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FREE READ The End of the Myth 100 ☆ From a Pulitzer Prize winner a new and eye opening interpretation of the meaning of the frontier from early westward expansion to Trump's border wallEver since this nation's inception the idea of an open and ever expanding frontier has been central to American identity Symbolizing a future of endless promise it was the fH acclaimed historian Greg Grandin explores the meaning of the frontier throughout the full sweep of US history from the American Revolution to the War of 1898 the New Deal to the election of 2016 For centuries he shows America's constant expansion fighting wars and opening markets served as a gate of escape helping to deflect domestic political and economic conflicts outward But this deflection meant that the country's problems from racism to ineuality were never confronted directly And now the combined cat. Greg Grandin understands Trumpism and how it predates Trump back to the founding of the US better than anyone else Highly recommended Also I audiobooked it while driving west from New York appropriately enough

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From a Pulitzer Prize winner a new and eye opening interpretation of the meaning of the frontier from early westward expansion to Trump's border wallEver since this nation's inception the idea of an open and ever expanding frontier has been central to American identity Symbolizing a future of endless promise it was the foundation of the United States' belief in itself as an exceptional nation democratic individualistic forward looking Today though America has a new symbol the border wallIn The End of the Myt. National Book Award Longlist for Nonfiction 2019 Historian Grandin poses an interesting argument that the United States has long lived under the illusion of an ever expanding frontier—one that promised ultimate individual freedom The American frontier ‘myth’ was powerfully put forward by Frederick Jackson Turner in 1893 who felt that “free land with an abundance of natural resources open to a fit people made the democratic type of society in America” For white males that isThe frontier was actually a zone of genocidal violence Grandin recounts how our ‘Founding Fathers’ supported the right of white settlers to push onto Native American lands with impunity I knew about some of President Andrew Jackson’s actions regarding Native Americans but Grandin expanded on my limited knowledge regarding just how despicable his actions wereAnd when the frontier needed labor they often turned to their wives and children to provide it If they needed additional labor they wanted it cheap—black slaves or low wage brown workers Intimidation tactics included widespread lynchings of African Americans and racial violence against Mexicans and Mexican Americans These white men would also project their own class resentments on to raceI was not aware that veterans make up a number of white supremacist organizations—including border vigilantes Having fought against people of color in far flung regions they view migrants and immigrants as not deserving of US citizenship Instead they want to close the border with a wall The fact that we have had some sort of fence or wall for over 70 years is irrelevant Of note Grandin did illuminate how NAFTA has not been good for many Mexicans and only increased the pressure to immigrate to the USForget Lady Liberty The new symbol for America is The Wall Let’s hope we can learn how to live with one another without another frontier to escape to Recommend

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The End of the MythAstrophe of the 2008 financial meltdown and our unwinnable wars in the Middle East have slammed this gate shut bringing political passions that had long been directed elsewhere back homeIt is this new reality Grandin says that explains the rise of reactionary populism and racist nationalism the extreme anger and polarization that catapulted Trump to the presidency The border wall may or may not be built but it will survive as a rallying point an allegorical tombstone marking the end of American exceptionalis. Andrew Jackson was the ONLY US President who personally drove slave coffles In fact he appeared at the time in an interview in Cart and Driver Magazine When asked “What’s under the hood” Andrew answered “If I can get a good tailor soon me and all my friends veiled pre KKK reference – ed I would love to see a photograph of Andrew Jackson smiling on a beautiful sunny day while walking fellow human beings roped at the neck to their sale AJ’s logic If I can save enough money totally denying blacks basic rights now then I can expand further my career later by also totally denying Native Americans basic rights later Trail of Tears anyone It’s two two mints in one Andrew Jackson “kept the skulls of Indians he killed as trophies and his soldiers cut long strips of skin from their victims to use as bridle reins” On our twenty dollar bills we should have those blood caked native skulls and skin strips in the background behind Jackson’s green head Nothing sick going on here folks Jackson was the first test of what we call the “Madman Theory” Jackson saw The Founders as cowards who pussyfooted around rather than rush into Native Lands and take everything with the unrestrained frenzy of today’s Black Friday shoppers – Jackson saw Jefferson in particular as failure of the will – he had the right wrong ideas but didn’t have stomach to carry them out The Age of Jackson “entailed a radical empowerment of white men” who believed that freedom meant “freedom from restraint” Many deep uestions were asked by these Jacksonians who proudly signed their names with an X such as “Why can’t we kill who we want” and “Why won’t my heifer sleep with me” Thomas Jefferson said of the Native Americans “We presume that our strength their weakness” is obvious to them they “must see we have only to shut our hand to crush them” Jefferson’s charming old threat of violence is as American as Apple Pie made from apples stolen from a Native orchard just before it was destroyed by invading whites under the command of George Washington Simon Bolivar wanted Natives incorporated as citizens Jefferson preferred mass murder “the extermination of this race is to therefore to form an additional chapter in the English history” What a perfect illustrative US history book for entitled white children – Natives being shot and stabbed by settlers trying to steal their land in different national locations all to the tune of “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan Note that white expansion was seen as freedom – but freedom to whitey only meant the freedom to take away everyone else’s freedom In the 1730’s the Scotch Irish the Paxton boys in particular threw the Conestoga peoples off their ancestral lands after stating it was “against the laws of God and nature that so much land be idle while so many Christians wanted it” This was in fact the origin of Christian Charity It was really helpful to see on Greg’s map the Royal Proclamation Line of 1763 and then how much further west the 1783 border was after the opening of the settler colonial floodgates The Treaty of Paris ending the American Revolution twenty years after the RPL of 1763 defined the US as already double in size and also acknowledged all the land stolen from Natives during the war John uincy Adams was one of the few to express concern at the time and said “we have scarcely given them time to build their wigwams before we are called upon our own people to drive them out again” He knew the People would not allow assimilation and eual citizenship for natives even though he clearly thought it the best policy Jackson’s voting base were often “illiterate and un propertied” and so to keep them from screwing with property rights locally they were sent out West to play Cowboys and Indians Empire was the #1 safety valve that made America; the nation had to keep movingexpanding or you would “force it back on itself” as Cushing said in 1850 Lest we think unfairness was applied only to Blacks and Native Americans in our history note that the Mexican War was said by General Grant to be “one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation” Volunteers were paid for that turkey shoot I’d love to see the enlistment poster “Come invade another country kill as much as you like and return home to be paradoxically called a hero with a generous take home package yes with your pay you’ll get either a complimentary sociopathic personality or severe PTSD your choice So come invade Mexico; where every day can be the Day of the Dead” The first Anglo governor of California said in 1851 “A war of extermination will continue to be waged between the races until the Indian race becomes extinguished” That entitled white comment repurposed will later serve against Jews as the motto for the Third Reich The inspiration for the loveable Teddy Bear Teddy Roosevelt once said “This great continent could not have been kept as nothing but a game preserve for sualid savages” Teddy was an expert on not so coded racism The Confederate Flag returns in 1961 as a resistance symbol to desegregation After the Civil War Northerners and Southerners would only agree on three things 1 “The Army should pacify western tribes” aka Manifest Destiny 2 Damasks were indeed better than brocades 3 That racial and economic entitlement worked perfectly at all latitudes WJ Cash noted that in US overseas battles that southerners enjoyed “replaying the dissonance of the confederacy again and again They could fight for the loftiest ideals – liberty valor self sacrifice camaraderie – while putting down people of color” Not few have noted that the War of 1898 “both re legitimated the Confederacy and allowed resurgent racists to drape themselves in the high ideals of a now reconciled national history” The Mexican Revolution was the “first great third world uprising against American economic cultural and political expansion” FDR said “there is no safety valve in the form of a western prairie to which those today in need can go for a new start” Did you know that in 1945 after the war they dismantled the Japanese Internment camps who wants Lefty photographers taking pictures of that stuff later and repurposed all 4500 linear feet of chain link fencing ten feet high and “woven of No 6 wire” to cover the Mexican Border as its first blatant physical barrier “Clinton was Reagan’s greatest achievement He carried forward the Republican Agenda” With Clinton’s NAFTA tariff free junk food and soda flooded Mexico and its farming communities were hit hard Fox News sells “racism and nativism” Today we have come full circle with Andrew Jackson – Americans in border towns can still lead modern day slave coffles marching Mexicans joined at the neck to the Border Patrol just like their toothless great grandparents would have done to the slave market Southern tradition is so wonderfully admirable when you don’t look at it Newsflash The Mexican Border has nothing to do with National Security and everything to do with it being “the demarcation between desperate poverty and such massive wealth” So in the end this book is about people who “won a larger liberty by dispossessing and enslaving people of color” That is the American Experiment and it still proudly tries to continue But when you keep moving forward while never taking time to tidy up behind you “problems” or “stubborn stains” can accumulate We used to pretend everyone could be free but now the present Wall fixation tells the world we’ve dropped the pretense 400 years of pretending to be concerned about the freedom of all peoples is long enough