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The Power Of Myth launched an extraordinary resurgence of interest in Joseph Campbell and his work A preeminent scholar writer and teacher he has had a profound influence on m The Power of Myth explores so much than myth It delves into the essence of life itselfJoseph Campbell was mythologist professor writer lecturer historianhe was so much His wealth of knowledge on faith philosophy and humanity was astounding He has left us but he has left behind a body of work a legacy of compassion and understanding for us and future generations Thanks to this interview conducted by journalist Bill Moyers we have an encapsulated version of his teachings from Campbell's own mouth The interview was and has been broadcast on PBS stations since the late '80s and includes some nice visuals however it's not necessary to view This audiobook sufficesYou get some of what you'd expect from a title such as The Power of Myth Heroes and legends from traditional sources such as the epic Greek poems and Norse gods; origin stories from Native America and Africa But you also get Star Wars The interview having been conducted at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch some of the discussion spoke on the use of mythical archetypes which became intrinsic to the success of the movie's popularity After all where would Luke be without the Force and what is the Force but faith? Yes religion goes hand in hand with mythology In many or most cases it is one and the same Campbell's take on religion is refreshing Hearing him speak on the various kinds of world religions their differences and even so their similarities is enlightening When I first saw The Power of Myth on tv I was only interested in the Star Wars material and the fantastical elements of mythology the bits about the gods and monsters Today while listening to the discussion I'm most interested in the aspects of the birth life and death cycle and of faith Not that I'm any religious than the atheist teen I once was but these are the everyman topics It is the human experience that most enthralls me now Luckily for young me and middle aged me and probably old me there's a little something in The Power of Myth for all

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The Power of MythIllions of people To him mythology was the song of the universe the music of the spheres With Bill Moyers one of America's most prominent journalists as his thoughtful and eng In my daily life I talk about suffering a lot I have had trouble accepting the fact that terrible things happen to people everyday that the voiceless the weak have to undergo great cruelty everywhere Campbell says for our sake we have to affirm the brutality the thoughtlessness of our surroundings too By doing so we affirm our world and the experience of eternity hereI once mentioned to an older friend if our world were to be a circle and we the dots to complete it then our existence must be of utmost importance The circle would remain incomplete without only one of us I understand now that I was very naive Anyone can be easily replaced But the idea that I carry the stories of my ancestors that my behavior is very much influenced by their way of life and that my manners habits doings are to an extent what they passed down makes me less 'alone' and recognize this life to be profound that I imagined Campbell likens us to 'One little microbit in that great magnitude' And he talks about 'following one's bliss' a lotA few days ago a distant relative of mine almost convinced me to study a certain subject of apparently great market value She talked about future a lot And about money So I was considering her words and harboring doubts about myself about my decisions until I read this bookWho would I be if I don't 'follow my bliss'? If I don't hang on to what I love? I would be anything but myself and that's a kind of death tooCampbell says we are partaking in something greater than us than we can even grasp That makes our experience here very humblingI didn't fully understand him though I should have read his earlier works first in order to understand his jargon I guess I'll read this book again in a year Campbell's works resonate to this day His insights greatly help explain our current culture Reading this book was truly an enlightening experience for me

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Download Book Þ The Power of Myth 320 pages ¾ Joseph campbell ð The Power Of Myth launched an extraordinary resurgence of interest in Joseph Campbell and his work A preeminent scholar writer and teacher he has had a profound influence on millions of people To him mythology was the song of the universe the muAging interviewer The Power Of Myth touches on subjects from modern marriage to virgin births from Jesus to John Lennon offering a brilliant combination of intelligence and wi There is something very fishy about our existence We are unaware of it most of the time but it tickles us all from time to timeSuddenly we realize we 'are' we actually exist That's a weird thing One day we open our eyes and there’s a world outsideThese things trouble me Since when do I exist? How come I wasn’t here then I suddenly came out of nowhere? How’s it possible that something as concrete as ‘I’ actually came out of nowhere? And exactly at what time did I come into being? At my mother’s womb or after I’ve seen the first sunlight on this planet? If I started at my mother’s womb exactly at what time in my mother’s womb? One week one month or 6 months? And when would I really cease to exist? I read that all the organs do not 'die' at the same time Are birth and death as real as they seem or just mere illusions? Neuroscientists tell us there’s really nothing concrete within us that can be recognized as ‘I’ all things are in constant flux nothing stays the same for long What we experience as the continuous ‘self’ is actually an illusion If there's no 'I' inside me who was born and who would die? Maybe nobodySometimes I wonder What if I actually existed all the time and will continue to exist? There’s a glass of water on the table and I touch it It actually exists How come a thing can 'exist' in itself? I feel an eerie tingling sensation in my lower spine From where does these weird feelings really come? Where does thoughts come from? I don’t choose my thoughts I don’t know what I would think one minute from now It’s all very weird We try to build some logical explanation to cover up the freakish nature of reality but it’s not much of help By scientific methodology we know that everything is energy in one form or another but we do not know what this weird thing energy really is We see electron behaving as both particle and wave which defies common sense Nature shows us common sense doesn't work everywhere We know the universe has come into being through some cosmic incident known as Big Bang but we don’t know why it had to be Science help us to familiarize and to make sense of the world to a certain extent but in the end science just exposes us the naked mystery itself Black Holes uantum fluctuation EntanglementAnd scientists doesn't know what consciousness really is some say it is unknowable We know there’s to the world than our eyes and our rational thoughts meet We can feel itThere’s where myths comeMyths are not science Myths are not facts Myths are not mere cuck and bull story stories Myths are poetry Like poetry myths doesn’t have a linear literal meaning It stands for something beyond itself beyond the words and images Myths are a gateway to the transcendental realm where thoughts cannot reachWhen myths are taken as too concrete and literal it loses its original essence It becomes religion Joseph Campbell shows us the multi dimensionality and the depth of myths and mythological symbols Today we live in a world where we are totally accustomed to literal and linear thinking we have forgotten how to think with symbols and imagery We live in an alienated world Campbell is now important than ever We need to hear what the myths are telling us