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Free download ´ להעיר אריות Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free õ Dr Eitan Green is a good man he saves lives then one day he hits someone while speeding along in his SUV Seeing the man an African migrant is beyond help he flees the scene It is a decision that changes everytVerythingBecause the dead mans wife knows what happens her price is not money bu something else entire. Power is a valuable commodity and can be purchased with many currencies – social standing moral rectitude force sex violence blackmail and so onWaking Lions starts out as an interesting meditation of the acuisition use and misuse of power Eitan our principal is an Israeli neurosurgeon in high dudgeon after running afoul of his previous mentor is exiled from his high flying position in one of Tel Aviv's leading hospitals to a job in the dusty peripheral city of Beer Sheva His wife a police officer bears the family's fall from grace this is how it is portrayed by the way personally I uite like Beer Sheva out with fortitude; not surprising she is a police officer after all she counsels discretion from her husband Rocking the boat of morality is not always as simple as one may think it to be Not everything is black or white after all One night Eitan runs over an illegal immigrant and flees the scene He has been seen though and leaves evidence of his crime at the scene In short order he becomes the victim of a blackmail The extortioner and the extortioner's demands though are both unexpected and topical for modern day IsraelPositives Waking Lions grants all its principals agency a sadly uncommon conceit in literary fiction The privileged neurosurgeon the migrant worker an employerexploiter of cheap labour who creeps into the narrative the Bedouin Arabs who flit in and out of perspective; all to some point are the beneficiaries or victims of their own choices inasmuch as wider circumstances allow them the capacity for free choice 'Waking Lions' negotiates this tension well Positives In common with a lot not all Israeli high brow art there is the tendency to lump a multitude of social ills within a single implausibly complex setting There is a lot going on here admittedly but the tensions sit alongside one another very well The principal issue the continued occupation of the West Bank is never specifically references But I'd argue that the shadow it casts over Israeli society as a whole is a constant presence not least in the tension between good and bad the constant insistence on moral behaviour – and when and why this lapses – is handled adroitlyPositives flashes of mordant humour In the manner of the old joke about running faster than a bear Eritreans migrants we learn are world champions at the 500m dash this being the range of the Egyptian weaponry deployed against them as they make the long lonely and hazardous journey across the Sinai desert to IsraelNegatives Self conciously literary in context and execution The author believes in telling rather than showing And boy does she tell It isn't as it happens the usual literary failing of pointless purple prose rather a determined tedium; the insistence on filling out the detail that gives the back story of all the principals To be fair this treatment is granted all the major characters; but one does feel bludgeoned by the tedium after a while I think that this book could have easily lost 20 percent and be the better for itNegatives An workmanlike translation Some translation choices seemed a bit curious some uninspired That said there is always the uestion does the translator reproduce the author's words as faithfully as possible; seek to reproduce in the secondary language how the author would have written the book were the author writing in the secondary language; or some point between two with a bias towards the first or the second I rather prefer tilting towards the latter It is a delicate negotiation however Side issue should the translator seek to preserve the author's voice or look for an approximation in the secondary language For an interesting perspective on this compare the two translations of Murakami's 'THe Wind Up Bird Chronicle the unofficial translation used for a while in Japanese schools and the official translation The translator here tries to retain the author's lyricism Thing though is that it doesn't particularly work in English Hebrew is an economic language and often comes across as long winded when translated directly into English There are ways of negotiating this but I don't uite think the translator manages it By way of comparison The excellent translation of Alon Hilu's 'The House of DajaniRajani' retains the texture and visceral taste of the original Hebrew yet has a character of its own in EnglishNegative After gradually being lulled into a stupor by the author's soporific perambulations the narrative suddenly and most improbably ignites in the last uarter of the book The sharp swerve is plausible just about – but completely out of character with the rest of the book And sets up a most dissatisfactory conclusion That said one must be fair the ending isn't so much a tying up of loose ends into an untidy package as a reminder that life sucks and on an epic scale Some people will always retain the Power regardless of the currency they need to use to acuire it Some other people from time to time may taste of it but only for a whileWaking Lions isn't a bad book; it's ambitious which is something that is increasingly hard to say about fiction these days And in that sense failing to uite reach a satisfactory goal is no shame But still it fails Whilst writing this I changed my review from 2 stars to 3 stars Star systems are hopelessly limited of course But it wasn't the bad book that 2 stars would suggest just a flawed book In any case credit should be given for a good try

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Dr Eitan Green is a good man he saves lives then one day he hits someone while speeding along in his S. THE UNIVERSE WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYSWhat’s the first thing a person will say after you’ve told him he has a brain tumor“Can’t be”Understanding denial a coping mechanism that gives you time to adjust to distressing situations has a purpose But staying in denial can he harmful Making wrong choices only makes things worse Karma will definitely come back to smack you in the face over and over againIt doesn’t make any difference how intelligent a person is or how admirable their job isLife becomes “meaningless in the face of persistent refusal to look at what’s staring it in the face”Wrongdoings never go away Family secrets damage otherswithholds of important news LIES are DAMAGING Denial and justifications play a rollDenial lies secrets withholdssabotages others unfairly and hurts thyself A hit and run Whew That’s got to be one of the heaviest guarantees for suffering ‘ever’ Doctor Green What have you done His SUV of steel and iron killed a man but why did Dr Green Israeli respected neurosurgeonhusband father of two young kidsleave the African man to finish dying alone on the road Sirkit the widow knew Dr Eitan bolted after his car killed her husband AsumSirkit shows up at Eitan’s doorstep the next