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Is That Even a Country Sir2000 the pair embarked on what became an epic journey in which they crisscrossed Assam Meghalaya Nagaland Arunachal Pradesh Tripura and Manipur staying in rundown hotels and guesthouses and in the homes of friends and strangers They travelled by local buses through ambushes they were forced to walk halfway down the highway from Shillong to Guwahati and on one memorable occasion on the road to Sibsagar Anil shared a tractor with a herd of goatsThey encountered among others a boatman on the Brahmaputra who clearly explained to them the politics behind the massacres of Hindi speakers; former members of the ULFA who told them w. First things first a majority of people in the country refer to the Northeast states of India as only ‘the Northeast’ which is technically wrong ‘Northeast of what’ is my response when people do this The book title got it right but its pages are filled with ‘the Northeast’sigh Published in 2012 Anil Yadav’s ‘Is that even a country Sir Journeys in Northeast India by Train Bus and Tractor’ is about the author’s travels across six states in the region in 2000 and this translation from Hindi published last year is a bit late to capture the state of affairs in the region them I have lived in Manipur and reported on political and social issues in the state as well as on Nagaland Assam Mizoram etc co incidentally starting my writing career a year before the author forayed into the region and can say that this boo would have turned out a lot better if the author had kept it as a travel memoir rather than a political commentary The travel aspects of going across the 6 states are darkly humorous and in itself reflects the bad connectivity in the region which holds true still while the presence of the military and other non state armed forces tells readers about the growing unease and militarization here which continues to this day But when the author comments on the political history and other aspects of the people and the region he falters badly and is out of depth for that is when his lack of effort in trying to understand the political thoughts and opinions comes across The Northeast part of the country is complex We have our problems that are complex We have fissures But we have humour and beauty and lots of empathy We have had a traumatic history with a colonial past and would so love to be not treated as a colony of the country If this book had reflected just a bit on this it would have been something else

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Is That Even a Country Sir Read & Download º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ 'The story of India's most neglected region told by the narrative voice of a poor petulant reporter Stripped of the exotic the Northeast in this book appears bare burnt and betrayed' ScrollinWhen violence broke out before elections in Assam in 2Hy they had surrendered; a former general of Zapu Phizo's separatist army in Kohima who described to them his gruelling march through virgin forest to China; a murderous raid in Shillong which gave them a glimpse of the insider versus outsider euation in Meghalaya; a Manipuri sculptor with whom Anil travelled to Tripura and who had to be rescued from the Army; and a barber who told them why an elephant was butchered by a mob in DimapurWritten with rare power and candour Is That Even a Country Sir weaves history politics myth and gritty ground zero reportage into an unprecedented and unforgettable portrait of Northeast India. A travelogue that excels in story telling and creating characters but falters in the political commentary It has bit of everything uncertainty fear and hope The author uses simple and direct sentences well stocked with the emotions The personal touch makes the book an honest and non superficial read

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'The story of India's most neglected region told by the narrative voice of a poor petulant reporter Stripped of the exotic the Northeast in this book appears bare burnt and betrayed' ScrollinWhen violence broke out before elections in Assam in 2000 in which Hindi speakers from North India were massacred two out of work journalists Anil Yadav and Anhes Shashwat decided to go there braving violence and uncertainty with the hope that their despatches would make them famous At that time they had very little knowledge about Northeast India and no strategy for their trip; they had few contacts and very little moneyOn 29 November. I was vaguely aware of Pakistan's Tribal Region thanks to news coverage of the US's conflicts in the area but before reading this book I was unaware that India had a Tribal Region as well Nor was I aware of the long complicated history of violence in the area or that it continues to this day In cse I didn't feel ignorant enough I had no understanding of the geography of Northeast India specifically that a large area of the country expands past Bangladesh all the way to the border with Myanmar In this book two would be journalists haphazardly travel through the embattled region in a vaguely planned effort to advance their careers Given their personal demons precarious mental states and thirst for alcohol and love of betel I went into the book expecting Indian flavored gonzo journalism in the spirit of Hunter S Thompson But while the author did absorb and explain a hallucigenically sharp kaleidoscope of history culture and politics he did not suffer from Mr Thompson's compulsion to insert himself into his journalistic output Mostly this is a poetic travelogue of a part of the world that bridges the ancient and the ultra modern where inter tribal conflict plays out through contemporary political structures All in all it's not that different from a world lurking just below the supposedly civilized veneer of my society