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Continue Alec's journey in the twi. Yes I couldn't wait to finish this one eithernow I have to wait for book 5at least it's only a few days So far it has not disappointed me I could do without some repeatingbut otherwise it's an enjoyable read Flows easy

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The KeepSty action packed fourth book of t. spoilers ahead You've been warnedSo this review is going to be poor because I've had such a busy week and I forgot to make notes and I've forgotten a lot already shameful I knowAnyway I know that I really enjoyed this book It was a lot darker than it's predecessors and focused a lot on necromancy and life magic which was uite fascinating I was also really glad to finally get some information on Alex's ancestor's and what his future entails because of it It really got me hooked and ready for the next bookI always enjoyed learning about the royals as individuals and discovering they are not all the same although I still can't uite figure out Caius I hope that we get to meet royals in the next book as we discover Fallleaf House the last haven we have yet to visit Well thanks for reading my poorly written review In short it's a good book Just read it and see for yourself I need to get back on my game here

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The Keep review ä 0 ò Continue Alec's journey in the twisty action packed fourth book of the Spellshadow seriesPre order nowHe Spellshadow seriesPre order now. The KeepTurns out this new realm they have portable into is actually a prison the warden is another Royal Alex finds two allies here Professor Demeter and Lintz they derive plans on how to take over Stillwater House Spellshadow Manor and Fall leaf The only thing standing in their way is the crazy royalist that run the places Alex learns different things while he is at the Keep If you love romance mystery and fantasy then you need to read this book and the other 3 I give this a 5 star rating