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The Giving TreeS aglow with consolation Shel Silverstein has created a moving parable for readers of all ages that offers an affecting interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in retu Please visit our blog at wwwtwogalsandabookcom to see this and other reviews The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a must read for children It's a story that can bring tears to your eyes Children can learn about the importance of caring giving and how we should treat others This essential and childhood favorite still remains a part of our home library 5

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At her apples swing from her branches or slide down her trunkand the tree was happy But as the boy grew older he began to want from the tree and the tree gave and gave and gaveThis is a tender story touched with sadnes Yes the boy is a selfish bastard who doesn't deserve the love and generosity he gets time and again Anyone who read this book as a child is well aware of this factNonetheless I'm shocked to see how many disliked it My only thought is that many readers allow their hatred for the boy to be confused with hatred for the book Does the book condone the boy's behavior or simply seek to tell a narrative? Does the uality of a book suffer when the moral uality of its characters flags?It is the job of narrative to relate a story It is the job of a classic to relate a timeless story to which countless readers of any age can relate So whence the hatred? Is it because so many readers have known people who have taken and taken with such unrelenting fervor that they then displace this hatred onto a book that merely tells a story so fundamental it can't help but arouse feelings in any human who reads it?Silverstein in my opinion reached his peak with this book so simple and so pure and timeless than any book I can think of at the moment

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ePub Ï mobi The Giving Tree · 9780060256654 Free º Once there was a treeand she loved a little boySo begins a story of unforgettable perception beautifully written and illustrated by the gifted and versatile Shel SilversteinEvery day the boy would come to the tree to eat her apples swing from her branches or slide down hOnce there was a treeand she loved a little boySo begins a story of unforgettable perception beautifully written and illustrated by the gifted and versatile Shel SilversteinEvery day the boy would come to the tree to e HEY KIDS AND SHEL SILVERSTEIN FANS COME OVER HERE AND READ THISOkay this some motherfuckin' fucked up shit right here The Giving Tree is the straight up wack story of how this selfish little ass faced prick kicks it with this full on saintly tree Ever'thin' fine for a while y'all with the lil' prick all gettin' up in there an' sayin' to the tree Yeah you know you mah bitch but then all of a sudden this jumped up prick go through puberty get his chia on or some such shit and so he's off screwin' the skank ass bitches on the block all damn day and can't spare one motherfuckin' minute for this poor old tree who waitin' for him and lookin' all motherfuckin' sad an' droopy an' shit So this little punk ass bitch come up on the tree this is a motherfuckin' tree hear? and ask her 'cuz she a sexy ass lady tree fo' some g's Well the tree is all like I ain't got no cash bitch What part o' me say ATM on it? Mmm hmmm I thought so And she shoulda held up there but no this tree gets all fuckin' benevolent and be like Well I got mad apples you can go hustle on the streets So this ass faced prick just like boosts all these goddamn apples an' leaves this tree with like its weave all out an' shit So next after workin' the streets wit his crew little bitch boy come back lookin' all older an' jacked up and ask the motherfuckin' tree for a goddamn crib So the tree like Hol' up Do you even fuckin' see Coldwell Banker all up an' down in here? I think not But then being all kindly an' shit the tree is like But I got mad branches And what? She motherfuckin' takes it up back again fo' this fool Later another goddamn time punk ass bitch come back lookin' all old an' saggy and wack now and he like Bitch what you got fo' me now? Awww hell naw tree says but then she start gettin' all soft an' shit again an' say Why don' you cut down my trunk or some such shit and go 'head and whittle a pimped out yacht full on Hamptons style? He like Yeah I thought so bitch And then guess the fuck what? little shriveled up played out mack come on back wit his ass all hemorrhoided up an' shit He look straight up nasty and old Tree is like I know you ain't come t'ask me All's I got is a motherfuckin' stump you ass faced motherfucker How you gon' come back at me like that? This punk ass bitch is all drooling and jacked up and just wanna sit the hell down What do the motherfuckin' tree do? She say Hell no You motherfuckin' fucked up fucker get yo' motherfuckin' ass face out o' here fo' I cut you up good give you some stank ass mad tree fungus motherfucker The motherfuckin' end motherfuckers Okay so that's not really the way The Giving Tree ends but maybe it's the way it should Some time ago my ex girlfriend and afterward long time co dependent friend gave me The Giving Tree as part of my birthday gift I loved it but I hated it too because I felt so bad for the tree who is endlessly shat upon by this worthless Boy as he is always known regardless of age; I longed to console the tree and maybe a little to condemn this book as yet another emotionally scarring children's entertainment in the manner of Old Yeller Don't give me any shit about learning valuable lessons The only lesson I learned was that human beings are nothing but steaming piles of corn freckled feces and that I wanted to found a not for profit shelter for unloved trees and rabid dogs and any other nonhuman thing living or not which was either unwanted or despised Having said all this and although I don't approve of the treatment of the giving tree this book is very moving and very delicate The delicacy is somewhat counteracted when the reader turns over the book and sees the author photograph of a thoroughly evil looking Shel Silverstein He looks like the sort of person who would burn down whole forests of rare giving trees just for kicks Picture Othello just before he strangles Desdemona If you and yes I'm talking to you personally are not moved by the plight of the tree after reading this book then perhaps it's time to go an' check yo'self are you the givin' tree or are you the motherfuckin' takin' tree? Or are you the sneak out in the middle of the night an' steal all my shit tree?