morning to hand Eitan his wallet that he left at the crime scene The reader thinks about the situation from many points of views It’s not that we don’t understand Eitan’s thought process we do He couldn’t save the man He was a neurosurgeon he knew the man was dying he a skilled physician but knew he couldn’t save the dying man So Maybe Dr Green could at least save himself wife and two children from this tragedy and all the ongoing stress that would followIt’s insane and wrong but are there ever circumstances where rules broken make the most sense Paul my husband thinks so But we both agree the doctor made a huge mistake Besides the fact that a ‘hit run’ is a felony and even if the doctor never got found out but he does ‘every’ relationship in his life after his hidden truth would be damaged jeopardize in some way His personal perpetration would spill over into ‘all’ his relationship I think he forgot that “the truth will set you free” Coming forth with ‘the truth’ years later is kinda ‘too late’ Dr Eitan Green turned green when the dead man’s wife showed up at his door the next day with his wallet in her hand Obvious evidence was left at the crime scene Blackmail was comingExtortion was coming after Eitan But what is fascinating to me Paul and I had several conversations is the following uestion“Would the doctor make a bigger difference sitting in jail or helping sick people”If he’s not a harm to society and doesn’t need rehabilitating then what good would he do in jail The guy just made a BAD CHOICE but what should the punishment beI honestly was having such a good time with this bookso much to considerPaul and I were both hooked Dr Green’s wife Liat was a police officer If she ‘knew’ her husband was behind the wheel who killed a man and boltedwhat moral choice would ‘she’ make She is of course the police investigating the hit and run casewhich only gets increasingly messy This is a FASCINATING COMPELLING THOUGHT PROVOKING STORYThere was a little too much padding of the characters inner thoughts but overall this was a terrific tale for both Paul and I anyway Sirkit and Asum were immigrants members of the Eritrean diaspora in the Negev which added elements of political themes with refugee issues but most of the story focused on the domestic uandary Sirkit was a beautiful savvy conniving woman She had a plan for Dr Green There was no reason to assume that Sirkit wouldn’t stop asking for money and a few weeks of work from Dr Green to treat her community for free Sirkit told the Eitan that his days were his own but during the evenings he was to return to an abandoned garage to treat sick Eritrean patients “Waking Lion” takes place in the Southern Israeli town of Beersheva Eitan is trapped Sirkit is ‘the walking lion’She’s got power over Eitan and she’s not letting go A relationship develops between themMESSY twisty suspensefulsurpriseswith psychological thriller aspects that develop towards the endWe are introduced to a young Bedouin boygiving us a glimpse of what life was like for both Bedouin and Eritrean refugeesillegal migrants ha the underdogs Great visuals of the landscape of Israel the dusty sands and the bright shining moon which illuminates the many social problems in Israel So many ‘what if’ moments contemplateOnce this story gets in your head with scenes that were unpredictable it’s not easy to stop thinking about this story EXCELLENTREALLY EXCELLENTI’m only sorry I waited 2 years to read it when I’ve owned it all this time Now I can’t get this book out of my thoughts “You could never really know what was happening inside someone else’s head But you could try Watch the windows of the house patiently until a momentary gust of wind pushes the curtain aside Then peer in And fill the missing pieces in your mind” Great discussion bookWritten with much compassionA 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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להעיר אריותUV Seeing the man an African migrant is beyond help he flees the scene It is a decision that changes e. Waking Lions by Israeli born Ayelet Gundar Goshen is one of the most moving books I've read this year While its story is complicated – mostly but not solely told from the perspectives of an Israeli doctor and an Eritrean immigrant – it considers moral responsibility While driving fast after a late surgery Eitan hit and killed an illegal immigrant from Eritrea then fled the scene fearing the conseuences Sirkit the dead man's wife went to Eitan's house to return his wallet which had been left at the scene and exact medical care for her peopleThis is a timely book on several levelsEitan's had been a comfortable life which was upended when he accused his boss of accepting bribes – only to be transferred to the dusty desert of Beersheba Even in Beersheba his was a uiet and privileged life That is until he fit and killed Asum At that point he asked What defined him — a full life of careful driving of medical studies of carrying an old lady’s groceries from the supermarket or that single moment Loc 2174 2175 For much of Waking Lions it was the latter The uestion I think is why Eitan's mistake consumed and nearly destroyed him Why was the hit and run defining of who Eitan was than his careful conscientious parenting his brilliant surgeries his good works One answer is that his morality only went skin deep and in ways that were easy When it counted however he went for what was expedient – at great cost But apparently existential fears sometimes overcome moral imperatives and their mortgage was undoubtedly an existential fear Loc 767 768 Although Waking Lions is about deeply personal decisions it also explores our moral decisions about immigration leaving us appropriately uneasy A bank balance of 30000 shekels would lose nothing if a mere 1000 were taken from it Many people could be saved with 1000 shekels Food for babies purified water Nevertheless the money remained in the bank That was where it belonged and the moral discussion remained around the living room coffee table where it belonged They were no different from him He had abandoned an injured Eritrean on the side of Route 40 while they left their Africans in the savanna It was a clear option 1000 shekels for a person’s life Any takers No Of course not The issue wasn’t what you were running from only whether you got caught Loc 945 950 Eitan's crime was not only a hit and run or a failure to donate to charities but a failure to see and empathize Eitan knew that Sirkit was beautiful and he knew that if he were to see her in the street he would not give her a second glance Loc 1396 – even though he is consumed by her alternately hating and lusting after herGundar Goshen's book is an often scathing condemnation of our daily failures in moral courage and empathy the ease with which we slough off and excuse our responsibility for others our inability to recognize privilege and oppression He didn’t want her to be a saint All he wanted was for her to be human and it never occurred to him that there are times when being human is a privilege Loc 3727 3728 This is a beautifully written complex and moving story I wish it was irrelevant and unnecessary I am a good person but wish that I didn't see myself and the people who are close to me in Eitan