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The Elysian Prophecy kindle ✓ eBook The Deian Chronicles Book 1 Ì moneyexpresscard î An enchanted island An ancient evil A society determined to gain power After a violent attack leaves their father in the hospital Abigail and Benjamin Cole soon discover there’s to their family hDing Something dark has latched onto him In a race against his own failing mind where violent hallucinations and paranoia force him to believe he’s next in line for the family curse he learns he’s the only one that can save his family When darkness is coming who do you trust? Magic Possession War Perfect for fans of Libba Bray Cassandra Clare and Leigh Bardu This book definitely wasn’t what I was expecting Which isn’t a bad thing but I was thrown when I started this book as I was expecting a book set in a fantasy world both the blurb and the cover made me think this but the book starts following brother and sister Ben and Abi at an ordinary high school I didn’t have a problem with this I thought the glimpse into their family life at the start was really well done and was a great jumping off point to introduce the magic and secret society that we’re told about in the blurb If it had been done in that way I think I would have enjoyed this much but as it turned out neither main character really gets introduced to the fantasy element until about 40% in Which made everything seem very slow to me Don’t get me wrong it was all interesting and I enjoyed reading it There were loads of really great scenes that I really got to know the characters in but it wasn’t until about half way that this book resembled anything that felt like what the blurb had promised I feel like this was two stories Ben’s decent into ‘madness’ was my favourite part It kept me reading and turning the page and needing to find out what happened next whereas Abi’s parts even in the second half of the book were very slow and passive until right at the end Which brings me to the second thing I was expecting from the blurb which was a strong brother sister relationship and while it does say they get spilt up in the blurb I was just expecting More It seemed like they only remembered they were supposed to be trying to get back to each other every now and then Especially in Abi’s parts She does have a lot to think about but I feel like she should have been thinking about her family Once I got over my expectations the premise and the story itself was enjoyable I just wish it had been a bit uicker to get to the action which might just be my love for exciting fast paced stories

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An enchanted island An ancient evil A society determined to gain power After a violent attack leaves their father in the hospital Abigail and Benjamin Cole soon discover there’s to their family history than mental illness But when fifteen year old Abi is abducted she learns the attack wasn’t random Thrust into an exotic and beautiful world part of a multi mi True Rating 35I was given an eARC of this novel by the author in exchange for an honest review This review will be spoiler free Disclaimer I meant to finish and review this novel before its release date but since it was only sent to me a little over a week before publication and I had other obligations I wasn't able to SorryThe best way I can describe this book is to say it was enjoyable Not great but not bad either A true three out of five stars I was actually considering giving it 35 stars but enough issues piled up by the end that I couldn't justify the half starI want to start off with the things I liked and felt were really working for this novel By far my favorite part of it was the romance Although it didn't play a huge role in the story it acted as my shining beacon in the darkness What I liked most about it was the realism Abi one of the main characters in this book reminded me so much of myself when I was her age Experiencing a crush through her point of view was incredibly relatable and gave me some teen girl crush nostalgia There was nothing weird or unhealthy about the relationship either which is always something I look for Overall it was well doneAnother thing I felt was well done was Reis’s use of imagery when she remembered to include it that is A lot of the settings were described very well so I was able to see them clearly Along these same lines the action scenes were written clearly too and the tension was also consistently on point keeping me on edge until the characters were out of dangerThe magical elements also really worked well in this story The world building was mostly clear where I had a decent understanding of how the magic worked and it was cool to see the magic in action during fight scenes My favorite moments were where characters would use their teleportation as a fighting tactic disappearing and then reappearing behind the person they planned to attack To me that was both clever and really coolThere were also great mystery elements that kept me invested throughout the novel I found myself making predictions a lot though sometimes I felt like there were mysteries that didn't really need to be mysteries For example it took Reis a long time to even explain in what way Ben and Abi’s mom was sick They kept saying “Things haven't been the same since our mom got sick” All the while I was wondering “Sick how? Obviously mentally but what are her symptoms? Is she depressed? Anxious? Schizophrenic? What?” It would have been nice to have some clarity with that a little earlier onWhich segues nicely to the things I felt could have been improved The first is the ridiculous amount of time it took for Reis to give us a visual image of Ben and Abi We finally get some imagery of them