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Always Cross + Catherine #1; Legacy Novels mobi Ä Cross + Catherine #1; Legacy Novels Ø A Legacy Novel A wild boyA sly girl Cross Donati defines trouble He does what he wants because he’s never known anything different He’s unapologetic and he owns it Catherine Marcello is every bit a gooA Legacy Novel A wild boyA sly girl Cross Donati defines trouble He does what he wants because he’s never known anything different He’s unapologetic and he owns it Catherine Marcello is every bit a good girl on the outside Her entire world is a legacy and she lives it She’s curious and she’s exploring it She chases bad thingsHe never learned to be good Always A Legacy NovelNow Free with Kindle Unlimited Grab your copy at one of the following ♕ US wwwdpB075NWJG7UK wwwcoukdpB075NWJG7CA wwwcadpB075NWJG7AUS wwwaudpB075NWJG7 Most commonly asked uestion is this a YA novel due to the heroine hero being aged 13 14 through to 18 20 for the novel? No YA coming of age fiction is not the same A character's age does not determine a novel's genre If that were the case novels like ROOM where a 5 year old describes his life with his mother as a kidnap victim would be considered children's novels YA is Twilight Saga and geared toward YA readers Coming of Age fiction is Dusty Delinuents Always is a coming of age fiction with a contemporary and new adult romance arc Grab book two in the Cross Catherine books Revere now US CA UK AUS three Unruly is live US

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SelfSometimes love has to fall crash and burn This is what love is like when you’re a principe and principessa della mafiaThis is what love is like when you’re Cross Donati and Catherine Marcello Always is a Legacy Novel and while it is standalone it can also act as a preuel for Revere Each Legacy Novel stands alone from any other book series or collection 4 Always StarsTwo awesome mafia families The Marcello's and The Donati's have children Catherine Marcello the reginella Little ueen and Cross Donati the principe Prince of their respective crime families end up at the same school just a year apart A Reginella and a Principethese two meet they are only 13 and 15 but they have an instant connection Young love is usually sweet and innocent but what if your background isn't innocent? Growing up in a mafia family when much is given much is expected There are rules and codes and even the very young learn their roles in their families Cross Donati is an arrogant handsome bad boy that is a handful to his parents Catherine Marcello is sweet doesn't want to disappoint her parents and straight laced First love first kissthose mean something to Catherine and she completely falls for Cross who recognizes that Catherine is special It's not easy because they are so young It's rocky at times it's perfect at times it's those teenage years that makes things volatile amazing rough and wonderful all at the same timeI loved Cross and Catherine Their relationship followed young love but bad boys usually can and do lead good girls astray As they grow and love the dynamics of their relationship changes and warps Sometimes they are together and sometimes they aren't but the one constant that they do have is that they love one anotherAlways But the story has a dark edgeIt was Catherine spiraling in and out of control and Cross having to pick up the pieces putting her back together Not really the job for a teenager but his love for Catherine and his promise to Always be there is what make Cross so endearing and maddening at the same time But how can you be mad at a kid whose doing the best he can for his girl?While I enjoyed this story the young ages of Cross and Catherine bothered me some What they experience at what I consider a young age is troublesome and concerning There is drugs and sex and reading about high schoolers having sex just isn't for me I felt that these kids were actually a lot older than their teenage years as wellBut throughout the story what I really enjoyed was the connection between Cross and Catherine and their loyaltycommitment to one another Bethany Kris writes the best mafia stories They are full of crime and passion and fierce loyalty towards their family and especially their love ones While this story can be read as a standalone having read these two parent's story completely captured me because of their parents I'm looking forward to the continuation of Cross and Catherine in Revere I believe that age maturity and some therapy will bring this couple full circle to where they will ALWAYS be with one another Catherine Cross #PerfectFirstYoungMafiaLoveadvanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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Always Cross + Catherine #1; Legacy Novels They’re late nights stolen cars first times fist fights leather jackets beaches bloody smiles and lifeThey’re vicious and precious dangerous and harmless innocence and sin They are love Love is killing for someoneLove is living for someone Sometimes you can’t keep saving your heart when it means sacrificing it tooSometimes you have to learn to save your Title Always Cross Catherine #1 Author Bethany Kris Genre New Adult Romance Publishing Date October 2017 Always had me in a vicious cycle of raw emotions Saying this book was intense is an understatement I didn't want this book to end at all I was a blubbering mess by the end and was actually screaming my frustration and heartache It didn't help that the second part Revere Cross Catherine #2 isn't out yetAlways is a coming of age book The storyline spans from the ages of 13 15 Catherine Cross to 18 20 Catherine Cross years oldCross Nazio Donati is the son of Calisto and Emma Donati and Catherine Marcello the daughter of Chicago mafia royalty Dante Catrina Marcello Knowing their parents story aka Filthy Marcellos series and Donati bloodlines series A must read I knew this book was going to be epic and Bethany Kris didn't disappointCatherine and Cross My God What can I say that will justify their love for each other They were each others soul One didn't feel complete without the other Their love was than what started out as a summer romance than a high school romance This was a story of growing up together and being in love in a forbidden world that is the mafia No one will understand the anxiety inducing heart pounding love that is shared by these two This book was an addiction for me Sleep was over rated I read until the streaks of sunlight peaked through my curtains I cried until I felt like I had left behind a piece of my soul I fell in love with Cross for his undying love and devotion towards Catherine I felt the pain and turmoil Catherine went through Most of all I understood and loved their unfaltering Unadulterated love for each other through duty Love and ResponsibiltyAlways is a heart rending beautiful story of unconditional loveA Must Must Must ReadFor reviews Updates and Giveaway followBlog Sentranced JemSocial media Facebook Instagram and Twitter