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“Exuisitely written feats of imagination each one leaving an impression long after it’s done” Kelley Armstrong NYTbestselling author of RitualsIn this intimate first collection from award winning novelist Jo Walton Among Others The King’s Peac I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I always find short stories to be an eclectic mix of good and bad and this was no exception with some poetry and plays thrown in for good measure Starlings covers the folk and myths aspect of stories with a wide variety of settings from a travelling coin who exchanges hands from thieves to lovers to a retelling of Snow White which I think was my favourite There's even a story about artificial intelligence and the concept of biographies which was interesting and the afterthoughts from the author provided a little bit understand as to the concepts she's using At times I did think this was a collection of the authors thoughts concepts and ideas rather than a coherent set of stories The author even points this out in her introduction as she states it's not really a short story collection Which kind of begs the uestion what's the point of this? I think I would have preferred just waited until the author developed their concepts into some 'proper' short fiction Also the collection itself is rather short and without much depth to it Unfortunately my uest to find the perfect collection of short stories continues

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StarlingsE Necessity are captivating glimpses of her subtle myths and wholly reinvented realities An ancient Eritrean coin uncovers the secrets of lovers and thieves The magic mirror sees all but can do almost nothing A search engine logically proceeds down th Jo Walton has one of the most beautiful writings I have ever came across Robin Hobb is the only one who can surpass her from my PoV I loved My Real Children and I hoped to enjoy this one just as much However no matter how beautiful she writes the stories are on the ‘too lyrical’ side for meHalf of the book consists in poems which I did not read and the other half in short stories I read five of them and stopped I just could not get into them One story is a version of Snow White told from the Pov of the mirror but the resemblance with the fairytale stops here Another is a letter from Jane Austen to Cassandra – yes that mythical Cassandra Another is about an 89 years old woman suffering from dementia and not realizing it and her encounter with an alien I guess the others are of less in the same noteUnfortunately there are just too many allegories for my taste But if you love her style you’ll love this collection too ARC received courtesy of NetGalley and Tachyon Publications

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Starlings mobi é Kindle Edition  moneyexpresscard Ð “Exuisitely written feats of imagination each one leaving an impression long after it’s done”—Kelley Armstrong NYTbestselling author of RitualsIn this intimate first collection from award winning novelist Jo Walton Among Others The King’s Peace Necessity arE path of an existential crisis Three Irish siblings thieve treasures with ingenuity bad poetry and the aid of the ueen of Cats Through eclectic stories intriguing vignettes inspired poetry and Walton soars with humans machines and than a hint of magi Starlings by Jo Walton3 starsThis is Jo Walton’s first short story collection and she prefaces this collection with acknowledging that she isn’t very good at right short stories I think that it is important to keep that in mind when embarking into this collection Not all of these stories are good in fact an awful lot of them are well awful It is a horrible collection and I have read for worse but this isn’t a particularly strong collection Starlings is comprised of short stories a play and handful of poems Walton writes in an array of genres within the science fiction and fantasy realm Her ideas are very uniue and outside of the box I really enjoyed that aspect of this collection because it made the stories diverse in content but all along the same vein of storytelling I do think it is important to let readers know that Walton is fantastic at incorporating religious or God like concepts into her writing and if you hate religious allegories then this collection is not for you But I love God and I love being challenged to think about God and know God in different ways and perspectives and I felt that Walton was incredibly strong in this area of storytelling I love Walton’s prose in her fantasy stories For me that is when she is at her strongest and I do plan on picking up other work by her particularly Tooth and Claw which I’m excited about getting my hands onWhimsical Writing Scale 35 Three Twilight Tales – 3 stars The writing for this fantasy is uite beautiful and I loved the ending but the formatting did not fit and it wasn’t until the ending that I grew to care for this tale My biggest problem was that this story had no real motivation until the very end Jane Austen to Cassandra – 225 stars The concept of Jane Austen writing a letter and it winding up in the hands of the wrong Cassandra who happens to be living during the Battle of Troy is cute However this has no real purpose as story and is too short to be substantial Undeniable Witness – 35 stars This is a nice story about an old woman who lives in a nursing home She claims that she has been visited by aliens and is recording it in hopes of proving that she is not crazy On the Wall – 5 stars This story follows the creation of the Magic Mirror and it follows the conflict that the mirror feels as it begins to see how manipulative Bluebell is and the lengths she will go to ensure her own rise to power This was uniue and fantastic It’s the type of story I gravitate towards but I absolutely wasn’t expecting to love this one so much If you only read one story in this collection find a way to check this one out because it is AMAZING The Panda Coin – 1 star I didn’t like the concept of following a coin throughout a futuristic society There wasn’t enough to time to build up this world extensively and it was too much I really didn’t like this one Remember the Allo Saur – 1 star Well that was a waste of time It’s letter to a famous dinosaur actor Why? Sleeper – 35 stars This feels very reminiscent of classic dystopians like 1984 and I think a lot of readers will really like this one especially because the twist is rather impressive Relentlessly Mundane – 375 stars This follows three children who were once in a mythical world and are struggling as adults in this world They know that they have to save the Earth but they don’t know how My bigges