Firefighter Unicorn Fire Rescue Shifters #6 review ↠ 4

review Firefighter Unicorn Fire Rescue Shifters #6

Firefighter Unicorn Fire Rescue Shifters #6 review ↠ 4 ê His touch can heal anything — except her Her touch can kill anyone — except him He’s her salvation She’s his doom Sarcastic Short tempered Definitely not sparkly Paramedic and firefighter Hugh Argent is no one’s idea of a unicorn and he’s careful to keep itDue to her uncontrollably venomous skin Now finally there’s someone who can touch herand he doesn’t want anything to do with her No matter how much Ivy craves to be touched at last there’s one thing that can make her give up her only chance at love a cure for her terminally ill younger sister So Ivy offers Hugh a deal Heal her sister and she’ll get out of his life forever The Hugh gets to know Ivy the he longs to cla. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me No one tells me what to think feel or write about any book I have bought this book because it is awesome and I own most of Zoe’s booksThe cover is amazing It has a unicorn which if you noticed I’m pretty fanatical about I collect them do reviews using them and yeah you get the idea I love unicornsThis is the 6th book in the series and I was so right about Hugh This series is for adults only due to the steamy content I would also highly recommend reading the series in order because the characters and previous events make it better all together with their synergyHugh and Ivy’s story is epic It has tons of action and it was an emotional rollercoaster There was mystery and intrigue that was slowly revealed Hugh and Ivy are perfect together I couldn’t put the book down I can’t wait to read of this series because Ash needs his happily ever after tooI highly recommend this book and series to all shifter fans especially if you love mythic shifters and HEAs I can’t wait to read what Zoe comes up with next

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Im this brave fierce infuriating woman But a unicorn can only take a mate at a terrible cost More than hearts are at stake And every secret is about to be revealed at last Combining romance action and a generous helping of humor Firefighter Unicorn will delight fans of TS Joyce Terry Bolryder and Sherrilyn Kenyon All books in the Fire Rescue Shifters series are standalone romances and can be read in any order No cliffhangers. A FABULOUS ADDITION TO THE SERIES MY NEW FAVORITE Title Firefighter UnicornSeries Fire and Rescue ShiftersAuthor Zoe ChantDesignation Book 6 of Series Full Length Can Be Read As Standalone NO CLiffhangerReading Platform Kindle EditionMy Rating Five Sexy StarsAlthough this book can be read as a standalone I highly recommend at least reading the first two books of the Fire and Rescue Shifters Series to avoid spoilersOh my Oh my Oh my I love love love this book Firefighter Unicorn is a captivating addition to Chant's popular Fire and Rescue Shifters Series and another perfect example of why I adore Zoe Chant's passionate prose I've been a diehard fan for several years and I can truthfully say I've never read a Zoe Chant book I didn't enjoy Chant is an incredibly gifted storyteller talented wordsmith and master of her trade who excels at creating uniue storylines and vividly depicted worlds with beautifully detailed descriptions then populating her creations with intriguing characters that will surely capture your imagination along with your heart And Firefighter Unicorn is no exception Once I started reading I could not stop I was riveted to my seat white knuckling my ereader with my heart fluttering wildly in my chest as the hours flew as uickly as the pages and it was FABULOUS Can you tell I really enjoyed this story lol Now I'll tell you whyFirefighter Unicorn is an exciting well crafted fast paced easy to follow full length standalone paranormal tale filled to the brim with danger drama action suspense fantasy heartache passion and heartwarming romance The narrative is beautifully written in the third person with multiple perspectives but primarily from the two protagonists Chant also gives the reader an insightful peek into the mind of the heroine's always in trouble younger sister as well as the antagonist I know it can be a lot of work but I adore a book with multiple perspectives It allows me to know what's going on inside the minds of other characters not just the hero and heroine The dialogue is smart entertaining well executed and flows effortlessly I've loved the entire Fire and Rescue Shifter series but Firefighter Unicorn is my favorite I was fascinated by the gruff grouchy and very mysterious paramedic Hugh Argent when he was first introduced in the first book of the series and have impatiently waited for his story to be told I think every single fan of the Fire and Rescue Shifters Series including me has been trying to guess what kind of shifter Argent is but Chant has kept it a closely guarded secret until now but the title of the book may have given it away lol I was also intrigued by the not so nice and very frightening wyvern shifter Ivy Viverna who was introduced in Firefighter Pegasus the second book of series I was so hoping we would hear from her again and thankfully we do Much to my surprise Chant has paired two of her most intriguing characters in this story and they complement each other brilliantly This pair of unlikely lovers literally explode from the pages demand your undivided attention and completely capture your heart Although these characters appear in earlier books of the series this story can still be read as a standalone However if you wish to avoid a few spoilers I highly recommend at least reading the first three books before Firefighter UnicornNo spoilers from me but I will

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Firefighter Unicorn Fire Rescue Shifters #6His touch can heal anything except her Her touch can kill anyone except him He’s her salvation She’s his doom Sarcastic Short tempered Definitely not sparkly Paramedic and firefighter Hugh Argent is no one’s idea of a unicorn and he’s careful to keep it that way His life depends on hiding his secretsand on never meeting his true mate Outcast Unwanted Untouchable Wyvern shifter Ivy has been shunned her whole life. When I started this book there was an authors note recommending that the series be read in order but pointed out it wasn't necessary Of course I didn't do that Eff that I HAD to read Unicorn Firefighter first No harm no foul I understood the backstories easily This was Hugh and Ivy's romance action adventure I found myself pleasantly surprised I will definitely go back and read the others in the series Hugh is a unicorn shifter No one knows the identity of his animal except for his parents and his captain A unicorn horn can bring eternal youth to whomever has it They are valuable dead than alive As a result most people believe they do not even exist because they have been hiding Hugh has white spikey hair How cute is that I have blonde hair which is close to white so I started feeling a little unicornish myself He's known for his surly attitude and healing abilities Oh and anyone that's not chaste gives him a headache when he touches them Ivy is a wyvern shifter It's like a small dragon without hands and with wings that spews venomous poison She can't touch anyone because she could harm or kill them She's been raising her disabled younger sister for years and living hard She's tough and street smart Ivy has dark hair with a green streak She isolates herself from everyone and is disliked and feared among all shiftersObviously this was a great recipe for angst One touch heals the other destroys Combined with a one dimensional evil villain and family drama I couldn't help but devour this sucker Heck yeah