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Storm from the Shadows Read ä 104 ´ Perfidious PlotsCourageous Resolve—andof courseStarships Blown to SmithereensThe Solarian League Navy has been the premier navy of the galaxy for centuries Indeed no one can remember a time when it hasn't been acknowledged as the most powerful fleet in existenceUntil now that isA conference to end the terribleThrough in the clutch and finding a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat But most of all whatever the odds they never ever give up the fightAt the publisher's reuest this title is sold without DRM Digital Rights Management Shadow of Saganami seuel and the latest entry in David Weber's astoundingly adventurous phenomenally popular and multiply USA Today and New York Times best selling Honor Harrington sagaFollowing in the best tradition of CS Forester Patrick O'Brian and Robert A Heinlein These hugely entertaining and clever adventures are the very epitome of space opera Publishers WeeklyWeber's descriptions of space combat remain magnificent Science Fiction WeeklyA lifetime military history buff David Weber has carried his interest in history into his fiction  In the New York Times best selling Honor Harrington series the spirit of both CS Forester's Horatio Hornblower and history's Admiral Nelson are evident  With over five million copi. I chewed through the Honorverse Saga over the last little while because a housemate is also reading the series and I'm trying to keep ahead of him so that we can talk about it So expect a lot of Honorverse reviews from me in the near futureThis book is a significant departure in style from Weber's other Honorverse works As a result it has gotten mixed reviews Some readers accept it as a natural extension of previously established techniue and perspectives; others dislike it because it loses some of the personal third person focus that has characterized many other books in the seriesI find myself wondering at what Weber's process was when writing this and the remainder of the series Many of the events are repeated from other books I suspect he said to himselfOkay I've got this huge George RR Martin style saga to tell but if I did it that way I'd have a book so thick you could use it as a brick with a little mortar Welp; I'm really telling three different stories aren't I So which events fit into the three different stories Story one Honor's perspective Story two Cachat and Zilwicki Story three Michelle Henke and Saganami Island Let's divide them up with post it notesAnd then he set about telling those three separate stories He lets you know that because he starts giving timeline information ie one section of chapters will appear under a heading like March 1921 Post DiasporaAs a result some events are repeated because some events are places where the three stories and their characters intersect Sometimes he's able to tell them in a way that provides new events and new insights Sometimes he isn't I would argue you could skip those redone scenes but skim them so that you know you haven't missed anything importantI'm not sure he wouldn't have been better off telling all three storylines at once; or perhaps merging the Honor and Saganami Island storylines and leaving Cachat and Zilwicki their own space because he co writes that storyline with Eric Flint But I can see why he didn't The story is really just too damn big for that Not even Baen would publish it that way So it's the limitations of the genre that dictates the formOn the other hand BIG stories are a hallmark of good space operaThis book admittedly suffers by the division when considered on its own A lot of it feels like exposition and backstory Secondary characters end up giving us a lot of it I don't mind that but I would suggest he'd have done better with the intense third person personal style of Martin that way He's clearly not as invested in some of these secondary characters as he is in Honor and Mike Cachat and Zilwicki That's okay but the result is that some of the voices sound distant or impersonal than they ought toNow that I've read the series to the end I'm probably going to re read these last several books simultaneously That is I'm going to stack them all on my table start with the earliest date in the seuencing and go through all the books reading what happened in that month Then I'm going to go on to the next month and do the same thing And so on I suspect it will have much immediacy and intensity that wayBut when you consider this book as a complete unit it's backstory You need it to understand what's going on in the rest of the books and there are individual stories of secondary characters worth following So read it if you're reading the series But if you're focused on the adventures of the major characters skim this one for the places where Honor Mike and Aivars appear and glance through the rest

