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The Duke of Ice The Untouchables #7Everyone Nicholas Bateman ever loved has died Except Violet Caulfield which must mean he never loved her Nine years after she threw him over to marry a viscount Nick is a widowed duke who prefers isolation When a friend convinces him to leave his lair of self imposed so. My heart is sad right now I love Darcy Burke and have been raving about this series since the beginning However this book just wasn't a good fit for me and for the first time I could not finish it stopped at 60% Does this mean I don't recommend the series Heck no I love this series and I'll definitely be reading and highly anticipating the next one and everyone should check it out This book just wasn't my tasteThe premise of the story is how two people with a painful history suddenly find themselves at a house party together and are forced to the conclusion that their shared story is not uite finished I really like second chance stories and appreciated the detail about the house party that Burke included ie games activities etc However there were a few crucial things that kept me from becoming emotionally engaged with the story Since this may be spoilerish I'll tag it as suchview spoilerMy biggest reason for not being able to finish this story was because of the hero I have not hated a hero as much as I hated Nick in uite a long time Yes he has some pain in his past However everyone has their own cross to bear I do not believe there is a single person on this earth that does not carry some burden or another Nick wields his pain like a weapon and an excuse to be an enormous jerk to everyone I knew his story and yet I couldn't connect Violet the heroine and Simon Nick's best friend and The Duke of Ruin had painful pasts which Nick was aware of and yet at every turn he acts like a selfish ass and actually adds to their pain I have a tough time connecting to heroes like this To many if the hero grovels at the end then it is an emotional journey but not me No amount of groveling would ever redeem NickI also didn't like most of the secondary characters In particular there was the old biddies who had a ton of page time and were just plain awful I also didn't care for Violet's friend Hannah who was unbelievably shallow and only obsessed with her house party She also blabbed about the heroine's secrets which I found unforgivableFinally I didn't like the plot This is a personal preference of mine and is not Burke's fault She executed it well and the pacing was solid I just didn't care for it I really don't care for stories where the hero and heroine are at odds the entire book And I certainly don't like it when the hero is all I'll never marry for love so I won't be with the heroine but I'll consider marrying another woman instead This book has a lot of tension and emotional pullif you are into it Since I couldn't connect to the hero this plot didn't grab me hide spoiler

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characters The Duke of Ice The Untouchables #7 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Everyone Nicholas Bateman ever loved has died Except Violet Caulfield which must mean he never loved her Nine years after she threw him over to marry a viscount Nick is a widowed duke who prefers isolation When a friendOsity he still bears toward her Despite those obstacles it’s clear their passion hasn’t dimmed However the heat between them isn’t enough to melt the Duke of Ice and this time Violet may find herself the jilted party Can love once so tragically lost finally be fou. Nicholas Duke of Kilve was brooding again alone at home when his friend Simon Duke of Romsey pays him an unexpected visit Simon has brought an invitation to a house party; while Nick is content to wallow in his solitude Simon is desperate to go out Simon’s reputation has never recovered from the malicious gossip since the death of his wife and has earned him the unsavoury moniker of The Duke of Ruin If Nick goes to the affair Simon will be able to accompany him; and Simon does want to remarry if someone will have him unlike Nick THE DUKE OF ICE who has settled in his lonely widowhood Nick relents but tells Simon he will leave as soon as he can Their hosts Irving and Hannah Linford invited them because Hannah knows that dukes even ones with a much tarnished veneer will give some éclat to her party and elevate her social status Hannah is also Lady Violet Pendleton’s best friend but what Hannah didn’t know is that Violet and Nick were once loversDarcy Burke has struck gold again with this seventh instalment of The Untouchables which can all be read as standalones and THE DUKE OF ICE is another must read from this fabulous author Ms Burke has created such compelling characters that I never disliked Nick who is at times truly disagreeable and even rude I felt sad for him because he has experienced so many painful losses among them Violet’s marriage to another man Nick is nearly a hermit and I wholeheartedly agreed with Simon that he ought to do something about his sorry excuse for a life Violet didn’t have it much easier she has never stopped loving Nick but she doesn’t like THE DUKE OF ICE that he has become I adored Nick and Violet as well as the fabulous Simon; all three are coping with their losses as best as they can but in very different ways which was one of the many highlights of this book Even secondary characters are splendid the terrifying old gossips Lady Nixon and Mrs Law; Cassie and Andy; the young Diana Lavinia and the terrific and most intriguing SarahThe writing is a marvel of smooth elegance and the dialogues are superb especially between Simon and Nick I loved how Darcy Burke utilised the various games and entertainment at the party to advance the plot; the segment featuring the archery contest was particularly well done Nick’s epiphany left me breathless and teary eyed and those moments where the present meets the pasts are brilliant and so moving THE DUKE OF ICE is an incredibly emotional story; there was a lot of drama I did not expect and I dare anyone to stop reading once the second half gets under way because this is intense I had barely finished this book that I wanted to read the next one THE DUKE OF RUIN I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

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Litude he considers taking another wife provided she agrees to his terms no emotional attachment of any kind Now widowed Lady Violet Pendleton hopes for a second chance with the man she’s always loved But she isn’t prepared for the desolation in his soul or the anim. The Duke of Ice is my least favorite Untouchable story I almost gave it 2 stars but the ending help elevate it to 3 starsAfter a series of deaths in his family and much lost Nicholas Bateman becomes the 10th Duke of Kilve Losing his wife and son was the final straw for Nick so he builds a walls of Ice around his heart and lives a solidary life not attending the normal functions of a Duke He has only one friend and that is Simon The Duke of Romsey Simon convinced Nick to attend a House Party where he encounters his long lost love Violet Who eight years ago dumped him to marry a Viscount Pendleton Nick was only a Mr then But it was Violet's parents who made her marry the Viscount Nick can't forgive her for this Nick realizes he is and always will be in love with Violet Violet never stopped loving Nick and was force to marry Viscount Pendleton 8 years ago OK my problem with the story is I am sick of The Spinister Widow characterization who thinks she is barren I also didn't like the fact that once Violet and Nick had reconnected sexually and what seemed to be lovingly that he goes off and Proposes marriage to Dianna Kingman A young lady Nick and Violet met at the Linford House Party This was really ridiclous The reason is he won't marry Violet because he loves her and everyone he loves dies So He Propose Marriage to someone he barely know and doesn't love to protect his feelings What a waste of story Dissappointing story since I loved so many other stories in The Untouchable series I hope bk 9 The Duke of Ruin Simon and Dianna stories is much better