Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness Read & Download ì 109

Read & Download Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness

Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness Read & Download ì 109 Ò While most doctors agree that our emotional state affects our physical health few would give credence to spiritual influences Dr Modi discovered thWhile most doctors agree that our emotional state affects our physical health few would give credence to spiritual influence. This is a remarkable book about remarkable healings It's written by a woman psychiatrist who through treatment with hypnotherapy including past life regression and spirit releasement has healed hundreds perhaps thousands of patientsBoth the mental and physical problems of her patients turned out to have been caused by1 current life traumas incl prenatal and birth traumas2 past life traumas3 possession by earthbound spirits4 possession by demon spirits5 soul fragmentation and soul lossDemons can occupy different parts of the patients' bodies causing symptoms in these parts Sometimes these demons are arranged in many layers in their bodies one on top of anotherThese demons are organized by Satan and take pleasure in tormenting in heinous ways those whom they have possessedEarthbound entities souls that haven't gone to the Light after death have possessed many of Modi's patients and these in themselves may contain demon entities Many types of demonic devices placed in various parts of the patients' bodies were described by the patientsIt must be noted that everything Modi describes is reportedly what she has been told by her patients eg references to demons Satan hell heaven angels etc These are the terms used by her patients even though they come from diverse cultures and have different religions and she says this is why she uses themTreatment is carried out by enlisting help from the angels to transform earthbound and demon entities into the Light and send them to the Light All parts and organs of the patients' bodies were scrubbed by the angels and all negative entities energies and devices were removed Their bodies were then filled with the brilliant white Light shielded by a bubble of Light and covered by spiritual mirrors and rays of white Light Soul parts that were with Satan and his demons or elsewhere were cleansed healed before being integrated in the patientThis is a weighty book amounting to than 600 pages It contains comprehensive details of all possible aspects of possession and is extremely enlightening though this is a dark subject It made me think that ALL our various ailments diseases etc may be caused by these possessions in addition to past life traumas of course At any rate it is one valid explanation of the existence of disease one that we have heard before eg from Christ 2000 years ago modern day evangelists etc I have myself seen many examples of healings carried out in this way by the latterAt one point early on in the book the thought occurred to me that tha author herself must be under the influence of these demons since she kept regaling us with multifarious examples of these possessions in her patients which had the effect of lowering my vibration and making me afraid that I too would be liable to attracting these diabolic beings or of them than I already might have into my system But then fortunately she began to describe the healings by the angels and also provided us with prayers by means of which we can ask for help and protection This helpedBut I have to say that the book could easily have been halved in length without this detracting from its message or fullness of necessary information The author writes extremely simply and clearly However the language of the various patients and the demons speaking through them seems identical to that of the author for some reason she transcribes the tapes of her regressionstreatmentsIn short I found this to be a useful edifying book with great credibility I am not a Christian in the traditional sense though believing in Christ However it may well have a negative effect on the reader due to the many many pages of depressing detail of the various cases of possession and violent past life experiencesComment

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Nergy fields and affecting their behavior This book demonstrates the techniue which she developed to clear these energy fiel. IncredibleBy healing the soul we can heal the mind and body We can also realize that all our psychological and physical problems are some type of spiritual crisis which can be cured by healing the spirit the soul within p 595 I agree So much of healing remains a deep mystery and the author Dr Shakuntala Modi put it correctly when she said we've only tapped the tip of the iceberg Thank you for adding your piece of the puzzle to the world Dr Modi Truly ground breaking work

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Remarkable Healings A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical IllnessS Dr Modi discovered that during hypnotic therapy many patients claimed to have 'entities attached to them living in their e. This book is confirmation to me of a few things I already believe 1 That we are much complex creatures that we can fathom children of God and active participants in the human family over generations of time 2 that we lived before maybe not as different people but as eternal souls with experiences that cannot only be recalled in our subconscious minds but that materialize within us as dreams and memories in sometimes very complicated ways and 3 that pains illness and other physical problems can be traced back to these memories and if the memories can be cleared and resolved we can live peaceful happier livesDr Modi may not completely understand the work that she does and who does really understand us except our Creator but she is doing something good She is promoting goodness and healing and I think that is what is important I disagree that things that emerge from our subconscious minds need to be taken literally Sometimes they're just figurative and helping us resolve thingsI had a lot of opposition when I considered reading this book but I am so glad I did It taught me a lot and I am very grateful for the knowledge