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Es of his books in print David Weber is the fastest rising star in the Science Fiction universe  His Honor Harrington series boasts over 3 million copies in print and Weber has had over thirteen of his titles on The New York Times Best Seller List  War of Honor book 10 in the series appeared on over twelve Best Seller lists including The Wall Street Journal The New York Times and USA TODAYWhile he is best known for his spirited modern minded space operas he has also developed a fantasy series of which two books have been published  Oath of Swords and The War God's Own  David's solo work also includes three novels of the Dahak series and the stand alone novels  Path of the Fury and The Excalibur AlternativeWeber's first published novels grew out of his work as a war game designer for the Task Force game Starfire  With collaborator Steve White Weber has written four novels set in that universe Insurrection Crusade In Death Ground and The Shiva Optio. Yet another David Weber novel Storm from the Shadows I'm still waiting for the seuel to A Rising Thunder and I'll probably wait for a while since Weber came out with a fantasy novel this year so I thought I'd check this one out It's a spin off set in the Honor Harrington Universe that parallels or shadows the main Honor Harrington series Honor's friend the Admiral Lady Michelle Henke has been captured by the enemy the Republic of Haven and then returned in a POW exchange She is now on parole in the old sense of the word The two sides agree that Henke will not fight against the Republic of Haven so the Manticore Star Empire has sent Admiral Henke to the Talbot Sector another battlefront where Manpower genetic slavers have precipitated what may be a war between Manticore and the Solarian League The Talbot Sector is the backside of nowhere but now it looks like the backside of nowhere is about to get a swift kick Any problems with this novel There is a lot of talking and explaining mostly to bring the reader up to date but also to explain the politics of the Talbot sector Although this is Book 2 of the Saganami series following young officers graduated from the academy on Saganami Island it is paralleling shadowing book 11 At All Costs of the Honor Harrington series A lot has happened in that long series so there is a lot to explain The author apologizes in the beginning of the book but not in the audiobook for reproducing passages already published in previous books Necessarily certain passages of previously published books are duplicated in the current book because this is a shadow book I understand but it can get a little tiresome if one is binge reading through the seriesAny modesty issues The F word is used on occasion Some sexual promiscuity is implied such as knowing looks passed between lovers but it never happens Sexual slavery is discussed in a clinical sense and in casual conversation always expressing disgust It was a pretty good read and I'll read it again

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Storm from the ShadowsPerfidious PlotsCourageous Resolve andof courseStarships Blown to SmithereensThe Solarian League Navy has been the premier navy of the galaxy for centuries Indeed no one can remember a time when it hasn't been acknowledged as the most powerful fleet in existenceUntil now that isA conference to end the terrible war between the Peeps of Haven and the Manticorean Star Kingdom is slated Peace is finally within reachYeah rightNot with the slaver conspiracy that calls itself Manpower Inc pulling intergalactic strings The plan To plunge the Star Kingdom into a two front war with Peeps and Sollies a process calculated to blast Honor Harrington's home system to smoking ruinAssassination's afoot And out on the galactic frontier known as the Verge big trouble boils over as Solarian League arrogance butts up against the steely resolve of Harrington protégé Michelle Henke aka Admiral Gold PeakToo bad for the Sollies For Harrington's officers have a habit of coming. I own many of Weber's earlier efforts This one was a library read which pretty much confirms my assessment of what's gone wrong with Weber's writing latelyBig book interesting developments in the Honor verse plot lines but filled with stylistic and writerly choices that really depress me Most of the book reads like a series of reports not characters moving through a story New characters are name checked and have one physical attribute and one psychological attribute attached to them immediately; characterization rarely goes much deeper than that clunky writer's exerciseMost non combat scenes involve characters discussing what other characters might or might not do followed later by another scene with the other characters discussing their plans and what the first characters might think they're doing Early on in the series the advantage of superior knowledge made these scenes somewhat interesting but when most of the book consists of them they strike me as the literary euivalent of cruise controlI always respected Weber for the wargamey background to his space combat scenes But the logical developments of weapons tech in his universe have pretty much turned any combat into a predictable and fairly mechanical affair No close uarters strike and counter strike Now we get dry data on missile ranges and numbers Maybe the first two or three times he presented combat as X missiles fire from Y pods and tubes with Z missiles hitting after countermeasures doing A damage it worked dramatically but now it's as dramatic as reading an Excel spreadsheetI've gone from being uneasy at the political implications of the hero kingdom being an aristocracy to being wistful about the treecats whose inclusion at least causes character's emotions to become relevant and wondering how much longer investment in this series will prove worthwhile