in great horizontal bands of speed blur and hexagonal chunks of sun glare and harsh shadows chop the train interior apart when the sun is at its brightest And then you hit the commentary at the back the man on the left is carrying a comb in his shirt pocket the station appears deserted and the impression of intense meticulous autistic over explanation becomes even stronger Is this the only real explanation for such a bizarrely focused work or is the commentary really Yokoyama's way of winking at the reader a way of acknowledging the oddity of this style and amplifying the effect a little even Either way the commentary is kind of incredible and I found myself beginning to re read with its vague not really helpful guidance almost immediately

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Travel Author Yuichi YokoyaT are generated as for what they revealYokoyama began his career in 1995 and has developed a body of work characterized in part by an omission of dialogue and speech usually an indispensable part of manga storytelling; he relies instead on the power of his graphics and occasional onomatopoeia Introduction by noted cartoonist and comics scholar Paul Karasik Lots to love The way Yokoyama portrays motion perspective and space textures and patterns is endlessly innovative and cool His style of drawing individual faces is totally uniue The pace and humour of specific seuences buying train tickets smoking a cigarette reminds me distinctly of Edgar Wright one specific pint drinking seuence from The World’s End 2013 where characters slam downed drinks in Yokoyama esue fashion comes to mind On that note some of the visual strategies for depicting motion here also remind me generally of analogous practices in traditional cell animation Also reminded me on a plotsetting level of Snowpiercer 2013 directed by Bong Joon ho simply in that the momentum is carried uite successfully by the nested movements of characters on the train and the train itself Adding this to my collection of filmsliterature involving trains which heretofore includes the Harry Potter series Hogwart’s Express Snowpiercer 2013 Inception 2010 anyone else still haunted by homocidal Marion Cotillard crooning “You’re waiting for a trainA train that will take you far away” Shanghai Express 1931 starring bisexualdiasporic icons Marlene Dietrich and Anna May Wong Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express Train to Busan 2016 wow I guess I really like trainsRachel’s copy