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The Earl in My Bed Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free º For years Daphne Wentworth Countess Carrington has loved her powerful enigmatic husband despite the fact that they married under less than ideal circumstances But no Finally at her breaking point Daphne intends to create a scandal soNear death experience he is in need of an heir and means to make his marriage a real one To his shock though his wicked beautiful countess wants the exact opposite and he must now do everything possible to entice his countess to stay forever. 15 starsJust didn't grab me

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Austere husband will have no choice but to divorce her Except everything goes awry when he surprises her with the last thing she expected Sylvester Wentworth Earl of Carrington has returned to London for one reason to seduce his wife After a. Couple uick pointsHero did irritate me a little at the beginning of the story His inability to communicate his irritation and anger at the heroine But he did see the light in pursuing and getting to know his wife in a near death experience thought it was a little cheesy and too easy of a uick fix Heroine was adorable sweet and strong She did wait a tad too long to stand up to him IMHO Was engaged and interested in the couples HEA Nice pacing and character development was fairly goodNeeded a little in the epilogue but was satisfactory Enjoyable

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The Earl in My BedFor years Daphne Wentworth Countess Carrington has loved her powerful enigmatic husband despite the fact that they married under less than ideal circumstances But no Finally at her breaking point Daphne intends to create a scandal so big her. This novel is a heart wrenching but wonderful story about the power of true love triumphing over the pain and tragedy brought about by external forces and compounded by the MC's own bitterness in an unhappy marriage The H and heroine spent 6 horrible years apart because Daphne's father had blackmailed Sylvester into marrying her and this doomed our MC's even before they ever had a real chance to grow as a couple This was a truly fabulous story that was so romantic and filled with a couple of other very interesting and compelling minor storylines one of which was the scourge of British West Indian plantation slavery I enjoyed this book a lot because I love a beautifully written romance novel I love romance and I believe in true love because I know what it feels like to find true love with a sexy man and have that person treasure me the way I love him That's why I'm gonna ignore all the eyerolling from a couple of cynics who will probably be shaking their heads and mumbling about how naive and unrealistic I am But you know what I don't care Love exists it is beautiful and it IS possible for a man to be good kind faithful and loving so feel free to roll your eyes since I'm happy and proud to declare myself an eternal naive optimist soOK time to get on with the review of this wonderful novel because I know some of you are saying to meThis novel had the most phenomenal strong kind beautiful and loving heroine called Daphne When Daphne was only 17 yrs old she fell in love with the H Sylvester He's the rich and sexy Earl of Carrington who saved the heroine and her adorable puppy Gulliver from drowning Daphne hadn't even had her debut season in London but she was so awed by the handsome 23 yr old H that she made the mistake of revealing her infatuation to her sickly father Daphne's father made his fortune by blackmailing rich members of the Ton but the heroine was unaware of that The old man wanted his daughter to become a Countess so he blackmailed Sylvester into marrying her Sylvester assumed that the heroine was involved in the blackmail scam and so he despised her This was really sad since he had liked her a lot and had been greatly attracted to her when they had first met Daphne had known that Sylvester had found her very attractive and that's why she'd confided in her father about meeting the young EarlIn case you're wondering the secret used to blackmail Sylvester was not something about the H himself; rather it was a secret about Sylvester's younger sister The novel starts off 6 yrs after the MC's have been married They've been living apart for most of that time and have never had sex but they've BOTH been celibate That's what I adored about Sylvester he was an honorable man who was faithful to his wedding vows even while he believed his wife was an accessory to blackmail The author provides actual proof that Sylvester had been celibate by giving the reader a direct glimpse into the H's point of view when he ponders about the lonely long years without sex Sylvester is also a remarkable H because he isn't even tempted to sleep with other women He's often found himself annoyed that the only woman he seems to want in his bed is his own wife Daphne At the start of the story Daphne is being courted by the villainous Viscount Redgrave and she is tempted because she wants to be with someone who will love her However she declines the viscount's advances and decides that she will ask her husband for a divorce first Meanwhile Sylvester has just returned from Jamaica he's a member of the Anti Slavery Society and has just survived yet another assassination attempt on his life Sylvester is a bit cocky at this point in the novel because he thinks that all he has to do is wiggle his fingers and Daphne will crawl into his bedBut the heroine is angry and she stands up for herself with strength that would make any woman proudThe haughty H responded with a slightly condescending attitude Sylvester ended up getting the upper hand in this scenario because he