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Boracay Vows Carpe Diem Chronicles #1 doc Õ Download ¾ moneyexpresscard Ð To fulfill one vow she has to break another Krista Lopez has five days to fulfill her Turning Thirty Vow—the promise to do something life changing in celebration of this milestone birthday Her plan give in to her attractiTo fulfill one vow she has to break another Krista Lopez has five days to fulfill her Turning Thirty Vow the promise to do something life changing in celebration of this milestone birthday Her plan give in to her attraction to her boss Mr Blake Ryan Krista’s Irish American hunk of a bo Krista and BlakeCarpe Diem indeed Goodness gracious when can I get a ticket to Boracay? This story has provided uite an education around a culture that I should know about considering that my aunt is originally from the Philippines NBSB No Boyfriend Since Birth imagine that at nearly 30 years old In a sense Krista Lopez is facing a universal dilemma Born a child of mixed heritage in an essentially homogeneous culture Coupled with foreign tallness and adolescent obesity with its attendant perils makes for an all too real scenario Having outgrown her adolescent awkwardness and emerged as a swan unbeknownst to herself Krista decides to take the leap and seize the day in memory of a friend who will never be able to do it again Blake Ryan is a girl's dream come true I love that I could totally picture all of the characters due to Maida Malby's very vivid descriptions Henry Cavil Tom Hiddleston oh my Fine as wine athletic gorgeous smart commanding heart stoppingly handsome considerate beautiful did I mention that the man is good looking and Malby compared him to Henry Cavil? No? The man is fineThis is THE most well written book I've ever encountered on Kindle There were zero spelling and grammar errors The phrasing and thoughts flowed smoothly There was no awkwardness that pulled me out of the story This has never happened Kudos to the author and her editorial team You impressed this spelling and grammar nerdMaida Malby's playful wit shines through along with her intimate knowledge of local cuisine and culture This work is interspersed with definitions local phrases customs and s in such a natural and conversational fashion that this reader was transported and carried along with the protagonists on their developing relationship journey I loved it and I simply cannot wait for Krista and Blake's next steps in their HEA

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Ss is conveniently vacationing in the same posh resort in Boracay When he proposes a one week affair while they're on vacation she accepts It's only a fling after all Krista will not fall for an American She can't She promised her mother Promises are made to be broken Krista and Blake ho Amazing Romance Characters and SettingThis book was so good I loved that if there was drama it didn't last the whole book The setting was amazing with great descriptions of the beach culture foodeverything At the start of each chapter was a Filipino word with its pronunciation and meaning given afterward and I found that to be a fantastic touch As for the characters? Blake was an American CEO who loved his family He liked being in control but not in a creepy way He just liked managing people He was a bit arrogant but Krista the heroine took him down a notch I loved her and saw a lot of myself in her She started out this book very reserved and turning 30 Throughout the story she grew confident stronger and learned to really love herself Plus she read historical romance and was curvy so YES When deciding what to rate this story I had to give it the full 5 stars There's not one single thing I would change in here Sure things happened uickly but I really bought it Blake was respectful caring and just generally a great guy Krista was on the hunt for new experiences and self discovery which made her open to romance The two characters complimented each other well too I think if you're looking for a steamy contemporary romance with a Filipino flair you need this in your life

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Boracay Vows Carpe Diem Chronicles #1Pe what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay They want to keep their affair a secret from their colleagues from her family But secrets have a way of coming out When they're found out will Krista and Blake end their affair or will they say Carpe Diem to the promise of a love of a lifetime? Swoon worthyThis beach resort romance made me want to seize the day and book a tropical vacation The heroine grows so much from the beginning to the end and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Krista and Blake