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Monster City kindle ✓ eBook 9781503952881 Free ↠ The never before told true account of the serial killers who terrorized Nashville’s music scene for decades—and the cold case Murder Suad determined to bring an end to their sadistic spreesNashville—a haven for aspiring musicians and a magnet for country music fans By theAs a harbinger of worse to come As Postiglione was promoted from street beat Metro cop to detective sergeant heading Music City’s elite cold case Murder Suad some of America’s most bizarre elusive and savage serial killers were calling Nashville home And during the next two decades the body count climbedFrom Vanderbilt University to dive bars and out of the way motels Postiglione followed Living in Middle TN I was very intrigued by this book The intrigue lasted maybe through the first chapter After that it became tedious and confusing I made it to the section where Paul Dennis Reed started his savage killing spree and had to give up Firstly the author wrote this as if it were a murder mystery and throwing out cliffhangers and tantalizing comments This is true crime people's lives are and were horribly affected There is no reason to embellish on the drama Secondly the author persists in going off on tangents regarding criminal justice terms and how science and psychology has evolved in the last several decades but made it sound as if our police force were working in the dark ages prior to DNA testing and any other advances He persistently describes sub types of personality disorders in particular he really likes necrophilia and it's subcategories He describes what we now know as a lust murder Last time I checked that one had been around for a while and loosely referred to as a crime of passion or rage unless that is some odd sub text that I skipped over because this book is sooooo boring and confusing Thirdly the going off on tangents really ruins the flow of the book In the tangents with the introduction of terms and descriptions of other crimes that don't take place in Nashville results in very confused reading Fourthly I got the impression that he kind of looks down on Nashville He makes it seem as though Nashville hadhas a backwoods police force Sorry dude we aren't the backwards hicks you make us out to be and our police force is made of a whole lot of dedicated individuals who do their best protect our community Fifthly he also is really really impressed with his own intelligence Since he likes to use 50 cent words let's throw out hubris egotistical vainglorious and self aggrandizing Sixth the unimportant details Do we really need to know what kind of phone the office answered a call on while he was at home? Do we really need to know how tacky he thinks Captain D's restaurants are? I went to college with the cousin of one of the murder victims from Captain D's COMPLETELY UNCALLED FOR And lastly learn the definition of ironically There is NO irony in the fact that a killer drove a Chevy Lumina and so did the cops I'm only giving this book one star because we're not allowed to give a negative score The book was confusing and uite frankly if I wanted additional schooling on Criminal Justice I'd just go back and get my Master's degree in it and I don't even think it was particularly well researched including basing descriptions of areas of the city as they are now and not as they were when the crime was committed

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The never before told true account of the serial killers who terrorized Nashville’s music scene for decades and the cold case Murder Suad determined to bring an end to their sadistic spreesNashville a haven for aspiring musicians and a magnet for country music fans By the time Pat Postiglione arrived there in 1980 it was also the scene of an unsolved series of vicious sex slayings that served Monster City Murder Music and the Mayhem in Nashville’s Dark Age won on GoodreadsI found this a well paced true crime read covering Nashville’s serial killers during a particular period of time the author refers to as the Dark Age when there were a number of them active and the city was undergoing a renewal period It also follows the career of a particular detective Pat Postiglione who did an amazing job of clearing homicide cases once he was hired and came up through the ranks there to become the head of the department The city’s homicide detectives already had a better than average solve rate but once Pat joined them things became far better I’d read about a couple of these in particular the Trimble girl scout murder for sure but the rest were unheard of to me which is always great This is not for the faint of heart it describes gruesome scene details of the many killings that are carried out by some really disturbed killers I know at least one reviewer originally from Nashville had a problem with the author’s description of some of the locations saying that they were incorrect Not being from there or familiar with that area I can’t speak to the accuracy but it doesn’t really affect the readability much My thanks for the advance electronic copy that was provided by NetGalley author Michael Arntfield and the publisher for my fair review The Author Bestselling author Michael Arntfield is a veteran police officer professor and television host Known by his students as Profficer an endearing blend of his academic and law enforcement professions he teaches criminology at Western University and is a previous visiting Fulbright Chair at Vanderbilt University With fifteen years of experience as a police officer Arntfield offers a uniue perspective into unsolved murder cases that combines suspenseful storytelling academic knowledge and investigative technology He is the lead investigator on the true crime series To Catch a Killer on the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada and is the author of Murder City The Untold Story of Canada's Serial Killer Capital He is also Director of the Murder Accountability Project in the United States and both the founder and Director of the Western University Cold Case Society in Canada When he isn't teaching investigating cold cases or writing about them he is researching long term crime trends and developing new television projects His latest research is on cyberbullying social media and psychopathy Little A 352 pagesPub Sept 4th 2018 RATING 355 StarsMy BookZone blog

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Monster City The bloody tracks of these ever escalating crimes each enacted by a different psychopath with the same intent to murder without motive or remorse But of all the investigations of all the monsters Postiglione chased few were as chilling or as game changing as the Rest Stop Killer a homicidal trucker who turned the interstates into his trolling ground Next stop Nashville But Postiglione was waiti Ultimately this was an underwhelming read although it did make me feel very hard boiled and noir ish for having lived in and survived Nashville which I found to be a wonderful and welcoming city during its Dark Age This book suffers from the author's indecision about his focus Is this a case history of murders a snapshot of a city a biography of a lead detective or an origin story for a cold case team? The lack of focus leads to confusion because stories are told out of order or without context and nothing gets satisfactory resolution