unleashed his magical tongue and pleasured her in the library in one of the most erotic scenes in the story At the end of the scene the heroine still stood her ground and refused to let a powerful orgasm turn her into a mindless powerless ninny She told him she wanted out of the marriage in a very emotive scene She fisted her hands at her side “Do you expect me to think of others who have only known contentment with their lives I will no longer be trapped in this cold marriage” she said “I am lonely so empty there are days I feel as if I will shatter I do not care about scandals I want to be heldkissed loved I am neither free nor married in truth and I want to be unburdened from the shackles you have placed on me” She felt distantly appalled she was sharing so much of her feelings with him but he had to be convinced otherwise she would shatterAll of this happened long before the first third of the story had been completed The pacing of the storyline was very well done Daphne and Sylvester were 2 individuals who truly belonged together but the evil machinations of her father's blackmail had built an almost impregnable barrier between them Sylvester was a bit of an aloof bitter H at times but he was a good man He fought for the rights of the slaves in the British empire and was even friends with the famous William Wilberforce The H had even freed all the slaves on his family's sugar cane plantation in Jamaica and often helped free blacks who had found their way onto the shores of England It's a well known fact that Lord Mansfield's Judgement of 1772 had declared slavery to be outlawed on the shores of England itself even if the colonies still had slaves The heroine had also done her part to aid the unfortunates in society with the refurbishment of an orphanage It was great to see an author include important social issues in a historical romance novel The romantic plot deals with the H's attempts to court his wife and mend their broken marriage The author did a fine job of building my empathy for Sylvester because of the many well written passages of prose that showed me all of his insecurities and inner fears plus his strong feelings for Daphne It's not often that I am able to actually like a H who has abandoned his wife for 6 long years The reasons for the MC's estrangement were very logically justified by the author and it left me feeling sorry for Sylvester and Daphne and hating her father for putting them in an uncomfortable situation The wooing of Daphne was splendidly done by the H He knew how much he had hurt her and he tried his best in the best ways possible to court her like a lady yet give her the space she needed to think things out for herself He didn't force her to have sex with him but seduced her slowly and let her take the lead in their many sensual encounters I also enjoyed how he never fussed whenever he went into her bedroom and saw her huge dog Gulliver sleeping on the bed with her That there is a perfect man in my eyes Harold Mongrelpup will love Sylvester Sylvester also took his head out of his ass LONG before many other H's would do the same Other H's usually wait until the very last minute to acknowledge the error of their ways but Sylvester came to terms with his mistakes before the 50% marker of the storyline “You were lonely” he said gruffly wishing he’d tried to see beyond his anger much earlier When he’d just met her Sylvester had been enchanted by her lively wit and it gutted him to know that he hadn’t tried to remember that about her How had he never seen that her smile was sweetly charming and not sophisticated and cynical Several times he found himself wondering if he hadn’t had that brush with death how long would the pain of the past have held him from seeking contentment with his wife With me you’ll never be lonely againTheir romantic courtship was not without external conflict Viscount Redgrave was trying to kill the H by sending assassins to kidnap him and Daphne's lowlife brother interfered to create another set of problems just when things were going well The biggest problem developed when Sylvester found the blackmail letters in Daphne's possession and blamed her once again for colluding with her dead father Daphne was angry that he couldn't trust her and she came up with a stupid plan to create a scandal to force him to divorce her but the H came to his senses and rescued her before anything bad had happened He even agreed to divorce her if she really wanted it because he'd finally acknowledged his love for her and he knew that true love is not a selfish love but one where the lover cares only for the happiness of his beloved It was difficult to confront the brutal truth because the thought of living without his wife for the rest of his life shook him to his core But if he loved her he had to offer her what her heart yearned for The wounds in her eyes had been profound and while it destroyed something inside of him to think it if he loved her respected her dreams and opinions he had to let her goFortunately for Sylvester the heroine didn't want a divorce because she also loved him with all her heart This novel also has one of the best extended erotic sex scenes I've come across in a historical romance novel This scene happens at the end when the MC's declare their love for each other and it was beautiful It's guaranteed to cause a little blush or twoI recommend this for anybody who still reads romance with a happy heart because they are willing to believe that true love still exists in spite of the trials and tribulation that one may have to go through before one can find it And that above all human beings are flawed and should be given the chance to redeem themselves and prove their worth Thank you for having the patience with the review of a naive romantic like myself