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FREE EPUB ✓ MOBI Mission By Linda Armstrong õ Û LINDA ARMSTRONG ↠ With just a few lines of code one average man will change the world and set in motion the adventure of a lifetime When 20 year old Nelson stumbles upon a secret and complex trick to coding he finds himself anonymD plan allowing free access of this life changing app to anyone for a limited time Fervor to upload the new app is at fever pitch as the world waits for the unveiling However secret government agencies are worried Fearing what the effects of this app will do they plan to stop the app from ever getting out befo Really interesting book Despite the fact that it is a book for young audiences actually it did not bother me at all Fast action well written no unnecessary descriptions and a subject very close to today's youth but I think not only apps on our smartphones Who would not want to change even for a while from an ordinary person to a hero? Better to Superhero? There is a way to achieve that Actually Nelson knows it Random 20 years old who creates an unusual application to help people Now everything goes according to his plan Government agencies want to shut this down Nelson is not alone He can count on his crazy aunt MathildaMission Subhero by Linda Armstrong is must sci fi read Can not ignore this novel

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Re the world has a chance to enter the category of hero even the category labelled Subhero The race is on for the world's chance at change where the new cool is being average and doing random accidents of kindness Suddenly the world can become a Subhero overnight and there's no stopping what Nelson has started In 'Mission Subhero' by Linda Armstrong we meet Nelson an ordinary guy just out of his teens who stumbles on something unbelievable when working on a project for his coding class He creates an app that has the potential to change the world – it started as a way of helping his Aunt with her deteriorating eyesight but the technology began to evolve on its own offering a way to help so many people Nelson realises that his app could be a real gift to the world so offers it up for free which is a decision that could put him in danger The government will do whatever it takes to bury his app and if they have to bury Nelson with it then so be itThis book is really well conceived and so relative to today where everyone is looking for the next big app to download on their smartphones particularly if it offers a uick fix to a problem The plot developed at a uick pace with many thought provoking moments and great twists and turns Nelson was a great protagonist and his Aunt Matilda added so much heart to the story A great read

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Mission By Linda ArmstroWith just a few lines of code one average man will change the world and set in motion the adventure of a lifetime When 20 year old Nelson stumbles upon a secret and complex trick to coding he finds himself anonymously helping people with the aid of his new app The worldwide attention pushes him to launch a bol “Somehow you know that good doesn’t ever battle evil Good knows that evil will do itself in without good having to meddle“This is the story of a “nerdy” college student named Nelson Mansfield Nelson’s been an orphan now for over 14 years and lives with his “Aunt” Matilda who took he and his mother in when he was very young after they both lost jobs in the same company His mother was killed in a hit and run a few years later but Nelson stayed with Auntie M He’s a loner not prone to actually attending classes but than completing his own workAuntie is getting older and she is legally blind Since communication is primarily done with smart phones one of his professors has assigned them to develop apps that help humanity Nelson had been working on something to help Matilda use her phone easily Little does he know the impact that application will have on the worldI LOVED this book Just enough geek ness to make anyone laugh while they relearn the binary process while having situational ethics unfold before them Add a glimpse behind the curtain of television and big business and in my humble opinion you have entered a world that literally transports you until the ride is over You CANNOT put this down until it is done and it’s notthere HAS to be coming Highly Recommended 55disclaimer I received this book from the publisher and I volunteered to review it