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Surrendered Brides of the Kindred 20Commander Thornex is a Hybrid half Kindred and half Pyro a much feared people who have the ability to unleash horrific maelstroms of flame whenever they are angered All his life Thorn has struggled to control the destructive power within him A horrible accident in his past made him swear to never unleash the fire again and for many years he has kept himself under tight control During his many undercover missions as a spy. The Hive is a serious legitimate threat to the Kindred Earth which is why a plan is devised to send Kindred hybrid Commander Thornex undercover to Yonnie Six Thornex has endured all forms of torture proud that he's never been broken or turned on his Kindred kin This may be his hardest mission yet though as he agrees to play the role of a submissive male body servant on a female dominant ruled planet to gain access to a secure vault that has information imperative for the Kindred to know in their uest to defeat the Hive The person holding the key to this vault Mistress Neh'sanna prominent trainer of new male body servants whose successful training methods make her males the most sought after for even the most demanding of Mistresses Mistress Neh'sanna is in search of a new male body servant to train Going to the grand auction hall she's disappointed until one aggressively large framed male catches her eye Sensing he would be the ultimate challenge of her training skills Neh'sa ultimately decides she's not up to the time and effort reuired to train him thus leaving without making a bid A freak accident has her changing her mind as there's something about Thorne that calls to her inner core a core that's been frozen for some timeThorne is no one's submissive though he knows he needs to play the part to succeed in his mission Confusion and uncertainty occur when he starts to have feelings for his Mistress seeking her touch dominance and approval 20th installment in the Brides of Kindred series returning to Yonnie Six once again It can be read as a stand alone containing Femdom BDSM themed adult content scenes Reading this installment I was enthralled with the romance between Thorne Neh'sa that included a consensual pathway to finding out what worked for them even though Neh'sa technically held all the power which entitled her to pretty much do whatever she wanted in her role as a Mistress on Yonnie Six It's a wise Domme however who knows that her submissive holds the ultimate power and that true submission is found only when it's earned and not forced The world building is assumed than fleshed out which I guess is because Yonnie Six has been featured in other previous installments The addition of Banda fish is a nice touch and yes I definitely want a school of these for my own Feeding MIGHT be a problem but I'd be willing to give it a try Over and above that the world building has all the bells and whistles expected of a SciFi settingSecondary characters It's once again a case of the good the bad and ugly No spoilers from me as the author does a good job giving the reader a feel for who fits which category Maximus was probably my fav for a number of reasons Olivia Kat Bryn Varin Sophie and others from previous installments also make cameo appearances along the way I was totally in love with this story and was ready to give it a strong four star rating until the story did something I really had problems with Left field strange turn of events unexpected twist bizarro alert whatever The climatic twist was so far out there for me that I fast forwarded through most of it Nope Not a fan of the direction the story took and not shy to say that I feel it was a last ditch effort to legitimatize the ending Maybe in a stretch I would have appreciated things if a baseline precursor of certain elements had been there Damn I so want to list a couple examples but they would be spoilers Bad person me will list a vagueish comments though Loyalty and friendship matter Employees matter Mission parameters matter Sources matter Bugs though they don't matter lol The other area that I felt was problematic I credit to editorial missteps Individual scenes were compartmentalized failing to flow in a cohesive manner elsewhere in the story Non spoiler example Maximus I liked this character I bonded to this character I was therefore vested in Maximus Even in a mythical fictional world I as a reader ask for completeness and follow through In the case of this story scene to scene chapter to chapter once the specifics of a scene were told it was dropped never to return Maximus where are you For those who follow the series this installment for the most part is a definite step forward than other recent installments and thus one to check out My personal frustration in the story line twist ending is what it is and thus left to any potential to decide whether that's a factor for them also I do appreciate the Femdom BDSM action and feel those readers who look for Domme themed reads will enjoy the play scenes between Throne Neh'sa The next installment Kindred 21 unnamed is teased at in the epilogue but has no other specifics or release date forecast However Seeing With The Heart a Kindred tales novella has a Sept2017 target release date A blurb for that one is included at the end of this story

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For the Kindred his iron will has never wavered That is until he allows himself to be sold as a slave on Yonnie Six Mistress Neh'sanna is the most renowned trainer of male body slaves in all of Yonnie Six The denizens of the female ruled society revere her effortless control and the way she is able to make any male bend to her will But though Neh'sa takes pride in her work she is lonely She trains male slaves for the us. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review no minority compensation was received the opinion I have expressed are my own with that being said I absolutely can't get enough of this series I'm still loving the facts that we're still get introduced to new kinds of Kindred hopefully we'll get new Kindred in future books Overall another fabulous installment so if your into adventure with a little bit of danger and intrigue throwing into the mixed then you should definitely one click this series

Free download Surrendered: Brides of the Kindred 20

Free read ↠ Surrendered: Brides of the Kindred 20 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó Commander Thornex is a Hybrid half Kindred and half Pyro a much feared people who have the ability to unleash horrific maelstroms of flame whenever they are angered All his life Thorn has struggled to control E of other mistresses but has never found one of her own that she could truly let down her guard around Then she buys Thorn and begins to have feelings for him no Mistress ought to have for her slave The emotion between them grows intense but when circumstances spin out of control and Thorn is forced to reverse their positions and take the role of Dom will Neh'sa ever forgive him You'll have to read Surrendered to find o. Another good book in the series Each is different from the others so you don't feel like it's the same story with different names can't go wrong with this one