when Abi finds a picture of her mom at a young age but before that there had been plenty of time to describe the two of them The story switches between Ben and Abi’s points of view after all so Ben could have easily described Abi and vice versa Instead we get “I look like my mom and Ben looks like me” imagery To this day I'm not entirely sure if I even have a clear picture of Ben or Abi in my headSpeaking of the POV shifts I felt that Reis didn't use them very effectively She seemed to be determined to switch between Ben and Abi every other chapter with the occasional random POV of a side character thrown in This would have worked if something interesting or exciting had happened every chapter or if every chapter had at least pushed the story forward in some way Unfortunately that wasn't the case In the beginning Abi's chapters really drug the story down ruining the pacing completely A couple of her chapters revolved around introducing characters who would be important later in the story but who I feel Reis could have gotten away with not introducing until they arrived later just for the sake of keeping the story moving If I were Reis in the beginning of the novel I would have had an introductory chapter for Abi and a scene where she went over to her friend Cora's house and hung out with Cora's brother Jesse and his friend Theo Other than that I would have cut her other scenes until the action began for her and I would have focused mainly on BenTowards the end of the novel something that really started bothering me were some plot inconsistencies I had noticed it as little stuff earlier in the book like Mr Flynn assigning a project that was due on October 31st and then in the same chapter telling someone that Halloween had been two weeks ago but by the end the issues were pretty big One example has to do with a crystal necklace that plays a large role in the story Abi had found it early on in the novel and had left it at her friend Cora's house Later in the novel she was afraid to tell Jesse that the necklace was in his house with his sister and it was made out as a big deal that she wanted to tell him but kept getting interrupted In Chapter 39 though she says “I saw that necklace again The one at your house” This implies that he knows the necklace is at his house but then a few chapters later she tells him that it's in his house and he acts shocked Stuff like this happened a few times and it really drove me nuts and pulled me out of the storyMy final gripe is something that I actually did not count toward my rating of this novel If I had it probably would have been at 25 stars instead of three I excused it because I assume it is not an issue in the final version of the book but I'm bringing it up because it really did negatively impact my reading experience This is the grammar and punctuation issues that I found scattered throughout the book Now I know Reis had some trouble with her proofreader backing out on her very close to publication and so I wouldn't have held it against her at all if there had been one or two errors scattered here or there that I'd found The problem was that by the end of the novel it felt like she'd written it with her eyes closed or like she'd dictated her novel and then hadn't read back through it to check for errors Punctuation wise commas were the main issue usually missing from where they should have been Grammar wise things were misspelled words were omitted and some things were just oddly phrased My first drafts of my own novels have less errors than this ARC which honestly I felt was a bit ridiculous Again a few errors I could have easily forgiven but when you're giving a book out early for review I would think you'd want it to be as close to perfect as you could get it in order to ensure your book got the best possible ratingOverall I enjoyed the basic concept of the plot There were moments where I genuinely got swept up in the story be it because of the romance magic or action However there were also times where I was taken out of the story because of silly mistakes which is a shame I was invested enough though to be interested in reading the seuel whenever it comes out because I do want to know what happens next In the end this would probably be a fun read for someone who does not look at books critically It isn't a novel I would go out of my way to recommend but I also wouldn't steer someone away from it if they came up to me and said they were planning to read itAnyone who is looking for a book featuring magical secret societies mind based magical abilities andor a war where you don't know who you can trust would most likely enjoy this novel

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The Elysian Prophecy The Deian Chronicles Book 1 Llennial feud she must decide who to trust in a society built on secrets uestioning everything she’s ever known she enlists the help of a boy connected to her in impossible ways and uncovers a dangerous secret stretching generations With Abi gone seventeen year old Ben desperately tries to search for both his sister and his mother but his hold on reality is fa Well first and foremost a huge congratulations to the author for releasing the first few chapters of thisI have had a read of the first chapter and a half and enjoying it so far it reads great The first chapter has me hooked in and invested in the story wanting to know The writing style is very readable and the whole thing is very polishedGetting to the point to release some of your work in my experience can feel like bearing your heart and soul as you know some people will like it and some won't so well done to the author for taking that stepWill definitely be ordering a copy when it is available for order in the UK Exciting