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Doc ï To the Bridge 303 pages Download ´ The case was closed but for journalist Nancy Rommelmann the mystery remained What made a mother want to murder her own children? On May 23 2009 Amanda Stott Smith drove to the middle of the Sellwood Bridge in Portland Oregon and dropped her two children into the Willamette River Forty minutes laterIcious justice You won’t be able to look away nor should any of us” Robert Kolker New York Times bestselling author of Lost Girls An Unsolved American Mystery “How do you understand the not understandable and forgive the unforgivable? So asks one of the characters in this clear eyed investigation into something we all turn away from To the Bridge is a tour de force of both journalism and compassion in the lineage of such masterpieces as In Cold Blood and The Executioner’s Song Word by word sentence by sentence Rommelmann’s writing is that good And so is her heart” Nick Flynn PENMartha Albrand Award–winning author of Another Bullshit Night in Suck City This was my Kindle First or whatever they call it these days choice for June It's not often a true crime book makes that list so I was delighted I made a great choice It's a fascinating tale and not one I'd heard of before Many other cases that are similar were alluded to but I knew of them As an aside I was pleased to see Mikal Gil referenced as I never see anyone mention his great bookIt's rare I feel a jot of sympathy for the criminal in any case but I did feel pretty sorry for Amanda I think Jason was a pig and if anyone's to blame for this crime I'd have him right up there as co defendant along with his interfering mother who came across as a nasty piece of work too She enabled her idiot son's behaviour all his life and cheerfully lied on his behalf What a family I noticed near the end that the author mentioned Trinity living someplace else and wondered about that as the author hasn't told us why It was never clear to me the amount of charges Amanda had either and whyI felt for all the kids involved as their lives were all pretty grim I'm forever muttering under my breath that potential parents need assessing whether fit for purpose cos' this pair of prizes sure as hell weren't I Googled the drugs referred to and it basically informed me that neither parent was capable of raising a child I'm happy that Gavin has Chelsea in his life who I thought was a starI did spot some mistakes many being hyphens omittedrules oriented custom made grief stricken and some missed apostrophes as well and discernible is not spelt discernable though it's a rare thing indeed for this to ever be spelt correctly for some strange reason She also wrote viscous and not vicious which I'm pretty sure is what she meantIt's certainly very well researched and I'll look out for by this author

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The case was closed but for journalist Nancy Rommelmann the mystery remained What made a mother want to murder her own children? On May 23 2009 Amanda Stott Smith drove to the middle of the Sellwood Bridge in Portland Oregon and dropped her two children into the Willamette River Forty minutes later rescuers found the body of four year old Eldon Miraculously his seven year old sister Trinity was saved As the public cried out for blood Amanda was arrested convicted and sentenced to thirty five years in prisonEmbarking on a seven year uest for the truth Rommelmann traced the roots of Amanda’s fury and desperation through thousands of pages of records withheld document Waste of Ink PaperThere's not much in this book you can't find doing some Googling on the Internet Heavy on reruns of already published information and devoid of anything new except for the author's opinions and a few uotes from the son of the murderer at the very end of the book She pretty much glides right on past the two central issues of the story domestic violence and related methdrug abuseI've read true crime books for over 30 years and this was the most mediocre book in the genre I've ever read I recommend you get this one from your local library

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To the Bridge S meetings with lawyers and convicts and interviews with friends and family who felt shocked confused and emotionally swindled by a woman whose entire life was now defined by an unspeakable crime At the heart of that crime a tempestuous marriage a family on the fast track to self destruction and a myriad of secrets and lies as dark and turbulent as the Willamette River “In To the Bridge Nancy Rommelmann takes what many consider the most unforgivable of crimes a mother set on murdering her own children and delivers something thoughtful and provocative a deeply reported sensitively told all too relevant tragedy of addiction and codependency toxic masculinity and capr I feel so sorry for the kids and there are many of them who have come up losers in the big parent lottery but most kids don't have to pay with their lives even though they are affected all their lives But there are those especially heinous situations where a child is murdered And that's what happened hereThe mother in this story threw 2 of her 3 children off a bridge in the middle of the night The author tries to find out why tries to discover details beyond the headlines And she does so to some extent There are no clear answers Yes she had a horrible husband whose behavior ultimately contributed to the tragedy He sounds like a horrible human being who should never have had children And the mother should never have had children She was a selfish person who spiraled in a downward abyss of her own makingThere is uite a bit of information about possible motives but there is no real answer I wanted to understand this woman better and I do to an extent but this book did not cause me to forgive her for what she didThe book while interesting did seem to me to have too much padding with repetition of information It also jumped around uite a bit and some of the sentence structures were a bit unclear It was still worth reading although it leaves me sad for the children and angry with the adults whose most important job was to protect them