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Make Me Whole (Isle Of The Forgotten, #2.5) Summary Ç 104 ´ Consumed by guilt uildor Vinson returns to the Mage Tower and uestions his place He saw the signs of instability in his commander; could he have prevented the betrayal that nearly killed his comrades When the High Mage mentions strange reports near the village of uS heart when he was young If the only woman he’s ever loved is in danger uildor knows he cannot remain idle Even if it means disregarding the High Mage’s orders alternate cover edition for ASIN B01N2ZSRMA is available here and her. I voluntarily received a copy of Make Me Whole for an honest review  This one took me a bit to get into and I was honestly worried I wasn’t going to like it  I think the names throw me because there are not easy to wrap the tongue around  However I kept reading and the story got really really good and exciting uildor is tasked to return to the village of his birth after 18 long years away to observe rud weird happenings  He is finally returning home returning to her Wren  Wren is a now a servant of the gods a priestess if you will and acts to help shepherd the dead to their final resting place  Kinda an icky gig if you ask me  Her village is under a plague and people are dying at an astounding rate  And those that are supposedly there to help are working against her and her peoples beliefs   uildor was ordered to observe only but when he sees the woman he still loves is stricken by plague he can’t and is spurred to action  But the plague turns out to be much malevolent than first appearance and it is a fight to stay alive and escape the village The story is very exciting and is loaded with intrigue action and a bit of passion  I can’t wait to see what happens nextMy favorite uote from the storyThere is no good or evilonly truth and lies  We can learn to sort one from another when spoken but the truth of a man’s thoughts is his greatest kept secret  Time spent pondering another man’s truth is time for him to bury a blade in your gut”

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E reports near the village of uildor’s birth he sees a chance to take action and volunteers immediately to investigate Though he hasn’t set foot in the village for eighteen years he has never forgotten Wren the girl who claimed hi. ★★★★★ 5 full starsMake Me Whole has become my favorite from this series hands down I didn’t expect to fall in love with this book as much as I did but it happened either way I feel like the series just keeps getting better and the third book will no doubt be amazing as well Before reading this I wasn’t much interested in the other characters’ stories so this just made me want to get to know each and every character that has appeared in the past two books Maybe the fact that the novella was short is what has to do with it but I found it to be very fast paced and there weren’t any dull moments even if the book was focused on the romance which I found no problem at all me being a romance reader and all In Make Me Hunger uildor appeared to have a caring and compassionate side to him which I think is important ualities to have when being a healer And in this book we get to see a deeper side of him that we weren’t able to see in the previous book uildor has an intense regret in his heart for leaving his town behind but most of all leaving the love of his life with the town He is determined to return to Westhaven to make sure that Wren is not in any danger and volunteers to observe the happenings without intervening but when he discovers a dark plague he shows himself and makes up his mind to take her back with him Even if it’s been eighteen years without seeing Wren uildor is still deeply in love with her and does his best to explain his reasons for disappearingDespite the fact that uildor left without saying a word Wren is still in love with him and doesn’t resent him for leaving which says a lot about her character If it was anyone else I don’t think he would have been forgiven easily after returning But Wren a kind and caring person that holds a deep love for uildor In the eighteen years she has matured and become a strong person which I admire dearlyAfter reading any book by Tiffany Roberts I always say I’ve fallen in love with the main character and it’s no different this time I’ve fallen in love with uildor and I will even go on to say that this has made my favorite from the series and I just cannot wait to read ARC kindly provided by author

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Make Me Whole Isle Of The Forgotten #2 5Consumed by guilt uildor Vinson returns to the Mage Tower and uestions his place He saw the signs of instability in his commander; could he have prevented the betrayal that nearly killed his comrades When the High Mage mentions strang. This is a novella addition to the Isle of Forgotten series that actually doesn't take place on the Isle Doesn't matter this fantasy world is highly original and has layers and layers to tap Tiffany Roberts has a great clear absorbing writing style that I like very much Unfortunately this is the 4th book in a row I have read by this writing team that has either rape or attempted rape as an aspect of the story Please dear authors uit relying on this situation for dramatic and emotional impact Your writing your characters and your plots are strong enough to not need to go there 3 stars because the story went thereagain UPDATE Aug 3 2017 I received a very nice note from the author team saying that on their own they had become aware of the unintentional prominence of this theme in their work and they wanted to reassure that their two in progress works will NOT include assaults of this type Did I say how nice that note was I wish I were half as elouent Did I just fan girl a little But you know NICE I think I want them as my new neighbors Book source Kindle Unlimited